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Heverton Paulo Silva FerreiraPodpisano: 02:23, 30/10/2019
Carey RowanoakPodpisano: 21:28, 29/10/2019
Narayan DuttPodpisano: 13:56, 29/10/2019
"Hi, I too had the same thought. And I don't think it's easy to make the present world free from money, why can't we build a community of our own and show the world it's possible to have one. "
Matheus BezerraPodpisano: 09:57, 29/10/2019
Marcus KendrotPodpisano: 22:58, 28/10/2019
Igor Henrique IgorPodpisano: 01:05, 28/10/2019
Jared YoderPodpisano: 17:47, 27/10/2019
"Everything's free. "
Josephine Corden Podpisano: 17:35, 27/10/2019
Anrik FélixPodpisano: 15:08, 27/10/2019
Roger RogerPodpisano: 00:55, 27/10/2019
Genesio FoltranPodpisano: 00:42, 27/10/2019
Keyller Julio Rodrigues KeyllerPodpisano: 19:03, 26/10/2019
Luciano ColaianniPodpisano: 16:30, 26/10/2019
Lubomír ProkešPodpisano: 10:04, 25/10/2019
"The world needs healing from our willing be "unawareous"."
Sean HagstromPodpisano: 22:48, 24/10/2019
Saharsh JhunjhunwalaPodpisano: 17:16, 23/10/2019
Ian Arthurs Podpisano: 23:40, 22/10/2019
Zoltan MateyPodpisano: 13:48, 22/10/2019
Corinne IonitaPodpisano: 11:28, 22/10/2019
Pérsio BarrosPodpisano: 17:15, 21/10/2019
Luca GuarinoPodpisano: 16:43, 21/10/2019
Além da Matéria NavigatorPodpisano: 10:35, 21/10/2019
HERBERT MARZALLPodpisano: 10:05, 21/10/2019
Sven EdwardsPodpisano: 00:01, 21/10/2019
"Q3. How is a consensus on what the common good is, reached? How do you get nation states to comply? Q4. How would nation states maintain their autonomy? How would this affect migration and what is the step by step process to get to a world without borders? Q5. What would be incorporated into school curriculums? How is it decided and how would it be applied internationallly? Is it a one size fits all? Is the Montessori system of education a consideration? Would philosophy and an understanding of workability in relationships be a imperative? What does it look like specifically? Q6. What are the prerequisites for obtaining more than the basic minimum of goods required to support life? (Luxuries) Is there an application of meritocracy? Q8. Do you advocate for a technocracy? What would an ideal system of governance look like? How would issues of a social/ethical nature be decided and by who? Q9. For those unable to contribute, what are their civic/social responsibilities?"
Trevor OwenPodpisano: 15:27, 20/10/2019
BENjamin SmitPodpisano: 17:17, 19/10/2019
Josué Llamas RodriguezPodpisano: 11:09, 17/10/2019
Laia Garcia CanoPodpisano: 21:22, 16/10/2019
Anthony Chris P. MalinabPodpisano: 06:32, 16/10/2019
David BrüelPodpisano: 12:34, 15/10/2019
Barry Thomas WoodPodpisano: 17:59, 14/10/2019
Alexandra CappelliPodpisano: 17:56, 14/10/2019
Patrizia BiancoPodpisano: 17:54, 14/10/2019
David Fernandes Podpisano: 21:03, 13/10/2019
Michael RusePodpisano: 10:41, 13/10/2019
Sascha Topel Podpisano: 11:52, 12/10/2019
Sandra ParedesPodpisano: 19:05, 11/10/2019
"I want to be free for money. "
Erica MasseyPodpisano: 01:23, 10/10/2019
Adam CowleyPodpisano: 11:38, 09/10/2019
"This is the only way that humanity can survive without destroying our planet as we know it. It is not'us and nature', We are part of the biosphere, nature. A capitalist society worships 'ownership'. We can never truly own anything as our lives are so short. Capitalism relies on the selfish ego that pits us against everyone else and the systems in place reinforce that. Somehow this has to be solved."
Kelly NealePodpisano: 22:00, 08/10/2019
julia carneiroPodpisano: 15:48, 07/10/2019
Cauane CacauPodpisano: 05:31, 06/10/2019
Andre ChavesPodpisano: 22:16, 05/10/2019
Greg BurkPodpisano: 08:32, 05/10/2019
Andrea BrownPodpisano: 03:04, 05/10/2019
"Inspired by Greta Thunberg's message which has led me to this website."
Da NiPodpisano: 13:43, 04/10/2019
alec gagneuxPodpisano: 10:06, 04/10/2019
bruno sousaPodpisano: 09:50, 02/10/2019
Eric ZaindlPodpisano: 13:51, 01/10/2019
"pls check out also my website to find out about my vision of a WORLD WITHOUT MONEY, with free available download documents in German and English. Thanks, Colin, for your initiative and for being part of this movement. B.Rgds Eric"
Alan BatesPodpisano: 03:09, 30/09/2019

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