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Tiffany Stevenson Podpisano: 12:01, 20/01/2021
Julie MillsPodpisano: 11:27, 20/01/2021
Bre ChittendenPodpisano: 11:11, 20/01/2021
Sharon LovePodpisano: 01:47, 19/01/2021
Dylan HughesPodpisano: 11:50, 17/01/2021
Anne MutchPodpisano: 14:26, 14/01/2021
"This is good news. We need to support it"
Charlie StebbingsPodpisano: 09:30, 14/01/2021
"This may be the only thing I have ever read that made complete sense from start to finish."
Dhyaneshwar BabaPodpisano: 07:32, 14/01/2021
Elizabeth Hardman Podpisano: 02:32, 14/01/2021
"My mum used to say money is the route to all evil and I believe this. "
Rebecca BYRNEPodpisano: 02:31, 14/01/2021
Leo Chrysokhou Podpisano: 01:57, 14/01/2021
Bryony FrieslaarPodpisano: 01:00, 14/01/2021
Kira HoldenPodpisano: 00:39, 14/01/2021
ZOE FISHER Podpisano: 23:33, 13/01/2021
"Admirable and wonderful politics...count me in!!!"
Mark LewisPodpisano: 23:23, 13/01/2021
Tony BowdenPodpisano: 20:31, 13/01/2021
Rose DohenyPodpisano: 16:20, 13/01/2021
John StokerPodpisano: 15:45, 13/01/2021
"I am blessed with a place back here on earth and I made a vow to help save her and all her inhabitants. When she bleeds I bleed! Love is all, light is tall."
Louis NevillePodpisano: 15:12, 13/01/2021
Ellen ScrimgeourPodpisano: 05:06, 13/01/2021
Masta ShenPodpisano: 22:00, 12/01/2021
"We are living miracles and divine manifestations of infinite consciousness."
Bryony BearPodpisano: 15:34, 12/01/2021
Xilhu AyebaitariPodpisano: 04:42, 12/01/2021
Grzegorz BernasPodpisano: 03:04, 12/01/2021
Munesh SinghPodpisano: 02:14, 12/01/2021
Malcolm HoustonPodpisano: 01:40, 12/01/2021
Leigh Melanie Podpisano: 16:22, 11/01/2021
"Thanks very much for this."
PK KhotaPodpisano: 14:37, 11/01/2021
Cameron HoustonPodpisano: 12:32, 11/01/2021
Alex AkalPodpisano: 06:21, 11/01/2021
Michael WhitePodpisano: 14:11, 06/01/2021
Jessica BarnesPodpisano: 15:49, 30/12/2020
"Moneyless World = Perfect World "
Mark BendonPodpisano: 12:32, 30/12/2020
Ken ScraggPodpisano: 11:37, 29/12/2020
"I have been promoting the RBE since 2001 and would love to meet with the organisers. I have solutions."
Bianca JanossyPodpisano: 15:26, 16/12/2020
"The flood of barium and lithium planned through the EV industry is threatening to the uneducated opportunistic minors in the Congo if not regulated responsibly, as well as all life if not recycled responsibly from the beginning!"
chay godfreePodpisano: 12:04, 09/12/2020
Tony SalvPodpisano: 09:00, 07/12/2020
Carole OneillPodpisano: 05:34, 05/12/2020
Annette BarsbyPodpisano: 04:59, 05/12/2020
"I totally agree with every word"
Helen BishopPodpisano: 15:05, 03/12/2020
"I have always had a strong sense from a child thay money was wrong, I don't like the way it dictates our way of life."
Alan Frost Podpisano: 08:56, 02/12/2020
celeste mc crannPodpisano: 04:41, 01/12/2020
Frantisek NemergutPodpisano: 10:14, 22/11/2020
Reg ThomasPodpisano: 09:56, 22/11/2020
Frantisek NemergutPodpisano: 08:58, 22/11/2020
Christine MaylorPodpisano: 11:48, 02/11/2020
Carol BanksPodpisano: 08:34, 01/11/2020
Martin GordonPodpisano: 04:34, 22/10/2020
"In a world of such abundance, it is criminal that people still go hungry. It will be a hard road to travel to break us all out of the stories we have told ourselves about money and to work to negate our innate iniquities but this is a way to start."
Matt Pain Podpisano: 02:31, 22/10/2020
"Critical mass is needed to give us the confidence in a visible majority to grow confidence in eachother and the better part of human nature. I hope my signature is one of billions "
colin heinsenPodpisano: 07:38, 21/10/2020

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