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Muaien McharrafiehPodpisano: 11:29, 29/03/2020
"True Abundance for all!"
Alyson AntunesPodpisano: 07:21, 29/03/2020
"Interessante viver em um mundo mais igual e sustentvel. Compartilho a ideia de um mundo melhor. "
Johannes AdlerPodpisano: 05:45, 29/03/2020
"Entscheidend ist die Entwicklung eines Konzeptes fr die Transformation der Gesellschaftsordnung."
Giovanna Weidmann-Silvani Podpisano: 20:08, 28/03/2020
Rebecca SaltmanPodpisano: 15:37, 28/03/2020
Daniel MaksymowPodpisano: 12:24, 27/03/2020
"Happy to join this community, I am big fan of Linux and Free Software believer."
Ericardo ElizondoPodpisano: 04:50, 27/03/2020
"Humanity and its society is continuously evolving and nature is always present to bringing balance relative to changes in this world. This community awareness is a step in the right direction for a peaceful and cooperative existence for all living creatures. Our heaven on Earth. "
steve smithPodpisano: 00:15, 27/03/2020
Rachel SchefferPodpisano: 20:02, 26/03/2020
"Terra a nossa vida. "
Nicola RuanePodpisano: 12:52, 26/03/2020
Stephanie SoressiPodpisano: 04:41, 26/03/2020
Rogrio Sobral RogerPodpisano: 18:33, 25/03/2020
ZAIRA DE OLIVEIRAPodpisano: 15:36, 25/03/2020
"liberdade paz e amor!"
Roswitha HufnagelPodpisano: 05:59, 25/03/2020
Harry SkusePodpisano: 21:40, 24/03/2020
"Dear Colin, I think you have a fantastic Charter. I have discovered and developed a New World Order, a new social Magna Carta, a Charter, a Revolution. The System provides Housing, Training & Work enrolments In 1 package for all ages 16+ Not going to College or University? - Enrol into The System and receive the whole package in 1. OurWorld:UK ?? Is the United Kingdom structure of The System. OurWorld:USA ?? OurWorld:China ?? etc. PLEASE SEE Please let me know if you are interested and I hope to cross paths. All the very best, Harry Skuse Founder The System New World Order"
Toms CibertPodpisano: 00:13, 24/03/2020
Linda Alexander Podpisano: 23:27, 23/03/2020
Corbin KeeganPodpisano: 21:46, 23/03/2020
"One free energy is hemp another is bitcoin for luxuries. transport Evacuated tube transport ET3 meritocracy for governance. love light and peace profound so mote it be ????"
Jaimie SinfieldPodpisano: 17:25, 23/03/2020
"Some will always be more 'equal' than other's, but surly Human Equality is something to strive for.."
Leen Vranken Podpisano: 09:35, 23/03/2020
Luc VrankenPodpisano: 09:23, 23/03/2020
"Dit is wat ik voel en denk."
Katrien VrankenPodpisano: 09:11, 23/03/2020
Nikolav TorresPodpisano: 04:54, 23/03/2020
"We should all work meaningfully jobs that better ourselfs and society "
Karen GillmorePodpisano: 21:48, 21/03/2020
"Everything I believe in and couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you."
Hans-Jrg BornscheinPodpisano: 16:58, 21/03/2020
peter adlerPodpisano: 15:44, 21/03/2020
Paulo Vincius Gomes Cruz VinciusPodpisano: 13:34, 21/03/2020
Hannes VPodpisano: 09:21, 21/03/2020
Telma Aparecida Daguila TelmaPodpisano: 08:45, 21/03/2020
Maryssa FloresPodpisano: 20:38, 20/03/2020
Miranda ClendeningPodpisano: 16:34, 20/03/2020
Leelu TPodpisano: 20:15, 19/03/2020
Lasse KofodPodpisano: 19:59, 19/03/2020
Viviane Tranker vivicaPodpisano: 19:23, 19/03/2020
Aliza AlbornozPodpisano: 18:29, 18/03/2020
"Wonderful, a Charter that upholds the sacredness of Life"
jane broomePodpisano: 15:36, 17/03/2020
"A way of helping reach our potential..and we do have [potential"
yvonne kucherPodpisano: 12:52, 17/03/2020
Nai`a NEWLIGHTPodpisano: 09:01, 17/03/2020
Hugh CroftPodpisano: 04:30, 17/03/2020
"''Money is for helping other people'' "
CARLOS ARRABALPodpisano: 00:02, 17/03/2020
Diane StarkPodpisano: 23:22, 16/03/2020
"A new mindset is emerging. This is it's instrument."
Khotso KhoabanePodpisano: 22:07, 16/03/2020
Joshua GeorgePodpisano: 13:47, 16/03/2020
Finn WickensPodpisano: 13:06, 16/03/2020
"I am a huge believer in the concept of the Free World Charter. Just peace out, lay back and smoke a doobie #legalisetheting #freethegang"
Isaac PagePodpisano: 13:04, 16/03/2020
Josie FairPodpisano: 12:15, 16/03/2020
"It's so important that we live more simply. Co-exist more equally. And, stop supporting the Corporate Greed that drives our current World."
Wendy DeckerPodpisano: 11:15, 16/03/2020
I AM Shane LivickPodpisano: 04:08, 15/03/2020
"**"Logic as the vehicle of progress" sounds well & good, in theory. In practice, this is not always true. I agree to the terms with this disclaimer/ Declaration/ Warning: SHOULD my heart, mind, intuition & soul disagree with ANY actions set forth by any, OR all other signatories of this charter, We CAN and certainly WILL take actions that We KNOW to be in alignment with what is righteous. Unilaterally, if need be; FIRMLY and deftly, MOST definitely... No hesitation. My distrust of even "well meaning men", shall remain until I AM certain it's need & usefulness has expired. LOVE trumps logic ?Aloha Ke Akua? ~S.M.L March 14th, 2020"
Saulo SauloPodpisano: 23:46, 13/03/2020
Jonny LopezPodpisano: 23:16, 13/03/2020

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