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Clae CumminsPodpisano: 08:27, 25/05/2013
Carole VollmerPodpisano: 13:13, 24/05/2013
"Can't wait till we reach the tipping point of this change and justice and equality become the norm for all"
Gary VollmerPodpisano: 12:54, 24/05/2013
"Great concepts, good charter, a community I would love to live in, and we could all thrive in. Bring it on."
James McKeeringPodpisano: 04:13, 24/05/2013
Luke WilliamPodpisano: 11:57, 20/05/2013
Hernan FloresPodpisano: 06:12, 19/05/2013
Catherine SmithPodpisano: 16:31, 18/05/2013
"This is an amazing initiative that can be the beginning of a grassroots movement to flip our current paradigm to one of collective collaboration. "
Daryl WhitePodpisano: 07:45, 18/05/2013
"These tenets are self-evident, however there is much work to be done in defeating greed, fear, and peoples misguided sense of financial self-preservation before this reality can occur. Plus, a transition plan is critical if we are to convince anyone. It would be a start if we could convince the U.N., the IMF, and the World Bank to honour the original principles of their charters instead of being puppets to 'The Washington Consensus'. "
nikki McDonaldPodpisano: 05:03, 18/05/2013
Teeari LynchPodpisano: 01:42, 18/05/2013
rod chasePodpisano: 10:27, 17/05/2013
Hanna UtzingerPodpisano: 03:08, 17/05/2013
"I think it is important to mention freedom and sovereignty of 'being'."
Chris De SantoPodpisano: 23:36, 16/05/2013
Hamilton PeekPodpisano: 22:42, 16/05/2013
"Being beyond their timid lying moralities "
Amy Ninnes Podpisano: 21:22, 16/05/2013
Stacey LeversedgePodpisano: 17:30, 16/05/2013
david harveyPodpisano: 16:05, 16/05/2013
"I always said that a perfect world would have no money in it. this is truly a great idea and I hope it takes off. "
Cheryl AndersonPodpisano: 15:42, 16/05/2013
"Let's get started! :)"
Susan PengillyPodpisano: 14:46, 16/05/2013
Jake StewartPodpisano: 14:24, 16/05/2013
dan cooperPodpisano: 14:13, 16/05/2013
"i wish this could happen"
Jaxson MoranPodpisano: 13:07, 16/05/2013
"We are one. We are all. Live together. Die together. Or Humanity will fall."
Leanne TrajanoskiPodpisano: 12:47, 16/05/2013
Tara LeminPodpisano: 12:46, 16/05/2013
mandi quirkPodpisano: 11:57, 16/05/2013
Shannon HudsonPodpisano: 11:57, 16/05/2013
Chace LeitchPodpisano: 11:44, 16/05/2013
"Iv been waiting a long time for something like this. It gives me hope the there's still a chance for us "
mark brownPodpisano: 11:31, 16/05/2013
"I believe a free world will have to begin with education, and I say lead by example, I will contribute in any way possible to see my world released from the clutch of elitism. we are one. sign me up for any experiments or trials of free world order. thankyou for doing this I have tried so hard to find these words and principles myself."
Ra KahamanaPodpisano: 11:08, 16/05/2013
"Let's make this world the best place imaginable, and more :)"
Adam ZorichPodpisano: 11:06, 16/05/2013
"I'm a advocate for a resource based economy, an idea from Jacque Fresco at the Venus project. I also advocate for the zeitgeist movement. "
Anna MAniniPodpisano: 11:06, 16/05/2013
david emanuelPodpisano: 11:03, 16/05/2013
Joanne KennishPodpisano: 04:28, 16/05/2013
Paul ConnellyPodpisano: 08:29, 15/05/2013
"1. Existence 2. Research 3. Exploration"
Dustin BazleyPodpisano: 06:07, 15/05/2013
astrid vandriePodpisano: 03:55, 15/05/2013
"Its a mindset,we need to relinquish our egoes "
Damian CrookPodpisano: 03:38, 15/05/2013
Wini BeanlandPodpisano: 02:56, 15/05/2013
mick ellissPodpisano: 00:58, 15/05/2013
"one earth sustainable for all life"
joel dolsenPodpisano: 22:51, 14/05/2013
Mary KillenPodpisano: 22:42, 14/05/2013
Michael PaulinPodpisano: 22:32, 14/05/2013
Leana LitchfieldPodpisano: 02:51, 30/04/2013
"It seems too good to be true; a system that can only be imagined and never implemented. We are already "too far gone" as a society; our current system so ingrained in humanity itself. However, anything is possible with time. Although it may take years, more likely centuries, to completely unravel our current system and detach society from its imaginary limits, a Free World is a beautifully optimistic ideal that is well within our reach if we are willing to alter our mindset and allow for progression to take place. I encourage all to demonstrate their support by signing the Charter. We have to start small in order to create something big. Ask yourself: If not now, when? If not me, who?"
Brendan CiliaPodpisano: 10:16, 28/04/2013
"The Free World Charter exemplifies exactly what is right with this world. Thank you for your efforts."
Catherin McDonaldPodpisano: 03:20, 25/04/2013
stuart son of donaldPodpisano: 02:49, 25/04/2013
"stand strong live long"
Ange KileyPodpisano: 21:58, 17/04/2013
Rosanna TaylorPodpisano: 14:13, 17/04/2013
Angus FraserPodpisano: 00:23, 16/04/2013
Michele HuthnancePodpisano: 09:53, 15/04/2013

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