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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Kelsaw Potawski Podepsáno: 14:33, 06/02/2018
"Money didn't exist before man."
Trane DePriestPodepsáno: 14:09, 06/02/2018
"I am in full agreement with these principles, and I advocate for similar ideas expressed in The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Green Party. I believe transitional efforts are underway through governance incubators like the Seasteading Institute project in French Polynesia and others."
Taylor JohnstonPodepsáno: 13:34, 06/02/2018
"I have felt passionately about this for many years. People need to stop fearing the idea that this can and has to work and that helping each other thrive is not such a bad thing."
Danielle CamererPodepsáno: 03:06, 06/02/2018
Coriander womackPodepsáno: 21:39, 04/02/2018
Jonathan MarblePodepsáno: 07:12, 04/02/2018
Christian VanwinklePodepsáno: 21:13, 03/02/2018
William ROSEPodepsáno: 10:00, 01/02/2018
"If only this could happen in my lifetime."
alison mcgandyPodepsáno: 23:54, 29/01/2018
Will HillPodepsáno: 14:28, 29/01/2018
Christopher GallegosPodepsáno: 17:13, 28/01/2018
Ruth VazquezPodepsáno: 01:25, 28/01/2018
Sue Marrapodi Moreland Rolling Hills LodgePodepsáno: 17:19, 26/01/2018
"Let's get rid of the LIE that was sowed into the society of humanity! We the world will be FREE and nothing will stop our advancements. Love can only be our master and peace and joy will fill our days. Free Expression & Love to all!"
Ben CollverPodepsáno: 23:12, 25/01/2018
Troy Hawkins-PropesPodepsáno: 18:40, 23/01/2018
"In a world of illusions, we find truth in oneness and preservation of the gift of life."
Cane KostovskiPodepsáno: 05:16, 22/01/2018
"The RBE is the best solution to replacing the millennia old system of money. The Venus Project will provide you with all sorts of information about the RBE and what life can be like under the RBE. You can also find out what RBE stands for."
Bob O'ConnerPodepsáno: 21:16, 20/01/2018
James HershiserPodepsáno: 16:26, 18/01/2018
Steven HychePodepsáno: 22:48, 17/01/2018
"Those who refuse to learn the past are doomed to repeat it."
Pete HraberPodepsáno: 05:59, 17/01/2018
"Pay attention. This is a Magna Carta. Try and see what you may disagree with and work with those issues to make this something we can all use."
Benazir GutierrezPodepsáno: 09:24, 15/01/2018
"Freedom for all, and no big organization ever needs to sponsor us!! "
judith EvansPodepsáno: 19:41, 14/01/2018
John HesterPodepsáno: 16:21, 14/01/2018
Fred AsburyPodepsáno: 03:43, 14/01/2018
"Fred Asbury, note my birthdate is 7/3/1045 the system would not let me edit."
TVP theVenusProjectPodepsáno: 23:52, 13/01/2018
"visit thevenusproject.com"
PHILIP ASHBURNPodepsáno: 21:14, 13/01/2018
Peter ChaydezPodepsáno: 08:37, 13/01/2018
caleb HeierPodepsáno: 21:19, 12/01/2018
Michael VasquezPodepsáno: 18:21, 12/01/2018
"Be in the World, but not of it...."
Michael VasquezPodepsáno: 18:14, 12/01/2018
"Greetings to the Global Community, we work with ourselves, we work with each other, we share our environments. All Things Connected..."
Ahmed ElshafiPodepsáno: 23:29, 11/01/2018
"Lets all be happy "
Jedidiah WomackPodepsáno: 00:21, 11/01/2018
Ahmed ElshafiPodepsáno: 00:18, 11/01/2018
"Fight for survival not money. "
Amy WebbPodepsáno: 21:26, 09/01/2018
Aaron WebbPodepsáno: 19:49, 09/01/2018
"Life today comes down to right,wrong, and morality. Being able to stand on moral grounds regardless of what society deems right for the fact is its our world and should remain so. Aaron AJ Webb on facebook"
Yiskah ReidPodepsáno: 11:59, 09/01/2018
"Building an Alternative to the Current Economic Model to heal our Earth."
Belle BurchPodepsáno: 23:48, 07/01/2018
gatlin htPodepsáno: 00:40, 06/01/2018
"I am a free man subject to criminal oppression. This charter can guid mankind into a true golden age. Mother guide us."
Nicole JoyPodepsáno: 20:12, 04/01/2018
Candy BaileyPodepsáno: 20:00, 03/01/2018
Bonnie EspinozaPodepsáno: 01:41, 03/01/2018
Jared SalleePodepsáno: 00:52, 02/01/2018
Edna MartellPodepsáno: 02:06, 01/01/2018
"I believe is the only way to assure peace and harmony in this our planet earth."
Tamara Croft-turnerPodepsáno: 04:11, 29/12/2017
Justin KnoffsPodepsáno: 20:04, 28/12/2017
Beverley WakefieldPodepsáno: 18:42, 27/12/2017
""I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty""
Charles MilesPodepsáno: 20:56, 26/12/2017
"Im so glad to have come across this site. the world really does need this. and i am willing to help with anything to get this moved forward"
Scott HaleyPodepsáno: 01:40, 25/12/2017
"The only obstacles to a thriving, sustainable, egalitarian, and biodiverse world are in the mind."
Brett DenbowPodepsáno: 00:08, 22/12/2017
"Let's create our New Earth experience together!"
Judy Sapon-BorsonPodepsáno: 07:24, 21/12/2017

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