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laurence nevillePodpisano: 09:41, 06/05/2014
Alexander MarsdenPodpisano: 14:10, 02/05/2014
"What a wonderful world it would be."
Maegan RyanPodpisano: 10:57, 27/04/2014
"I look forward to a future where this will exist wholly and harmoniously, and where humans are able to exist in a way that they will understand and carry all of this out. Peace!"
PETE WILLIAMSPodpisano: 04:00, 27/04/2014
"This is a good step forward and I have waiting for someone to come along with a common sense way to save the planet and it's people and set us truly free! Thank you, my support is willing and able to help! Pete. xxxx"
Simon DawePodpisano: 02:09, 27/04/2014
Brett PrincenPodpisano: 21:12, 19/04/2014
Ricky KlappersPodpisano: 10:58, 15/04/2014
"Interesting idea. It would be nice if for all our sakes it works. "
Sanne CheekyfacePodpisano: 11:28, 11/04/2014
Kostan IoannouPodpisano: 00:15, 11/04/2014
Ognjen SodicPodpisano: 19:32, 10/04/2014
"I hope this works for evryones sake and for a bright REAL future ."
dario martinezPodpisano: 09:09, 09/04/2014
Matthias ZahnPodpisano: 23:45, 05/04/2014
Joyce KoPodpisano: 23:44, 05/04/2014
Tim YoungPodpisano: 11:54, 05/04/2014
Anthony MoldenhauerPodpisano: 10:23, 05/04/2014
"Can you make this charter available as a PDF file please...and thank you to all that are striving towards a better future for all."
Justin CooperPodpisano: 09:05, 05/04/2014
Mark MitsosPodpisano: 06:19, 05/04/2014
"We need to change the World..."
Lisa ReevePodpisano: 04:05, 05/04/2014
Hamilton PearsonPodpisano: 02:51, 05/04/2014
Colleen ShanklandPodpisano: 01:02, 05/04/2014
Robert CicciarelliPodpisano: 01:01, 05/04/2014
Matthew PassmorePodpisano: 11:48, 30/03/2014
Lidija Marinko PlaninkaPodpisano: 06:20, 20/03/2014
"Tako življenje se mi zdi sanjsko, in če je možno kje odpotujem takoj...."
James HencePodpisano: 16:45, 17/03/2014
Leonardo PacePodpisano: 13:19, 13/03/2014
Gayle GreenPodpisano: 19:28, 09/03/2014
"Thank you for creating this Charter which sets out everything I have hoped and wished for life on Earth. Namaste"
John SetonPodpisano: 08:42, 08/03/2014
bradford moorePodpisano: 12:38, 07/03/2014
Bryon WilliamsPodpisano: 03:53, 07/03/2014
Jennifer CoxPodpisano: 06:27, 03/03/2014
Jesse LidsterPodpisano: 07:38, 02/03/2014
"This is the future."
Barbie YoungPodpisano: 09:54, 25/02/2014
Joanna LidsterPodpisano: 09:21, 25/02/2014
Gabrielle LidsterPodpisano: 09:11, 25/02/2014
Robyn NelsonPodpisano: 06:22, 25/02/2014
Nicole HeaveyPodpisano: 07:55, 23/02/2014
"This is the next step in evolution, a step that the world needs to take."
Ryan RaudamPodpisano: 20:15, 20/02/2014
"Various Free Energy Systems are being suppressed. Natural Medical Cures like Cannabis are being suppressed. We must also focus on exposing and removing the Current powers that be, their corporations, war machines, media brainwashing, and racketeering organisations."
Michael WebberPodpisano: 09:09, 16/02/2014
"Cause No Harm, Cause No Loss, Serve the Greatest Need. I'm interested in making contact with anyone who is interested in building a resort/estate/community based on absolute abundance and the principles of a Resource Based Economy - particularly anyone on the Gold Coast and with Building Industry/Property Development experience."
Madeleine LidsterPodpisano: 07:52, 13/02/2014
"free world, money dies"
Laura LidsterPodpisano: 07:49, 13/02/2014
Maisie CohenPodpisano: 23:15, 12/02/2014
roy hanflingPodpisano: 22:28, 12/02/2014
"not sure about 9 everyone can contribute something being a "no contributing person" dehumanises"
Marianne CohenPodpisano: 03:28, 12/02/2014
"If people look at this without thinking this is Utopia and engage themselves to try then we may have a chance at changing the course of self-destruction that our planet is heading towards. "
Dianne VaidPodpisano: 00:21, 11/02/2014
Claire WestPodpisano: 18:30, 10/02/2014
Nick McLellanPodpisano: 05:46, 10/02/2014
"Please continue to encourage people to aim for a more sustainable future! :D If we do not aim to save our earth how do we expect to live? The politicians willonly listen if we hassle them until they can't be silent any longer! "
Naomi TarrantPodpisano: 05:39, 10/02/2014
Moona PerrotinPodpisano: 09:38, 09/02/2014
Michael LidsterPodpisano: 12:32, 05/02/2014
kerry healeyPodpisano: 12:06, 05/02/2014
"the biggest revelation i have had lately is that all the countries that have no middle men, just rich and poor with a fence in the middle, have given up not only on themselves as individuals but as a country and a community."

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