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Jay WoodhouseFirmato: 21:55, 18/11/2014
Ez KovacsFirmato: 21:44, 18/11/2014
paul jonesFirmato: 07:49, 18/11/2014
Dave majorFirmato: 23:30, 17/11/2014
"I would love a fairer world. Unfortunately some people are a little lazy and would exploit and use other people without contributing. How would you deal with that. "
Matthew JefferyFirmato: 15:09, 17/11/2014
Natalie LyndonFirmato: 13:29, 17/11/2014
"This is how it should be, we can do it!"
Yanko VarelaFirmato: 09:20, 17/11/2014
David TuckerFirmato: 01:47, 17/11/2014
Calum HarknessFirmato: 21:00, 16/11/2014
Katie BeaumontFirmato: 14:47, 16/11/2014
Lynn Clrment-DouglasFirmato: 13:59, 16/11/2014
Adrian MaguireFirmato: 12:17, 16/11/2014
"Lets do it! Peace. x"
Adam Norton-TurnerFirmato: 10:53, 16/11/2014
Nick SlaterFirmato: 09:54, 16/11/2014
"I hope this receives enough support. Perhaps only physical revolution will displace the systems that prevent an RBE becoming possible"
Guyan BartholomewFirmato: 08:03, 16/11/2014
patrick naultyFirmato: 03:12, 16/11/2014
antony coleFirmato: 01:58, 16/11/2014
Mal SinghFirmato: 18:04, 15/11/2014
Mark BurrFirmato: 12:47, 15/11/2014
Tiberiu SuticFirmato: 17:35, 13/11/2014
Andy WalkerFirmato: 09:18, 11/11/2014
Paul FosterFirmato: 06:04, 10/11/2014
michael brettFirmato: 10:25, 07/11/2014
"Ive been thinking about wealth all morning. I've come to the conclusion, wealth should be measured in self satisfaction. If one person doesn't want to work as hard as another, self satisfaction will give personal wealth leaving money redundant. Self satisfaction works better than material wealth in examples such as footballers and firemen. Firemen and footballers are no better than each other but material wealth suggests a footballer is a better contributor to the planet. Self satisfaction wealth will even the playing field (excuse the pun). Many thanks, Michael."
Thomas CannonFirmato: 21:31, 06/11/2014
Jessica ReynoldsFirmato: 17:09, 05/11/2014
"So refreshing to be able to have a vote even available for this option, it's quite easy to lose all hope in the monetary system, but this speaks volumes as to where all our hearts lie deep down and mine is soaring after coming across freeworld charter. I know there is others out there who feel exactly the same now which rekindles my hope for a better universe filled with freedom, knowledge and love. ?"
Joshua MatthewsFirmato: 15:03, 05/11/2014
"This is the most amazing movement i've ever come accross! i hope it succeeds!!!!!"
Alex RitchieFirmato: 12:48, 05/11/2014
marian hadiFirmato: 12:41, 05/11/2014
Mike JacksonFirmato: 10:49, 05/11/2014
connor shandFirmato: 10:41, 05/11/2014
Susan GriggFirmato: 07:35, 05/11/2014
"The human race is awakening and the transition is necessary. We have been conditioned through media to desire more, we now need to remember how good it feels to give."
Debby HowardFirmato: 18:57, 02/11/2014
Jenny McLeishFirmato: 13:24, 02/11/2014
Sarah FosterFirmato: 16:42, 29/10/2014
gabriel mannionFirmato: 12:45, 29/10/2014
gary alfordFirmato: 12:21, 29/10/2014
"I feel the free world charter needs more publicity, a link to facebook so people can share it. Many people are waking up to this slave system but do not know how or what to do next. The minimum they could do is raise more awareness by social media, then organise events, etc. I fully support the venus project and like minded people in our transition to a resourced based economy. All the best...for humanity."
Stephen CampFirmato: 08:08, 26/10/2014
"I have been a follower of the Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement for a while now and I'm glad to see that there is more people wanting to bring in a Resource Based Economy, we need it to happen sooner rather than later."
Robin edwardFirmato: 05:26, 26/10/2014
Dean PyattFirmato: 17:57, 24/10/2014
"I strongly feel the politicians, bankers, and elite will not be happy about parting with a system that provides them with status, wealth, and power and will do all they can to maintain the status quo including making war against any country, group or people that threaten that. How do you see us getting past that? Who would be in control or the managers of the logistics required to share and swop things worldwide? What qualities or qualifications would looked for in these people?"
ian skillenFirmato: 13:52, 24/10/2014
Josie samwaysFirmato: 10:15, 24/10/2014
LYNDA CONNOLLY Firmato: 07:17, 24/10/2014
stephen whiteleyFirmato: 01:30, 24/10/2014
"Democracy and freedom have been smashed by greedy capitalistic bankers.. be the change is my motto.."
Andrew WestFirmato: 14:44, 23/10/2014
"Freedom and equality for all, not just the few."
Jonathan CuttingFirmato: 14:23, 22/10/2014
"I hope I am still alive to see a resourced based society and to that end I am happy to contribute to the revolution in which ever way I can :)"
p sFirmato: 20:55, 21/10/2014
Andy MurrayFirmato: 12:27, 21/10/2014
Frank ReidFirmato: 02:47, 20/10/2014
Fergus C McLachlanFirmato: 18:04, 19/10/2014
Neil SheltonFirmato: 04:52, 18/10/2014
"I have a dream ! Freedom for all ! Equality in all things ! I am a Citizen of the Universes !"

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