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Michael RiedPodpisano: 19:40, 18/12/2013
peter van runtPodpisano: 23:05, 16/12/2013
Hugh McKenziePodpisano: 06:24, 16/12/2013
David QuintelPodpisano: 11:24, 15/12/2013
Wilson HoPodpisano: 09:28, 13/12/2013
Peter DuffPodpisano: 23:44, 09/12/2013
gabriela cesanPodpisano: 08:17, 08/12/2013
"I am ready for change!! :-) May we all awaken and realise that the smokes and mirrors set up by the powers that were, are completely out of date and that the new way of the world is one of ONENESS and COOPERATION, where the concept of money and everything that comes with it, is no longer needed. The duality of wealth and poverty is a game that we have played very well, but now it is time to spread our wings and truly be FREE to experience a happy, fulfilling life on Gaia. It's time to show our gratitude to this precious planet we live on and shine as bright as we possibly can! I welcome the new way of life on Earth NOW! Let's heal her and ourselves. Lets release the past and everything that no longer serves us. Let's welcome the energy of love into our world and truly be FREE!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative!! I am with you!! Gabi Cesan Australia "
Deb JonesPodpisano: 07:20, 08/12/2013
Elliot StricklandPodpisano: 01:29, 08/12/2013
Kerrie MocevicPodpisano: 00:38, 08/12/2013
Tim GalliPodpisano: 23:49, 07/12/2013
"For our species, and the rest of the world to survive, we must change the current paradigm, which is focussed on consumerism, greed and all the worst aspects of humanity. Individual rights are trampled so a few can get richer, more power over the rest. The best of humanity is yet to come and I pray the change will not be too painful."
Tim RenewPodpisano: 21:25, 07/12/2013
Zachary Jude RebeiroPodpisano: 17:13, 07/12/2013
Samantha DrennanPodpisano: 15:18, 07/12/2013
emily bensteadPodpisano: 07:09, 06/12/2013
Crystal AndrewsPodpisano: 06:35, 04/12/2013
Ashleigh CornishPodpisano: 03:22, 03/12/2013
"Thank you, this is worded so well. You cover everything succinctly. I'm excited for this time. "
Robyn MoylePodpisano: 06:01, 02/12/2013
Lucy TimmsPodpisano: 14:32, 27/11/2013
Brad AbbottPodpisano: 07:33, 22/11/2013
emma taylorPodpisano: 05:59, 19/11/2013
"where is the physical community?"
fhhjhjdfjd skudududcPodpisano: 09:01, 18/11/2013
Owen HughesPodpisano: 14:53, 13/11/2013
"It may not be perfect but it is a step in the right direction, and certain of its principles echo ideas I have cherished for most of my life."
Moon rootsPodpisano: 11:39, 13/11/2013
Darren MichaelPodpisano: 09:26, 23/10/2013
David CarePodpisano: 03:36, 21/10/2013
"A helpful transitional step might be to implement a universal basic income to redistribute the wealth"
Alan LewingtonPodpisano: 05:59, 20/10/2013
John BrownPodpisano: 03:40, 13/10/2013
Leanne HudsonPodpisano: 01:59, 13/10/2013
Marea JulianPodpisano: 01:26, 13/10/2013
Elizabeth KeckPodpisano: 23:12, 12/10/2013
Kylie GoodwinPodpisano: 22:57, 12/10/2013
Paula ArmstrongPodpisano: 22:46, 12/10/2013
Peter WinterPodpisano: 21:06, 12/10/2013
"Best wishes for this endeavour."
Tonja PowellPodpisano: 02:01, 12/10/2013
Marcus ScrivenPodpisano: 12:31, 08/10/2013
"We are all God's children, with inalienable rights. And God-given potential to excel in whatever we put purr minds to. With love to all and God's blessings "
Jenni ReecePodpisano: 04:29, 07/10/2013
Jayson SuffolkPodpisano: 19:31, 30/09/2013
Grant EliasenPodpisano: 14:55, 27/09/2013
Christopher StevensPodpisano: 11:35, 26/09/2013
Kit ScottPodpisano: 09:17, 26/09/2013
Amutha RavinPodpisano: 03:30, 26/09/2013
Francis CulleyPodpisano: 12:04, 23/09/2013
Cherry WoodPodpisano: 03:12, 18/09/2013
Dorothy SPodpisano: 13:28, 17/09/2013
Jasmine PureauPodpisano: 11:36, 17/09/2013
Jo HarriottPodpisano: 22:44, 16/09/2013
"what a wonderful concept! thank you for your vision and positive action in helping our precious planet, and humanity as a whole ❤???? blessings of gratitude :)"
Stephanie SandersPodpisano: 04:44, 16/09/2013
Kylie ChapmanPodpisano: 00:38, 16/09/2013
Jo-anne WatersPodpisano: 22:59, 15/09/2013
"The only thing I would add would be! Freedom for all under the DO NO HARM rule! (I don't know about any punitive justice scheme, just a thought!)"

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