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Danial MurphyPodpisano: 00:00, 06/07/2015
Jake ScholesPodpisano: 15:04, 02/07/2015
eleni theodoridouPodpisano: 00:49, 02/07/2015
"Keep up the excellent work . We will support u all the way for a better planet ."
Leonard MaioloPodpisano: 00:03, 02/07/2015
Hamish Graham Podpisano: 23:28, 26/06/2015
"It's high time the voice of reason triumphed over all."
martin dunningPodpisano: 03:51, 22/06/2015
Ross AlexanderPodpisano: 20:30, 20/06/2015
Varsha MKPodpisano: 17:05, 20/06/2015
christine whalanPodpisano: 02:40, 20/06/2015
Matt SaundersPodpisano: 05:45, 16/06/2015
Lynne RobertsonPodpisano: 04:03, 13/06/2015
"It's so important to be able to visualise this. Thank you for your inspiring clip. "
Sally PackshawPodpisano: 15:40, 12/06/2015
Leon GreenhalghPodpisano: 08:07, 08/06/2015
una woodPodpisano: 23:58, 06/06/2015
Valeria DangubicPodpisano: 10:28, 05/06/2015
Dan HadfieldPodpisano: 16:28, 02/06/2015
Therese SpacovPodpisano: 00:37, 30/05/2015
Louis DoonerPodpisano: 07:49, 29/05/2015
"I am excited to see my self change and grow in this beautiful new world."
Sarah PaganPodpisano: 05:53, 29/05/2015
Mark RichardsPodpisano: 02:59, 29/05/2015
"Thank you free world charter. I had an awakening last year traveling through asia for 6 months and found this same realisation. Money destroys love, compassion, the earth and our society. I don't want to live this way any more. I am planning on buying a houseboat and going completely off the grid and living sustainably as possible with as little money as possible. I want to start a houseboat community of similar spirited people to help each other live this way and to show people there is another way. I hope through your website you may help me make these connections. Regards, Mark"
Jakob SikaisPodpisano: 02:04, 29/05/2015
kane sorraghanPodpisano: 07:33, 25/05/2015
carissa louisePodpisano: 15:29, 24/05/2015
Joseph DeinnocentisPodpisano: 05:25, 20/05/2015
janine howePodpisano: 02:19, 11/05/2015
"number 9...people with disabilities still contribute to life on earth simply by existing....although most people with a disability are still able to contribute to society in their own way..every body is capable of making the world a better place simply by being alive and living with a positive spirit.. "
Frances AmarouxPodpisano: 00:50, 11/05/2015
"Very happy to be a associated with this Charter. Sounds like its also linked to Michael Tellinger's Contributionism idea. Lets create the world to which we all want to belong to. "
Katrina McCreadiePodpisano: 23:51, 04/05/2015
Glen Moray SmilliePodpisano: 03:23, 01/05/2015
"As I am grown from this world so are we grown from each-other. For within me there are tears that always run from the mountains of woe that are heaped with the souls of my people whom oppression has enslaved. We have ahead of us the insurmountable opportunity of survival,humanity must choose between the self and itself. Allow yourself to feel your soul,to connect with spirit and know the golden path. "
Rea DPodpisano: 15:51, 28/04/2015
David MannionPodpisano: 11:35, 27/04/2015
Sam Bromiley Podpisano: 08:41, 27/04/2015
cameron brooksPodpisano: 07:26, 27/04/2015
tarhesha laneyriePodpisano: 07:04, 27/04/2015
"Love the efforts and imagination put into this! I as a open minded person can really contribute to this you people are are amazing. We need to make a change one person can be a big difference! Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth you owe me. Look what happens with love like that it lights the whole sky ??"
Annie Hollaway Podpisano: 04:06, 27/04/2015
"This gives me such faith. I hope all awaken to this, before it is too late."
paddy curranPodpisano: 23:53, 26/04/2015
Charles DashPodpisano: 22:21, 26/04/2015
"I have been dreaming of an idea for so long and have finally stumbled across this brilliant page and ideas. Thank you so much guys/girls and together we can change humanity for the better."
Stephen WallPodpisano: 20:35, 26/04/2015
"This is exactly what I have been thinking for ages now. I thought it was just me "
Sally Del PerugiaPodpisano: 07:58, 20/04/2015
"Do you really see this as possible ?? Those who have money are not going to give up their position so easily merely because power is very seductive to the human ego ...but I am optimistic always..I would love this world that you are talking of"
Jillian SethiPodpisano: 03:09, 20/04/2015
Grant CottrellPodpisano: 01:04, 18/04/2015
Susan Susan EtheringtonPodpisano: 07:47, 17/04/2015
Dawn CurzonPodpisano: 04:23, 14/04/2015
Conor HartyPodpisano: 07:52, 13/04/2015
Wolfgang LoescherPodpisano: 00:20, 12/04/2015
"Things need to change.The world is very sick and we are all living on a knifes edge. The house of cards we have created is about to come down and it could happen tomorrow or in 10 years but it will happen. Everyone needs to wake up to this fact. Imaging what we could achieve if we freed up all the minds in the world. Will it be easy? no Will it be perfect? most likely not What have we got to lose to try it. "
Joanne SaundersPodpisano: 08:21, 07/04/2015
Karin RossPodpisano: 09:55, 04/04/2015
Micheal KnuckeyPodpisano: 00:32, 26/03/2015
Pete GossnerPodpisano: 06:14, 14/03/2015
Ali MilnerPodpisano: 23:45, 10/03/2015
Shakti SaraswatiPodpisano: 11:47, 10/03/2015

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