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Jeroen KleinPodpisano: 09:41, 04/06/2019
"I have had the exact same feelings for a few years and was planning on writing something down. After deciding to check what is already available I could see a large part has already been written down by others. I am really glad to see that I am not alone in this and will continue to work out the details and spread the word. Thank you for writing down this in clear and easy to read points."
Dakota PallierPodpisano: 04:36, 03/06/2019
Patricia MendoncaPodpisano: 02:12, 03/06/2019
Andy KirkhamPodpisano: 15:42, 31/05/2019
Jan ČučukPodpisano: 21:38, 30/05/2019
Jan ČučukPodpisano: 21:28, 30/05/2019
Dirk OrtmannPodpisano: 14:51, 30/05/2019
Gifty ContehPodpisano: 08:19, 30/05/2019
Joshua WashburnPodpisano: 00:16, 30/05/2019
John van SoestPodpisano: 15:19, 29/05/2019
Adam GocPodpisano: 07:46, 29/05/2019
"Accept this decision Make a world bether and great again "
Rea Elizabeth TaylorPodpisano: 04:55, 29/05/2019
Esther WelmanPodpisano: 23:11, 28/05/2019
Heidi CoddPodpisano: 20:51, 28/05/2019
"Yes! Yes! And YES!!! Get rid of money! Humanity’s greatest limiter. "
Ayla AnnacPodpisano: 15:02, 28/05/2019
Elizabeth FinlayPodpisano: 10:50, 28/05/2019
Athena DiakosPodpisano: 09:12, 28/05/2019
Jane LloydPodpisano: 09:05, 28/05/2019
"This is the way forward."
tom nyePodpisano: 09:02, 28/05/2019
jeevan raiPodpisano: 13:10, 27/05/2019
Carliane SouzaPodpisano: 23:16, 26/05/2019
Ygor talysson TarigaPodpisano: 18:49, 26/05/2019
Nataly CanoPodpisano: 04:46, 26/05/2019
Chiara Tomasi Podpisano: 12:40, 25/05/2019
Richard MotiPodpisano: 18:04, 24/05/2019
"I want this to happen a.s.a.p. I demand change. Fuck the corporations and multinationals."
Heaven Jay ListonPodpisano: 09:36, 24/05/2019
"I'm just 17 year old boy.I seen the video YouTube about this Charter thingy."
Paulo R. TrivellatoPodpisano: 22:22, 23/05/2019
Sidnei Gonçalves SidneyddosPodpisano: 21:38, 23/05/2019
Margarida BarrotePodpisano: 20:13, 23/05/2019
"Na escola preparam-nos para o futuro mas eu pergunto-me ,qual futuro?"
Joao DiasPodpisano: 15:28, 22/05/2019
"obrigado por embora todo o "desgaste" que a terra tem vindo a ter. voces tem conseguido mudar muitas rotinas, para que este mundo continue a ser o que sempre foi e nao simplesmente mais um planeta desabitado."
Victor RojasPodpisano: 02:48, 21/05/2019
Erika ZichorskyPodpisano: 02:11, 21/05/2019
Lilu KrippendorfPodpisano: 19:16, 20/05/2019
Wadah ElsiddigPodpisano: 05:41, 20/05/2019
Donald SimonPodpisano: 01:21, 20/05/2019
"I was always in the thought of a world without money, and how much greater Humanity could be to each other if we took away all the greed of money. I was pretty excited to learn about the because before then I thought I was the only person who thought that way."
A.Carlos A.J.Podpisano: 16:38, 19/05/2019
Tom ReichlingPodpisano: 11:33, 19/05/2019
Carly StarkPodpisano: 14:24, 17/05/2019
"Hi Freeworlders. I have studied psychology and plant based nutrition, been a youth worker and crisis counsellor. I have played national level basketball and dabble in playing guitar and drums. I am an avid reader and doco watcher on subjects relating to health, psychology, consciousness, the environment and society. Hopefully I can be of service, learn from you and help this community to grow and connect. In Lak’ech Ala K’in (I am another yourself)"
Felicity CecconPodpisano: 22:01, 16/05/2019
Carlos SepúlvedaPodpisano: 22:38, 15/05/2019
"I would like to know the community Salute"
Ariane Dziuballe Podpisano: 18:51, 15/05/2019
Robert MartinPodpisano: 17:16, 15/05/2019
Juuso MäättäPodpisano: 10:02, 12/05/2019
Rogério dos Santos Godoy RogerPodpisano: 04:29, 12/05/2019
"Quero muito viver em um planeta sadio e um sistema econômico justo."
Angela ClementePodpisano: 11:56, 11/05/2019
Idun VarvinPodpisano: 20:33, 10/05/2019
Manfred KoepkePodpisano: 17:40, 10/05/2019
"People should be known for their skilled assets and not their financial assets...sigh "
Cláudio BarrocaPodpisano: 16:29, 09/05/2019
Jan PyrczakPodpisano: 22:30, 08/05/2019
Nilton SaraivaPodpisano: 18:51, 08/05/2019

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