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Patricia DoughertyPodepsáno: 11:54, 02/05/2019
Love H.Podepsáno: 06:07, 02/05/2019
Abraham StoutPodepsáno: 11:28, 25/04/2019
"I should have mentioned, if we do not find a way to exit our solar system and inhabit other planets, we are an extinct species. Period"
Abraham StoutPodepsáno: 11:24, 25/04/2019
"I cannot see how this is a bad idea. Star Trek mother fuckers. We are doomed if we cannot expand beyond our solar system. Yes, we do not have to concern ourselves about it but!! If we do not want to become extinct we have to think about getting out of "here" our solar system. I feel stupid for having to type this as it is so obvious. Do no space exploration, we are extinct....."
Yael EllsworthPodepsáno: 18:03, 23/04/2019
"As a life coach, I founded Life Teaches Foundation to support everyone in reaching their goals, no matter their starting point, rich or poor."
Michal SuzettePodepsáno: 22:08, 20/04/2019
Cara McCunePodepsáno: 16:18, 20/04/2019
Cynthia HoltPodepsáno: 17:35, 08/04/2019
Ilya TsinisPodepsáno: 19:05, 06/04/2019
Ilya TsinisPodepsáno: 19:03, 06/04/2019
Carolina Centeno Podepsáno: 04:04, 05/04/2019
Raine BradfordPodepsáno: 15:39, 02/04/2019
Lisa HurstPodepsáno: 06:03, 01/04/2019
David ThompsonPodepsáno: 19:14, 31/03/2019
Jameel BerryPodepsáno: 18:31, 31/03/2019
Cameron NiehoffPodepsáno: 18:35, 26/03/2019
Charles MayangoPodepsáno: 02:40, 25/03/2019
Wade DillonPodepsáno: 16:23, 20/03/2019
Ellen KrikorianPodepsáno: 01:54, 19/03/2019
"I am a PDD-NOS adult which I suffer for all my life and climate change, the environment it hurt me so much it triggers my all sensory system I am one of who is affected so severely, I can`t stand the corporations who poison me and the world "
s kayePodepsáno: 18:24, 18/03/2019
"where’s our commune? ::willing to relocate, comes with own tinyhousing::"
Margaret Balcom Podepsáno: 23:27, 17/03/2019
Naomi FritcheyPodepsáno: 21:15, 17/03/2019
Israel FritcheyPodepsáno: 21:10, 17/03/2019
Daniel PascuasPodepsáno: 16:09, 17/03/2019
"This is the next step in our evolution and we must take it fully. "
Aditya KasarlaPodepsáno: 23:06, 14/03/2019
Armani CochranPodepsáno: 16:04, 12/03/2019
"Let’s get this done"
Adam RosePodepsáno: 12:32, 11/03/2019
"We are the medicine to one another."
Helen YorkPodepsáno: 06:40, 08/03/2019
Helen YorkPodepsáno: 06:21, 08/03/2019
Amanda MalkinPodepsáno: 12:34, 07/03/2019
Doyle AshcraftPodepsáno: 18:17, 02/03/2019
Kraig MottarPodepsáno: 01:01, 27/02/2019
"Where are the communities where this can most likely be achieved? "
Jimmy SellersPodepsáno: 15:47, 26/02/2019
Michael ChristopherPodepsáno: 19:52, 25/02/2019
Ksomething WsomethingPodepsáno: 00:53, 25/02/2019
Tracy DursoPodepsáno: 00:13, 25/02/2019
"Thank you for this Free World Charter. "
Marie SophiaPodepsáno: 05:48, 24/02/2019
Garrett D’AngeloPodepsáno: 18:26, 23/02/2019
"Man on the land of the New Jersey republic, without the US, an American national and sovereign man without political affiliations with the US corporate entity; a free man. "
Ronald Emerson Podepsáno: 16:13, 23/02/2019
"I agree with the 10 initial points. However in the explanation there is a conflict in points 5&6. That being holding out hope in proper technology to help but then calling a vocational education destructive. Maybe you need to change that to be a focus on beneficial vocational education."
Alicia WoffordPodepsáno: 05:45, 23/02/2019
Aubrey BryantPodepsáno: 23:29, 22/02/2019
"I have been advocating the NLRBE since Zeitgeist: Addendum was released. It's nice to see that the idea is growing. Let's do this!"
Jeanie AndersonPodepsáno: 18:39, 22/02/2019
"Mother Earth is our life support system. Let us take care of her as she has cared for all of us... including all plants and animals. "
Ammon ZookPodepsáno: 02:57, 22/02/2019
N. N.Podepsáno: 01:40, 22/02/2019
"Very true that our current system births greed, violence, and suffering. We need more caring and compassion, and less caring about keeping up with the Jones' and owning stuff of only superficial value. As a millenial, I hope my generation will act now toward positive, sustainable change as outlined in this Charter."
Julissa EstevezPodepsáno: 07:40, 21/02/2019
"Lets change the world"
Amy DavidPodepsáno: 22:29, 19/02/2019
"Wish the world was freed. Meaning money for everyone!"
Joanne D'UngerPodepsáno: 03:08, 17/02/2019
matt oasPodepsáno: 02:03, 16/02/2019
Lisa StullPodepsáno: 01:48, 16/02/2019
Joshua ParmelePodepsáno: 00:46, 16/02/2019

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