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Lukas EllsessorPodpisano: 06:53, 16/02/2020
Way SeerPodpisano: 11:57, 14/02/2020
"LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO TRADE IN RETURN FOR THIS, if anything. Just looking for someone to help me face reading this book *OR SOME OF IT* because I struggle to face entire books after public schools lied to me my whole childhood that I was too stupid for books so they could exploit me for federal funding vie "special ed"(book = Quantum Touch) to read within my deadline (before next Thursday, and am on Ch. 3). Can I read to you from where I'm at? I can call you or I can host a zoom chat (you won't need to fill anything out or register or get an account or anything to join a meeting), but I don't have and will never have an account on your favorite apps so don't try to get me to sign up for anything, just as I won't do to you either."
Todd AmbrosePodpisano: 12:06, 11/02/2020
Liliane BushmanPodpisano: 21:24, 03/02/2020
Kevin WhitePodpisano: 21:45, 02/02/2020
Kira KemmerPodpisano: 04:18, 01/02/2020
"I am love, YOU are love, WE are love✨🧚🏻‍♂️💫 blessings 🖤 "
Chaim Luis Javier HernandezPodpisano: 19:49, 30/01/2020
Yvonne NgoyPodpisano: 02:11, 28/01/2020
"I want to help. I want to learn. I believe in this future. "
Joshua EwenPodpisano: 23:53, 27/01/2020
"We are here. We are one. Let us save our world together. Love will over power greed!"
Kelly MacInnisPodpisano: 18:02, 27/01/2020
"Capitalism is killing us. We need some new tricks. "
Sally KylePodpisano: 07:37, 27/01/2020
Jim TedderPodpisano: 01:51, 27/01/2020
"I desire personal freedom with my fellow humans and other species on this planet and commit to playing my part. "
Joan MaddenPodpisano: 19:39, 26/01/2020
Thom MaddenPodpisano: 19:23, 26/01/2020
Mary FinneganPodpisano: 18:52, 26/01/2020
"I have long advocated these values as the only sanity left to us in an insane society. "
Jane BryanPodpisano: 18:44, 26/01/2020
Darrell AndrewsPodpisano: 17:12, 26/01/2020
"The current System is broken and totally corrupted. Money is the primary method of control and enslavement to this System. It's time for the old System to end and a new way of life for Everyone to begin!"
Raymond BaranakPodpisano: 17:09, 26/01/2020
Darryl Kaplan Podpisano: 17:00, 26/01/2020
"Let's create the new, as we create from Love. "
Savannah HawkinsPodpisano: 16:37, 26/01/2020
Diana McElroyPodpisano: 21:37, 24/01/2020
Daniel GodfreyPodpisano: 16:24, 24/01/2020
Benjamin WalkerPodpisano: 14:59, 24/01/2020
"We will never as a species be truly free if we continue to live by the rules of the system which enslaved us!"
Jose ApontePodpisano: 23:21, 23/01/2020
Philip HardyPodpisano: 09:05, 23/01/2020
Sara BrunerPodpisano: 12:00, 22/01/2020
Pedro CentenoPodpisano: 04:12, 16/01/2020
sam papagianakisPodpisano: 20:26, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
michele papagianakisPodpisano: 20:25, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
alex papagianakisPodpisano: 20:23, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
James O'NeillPodpisano: 17:37, 06/01/2020
Critical ThinkersPodpisano: 22:23, 30/12/2019
"turn your sacrifice into gain"
Diandre BrownPodpisano: 07:07, 28/12/2019
Tony Sanford Podpisano: 15:42, 24/12/2019
Dean ClarksonPodpisano: 20:44, 18/12/2019
Charyn WhitakerPodpisano: 17:41, 18/12/2019
"I've been pushing a revolution, one where money does not exist and payment is knowing you and your future generations will have everything they need and want. No one would be homeless, hungry, slaved, harmed by chemicals. Technology would be released for everyone. I could go on. I really hope this comes to be, because if it doesn't, my life would be meaningless. Everyone deserves to be free and live without fear of going hungry, their needs not being met, being sick and so on.... We can ensure this ONLY together, in cooperation with one another, and a single goal in mind, to 'take care of mother Earth and all her inhabitants'. I support this change and urge others to be open minded and stop asking the question "I've done something, what will I receive in return?" It's hard for the general public to even imagine a life without money, I've tried explaining it to others, but they just don't grasp the concept, they have been brainwashed by politics and industry. "
Jena WhitneyPodpisano: 17:24, 18/12/2019
Dave MandssPodpisano: 08:49, 16/12/2019
sherry D.Podpisano: 22:09, 15/12/2019
Tyler KruegerPodpisano: 23:07, 04/12/2019
Adam KeenPodpisano: 03:56, 01/12/2019
Mary VuPodpisano: 19:13, 19/11/2019
Cruz HernándezPodpisano: 03:10, 19/11/2019
"LOVE it's all that is ONE that's all we are"
Samantha AdamsPodpisano: 14:26, 18/11/2019
"I been racking my brain on how to get people to see this for months now. It has driven me insane. Why are we working so hard for what is holding us back? Open your eyes and see our possibilities. We are creating our own madness with money. People should be free and able to take the path they’re life takes them. We could do so much good in this world if we stopped obsessing over the next big thing to buy in to. There is enough of everything for everyone. Why is someone more inclined than another based on paper? "
Samuel RichPodpisano: 14:48, 14/11/2019
Michael DuncanPodpisano: 12:21, 09/11/2019
"It won't happen in my lifetime, but someday."
salvador tafollaPodpisano: 04:32, 07/11/2019
Gretru LatourPodpisano: 19:51, 05/11/2019
JustLiving LifeReallyPodpisano: 07:00, 03/11/2019
Carey RowanoakPodpisano: 21:28, 29/10/2019

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