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Rainer VogelPodpisano: 19:45, 04/07/2019
HEATHER STEWARTPodpisano: 18:15, 03/07/2019
Sandra-Isabell DeWinterPodpisano: 08:29, 03/07/2019
Evgeny KolevPodpisano: 00:24, 03/07/2019
Daryl ToolePodpisano: 23:25, 02/07/2019
"Capitalism causes death. Poverty. Mental health problems. Just to keep the elite in charge of our earth. Even after America gained there independançe from Britain...did they??? No because money and banking systems truly took over. We can create a technological state, without poverty, hunger, hardship. We can create a paradise on our planet together in unity. "
Mette Woodcock Podpisano: 05:35, 02/07/2019
Fabian GerberPodpisano: 20:17, 01/07/2019
Shalini SharmaPodpisano: 09:43, 01/07/2019
Carl Emil Emanuel PerssonPodpisano: 00:00, 01/07/2019
"Great summarization of what should be the goal of all who support TVP, TROM; whatever, just the Resource-based Economy idea, and all the social, technological etc... additions needed, to implement such a solution. "
Daniel OrganPodpisano: 06:26, 30/06/2019
Anne CooperPodpisano: 20:14, 29/06/2019
Paulo Vieira vtrvieiraPodpisano: 02:20, 28/06/2019
Liam WilliamsPodpisano: 01:14, 28/06/2019
Paweł JagackiPodpisano: 00:20, 28/06/2019
"Sounds as it should Sound!!!!"
Paweł JagackiPodpisano: 00:17, 28/06/2019
Norbert Aegir MullerPodpisano: 10:58, 27/06/2019
Paul CooperPodpisano: 09:42, 27/06/2019
""There is more than enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed!" ~ Mahatma Gandhi."
Jutta Maurer Podpisano: 08:32, 25/06/2019
Robert P. SciannaPodpisano: 18:40, 23/06/2019
"This is a way of life I wished for all my life. I can't see any logical reason, because there is none at all, why any human with a healthy mind would not want this most humane way of life for them selves and others especially all children throughout humanity now and forever. "
חיליק לדרברגPodpisano: 22:09, 22/06/2019
"מסכים עם כל סעיף וחושב שהגיע הזמן והגיע השנה שרוב אוכלוסיית העולם תפעל יחד לקיום האמנה. אני מתכוון לתרום את חלקי ולהשקיע את זמני בקידום הרעיון דרך פרויקט ונוס שאני פעיל בו בסניף ישראל. שיהיה לנו בהצלחה !!!"
Norbert Aegir MullerPodpisano: 21:29, 21/06/2019
Sarrie McKennzie Podpisano: 10:51, 20/06/2019
"Living life to the fullest dudes."
andre decoPodpisano: 00:10, 20/06/2019
Timothy CelenzaPodpisano: 15:31, 19/06/2019
Helene Lalita BaranyaiPodpisano: 10:38, 19/06/2019
"Namaskara ich freue mich auf unsere wundervolle gemeinsame zukunft auf unserer Mutter Erde om tat sat "
Arun MistryPodpisano: 23:37, 18/06/2019
"Fast Forward to the Past. Making change one person at a time. Making A Difference In this world."
Anja MüllerPodpisano: 14:22, 18/06/2019
Fernando Antonio Guariento NandoPodpisano: 13:09, 18/06/2019
Bernard BarthalayPodpisano: 11:47, 18/06/2019
Olaf JappPodpisano: 03:21, 18/06/2019
Dennis BiedermannPodpisano: 03:09, 18/06/2019
Aurélia GarciaPodpisano: 03:02, 18/06/2019
Jéssica Morais FerreiraPodpisano: 21:42, 17/06/2019
"Esse é o futuro! É nisso que acredito e é para isso que eu vivo!"
Vinícius Barros MartinsPodpisano: 20:12, 17/06/2019
"Quero viver a vida junto com a mãe natureza como era nos princípios usufruir de tudo q ela nos oferece, e oferece muita mais que oferecemos hoje em dia vivendo em harmonia, com todos os seres do mundo..."
Maria Adeilma Pereira SilvaPodpisano: 18:16, 17/06/2019
Richard Fernandes VieiraPodpisano: 23:35, 16/06/2019
"Há anos que venho buscando algo nesse sentido, pois também entendo que é a única solução para salvar nosso planeta. Parabéns pela iniciativa."
FÁBIO VINICIUSPodpisano: 18:10, 16/06/2019
Vinícius VasconcelosPodpisano: 17:28, 16/06/2019
thiago driguesPodpisano: 17:21, 16/06/2019
Sergio RocafortPodpisano: 13:37, 16/06/2019
Teresa RocafortPodpisano: 13:33, 16/06/2019
Torsten SpechtPodpisano: 13:30, 16/06/2019
"So müste es wirklich sein. EINE WELD OHNE GELD. Wo wir alle besser leben könten, und echt was bewirken könten."
Marco BoaselliPodpisano: 03:28, 16/06/2019
"Es ist Zeit die letzten Ketten, der Sklaverei, los zu werden und Frei zu LEBEN!"
Suchetha Vinod kumarPodpisano: 01:21, 16/06/2019
"I like and respect this principle. "
El Raah Ben Yahweh BeyPodpisano: 07:13, 14/06/2019
Megan LangePodpisano: 14:08, 13/06/2019
"Planting the seed of hope for one beautiful world?? together we grow"
edgar schallerPodpisano: 11:54, 13/06/2019
Zoë GummPodpisano: 07:51, 13/06/2019
Daniel BrownPodpisano: 05:52, 13/06/2019
Josh HaltomPodpisano: 05:20, 13/06/2019
"I must reiterate that this system of organizational and resource management is so very important for everyone living in the 21st Century. I hope to see that by the year 2020, The Free World Charter will be presented and become a unanimous, new world agreement. This ideology will take us beyond the artificial limits of money and commercial agencies, and it can uncover and overrule the lies of scarcity. Thus, we have an opportunity here to make the next stage of evolution for humanity and the planet by adhering to these basic, egalitarian principles of altruism. Much gratitude and love to/from "Our community!" "

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