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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Candance Toscano Podepsáno: 13:54, 14/09/2020
Timber AmiscuaPodepsáno: 07:07, 08/09/2020
Abel ViveroPodepsáno: 19:26, 06/09/2020
Abel DngrPodepsáno: 18:46, 06/09/2020
Francesca SpinelliPodepsáno: 17:20, 31/08/2020
Thomas RollandPodepsáno: 21:17, 26/08/2020
Nichole LivingstonPodepsáno: 16:22, 24/08/2020
Adam SoulPodepsáno: 23:52, 18/08/2020
"I have the perception that money is a poison. Poison explains why we've destroyed our own world. Being under the influence of a poison also removes the blame."
Karen Jeffers-TracyPodepsáno: 16:00, 16/08/2020
"I'm a climate educator and librarian. This is a necessary step, and there are many thinkers working on this. Here's another one: https://aworldwithoutmoney.org/"
Jamie EwartPodepsáno: 12:07, 15/08/2020
Donna MaddoxPodepsáno: 11:20, 15/08/2020
עוז שטיינמץPodepsáno: 15:19, 10/08/2020
Haltom Family Ministries and ConsultantsPodepsáno: 04:24, 08/08/2020
"__A NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT__ "While rearing and homeschooling our children, our family serves in devotion to herald and help to usher-in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. A growing awakening into awareness about bigger, higher, and more awesome possibilities for all humankind and the planet shall remain our primary focus." "We use and share applications, modes and methods of greater organization for engaging in collaborative consumption and free-sharing done from within an alternative, open-access, resource-based-economic structure centered around volunteerism, cooperation, and social cohesion." "To those who may be ready to exit the competition-for-profits matrix of deception, domination, artificial scarcity, and malevolent control, we happily welcome to the future with a new and improved social contract together with the means for active participation in various kinds of social-innovation and altruistic connectivity. Our image should be a symbol for excellence and interdepende"
Brett Glanders Podepsáno: 18:17, 05/08/2020
Joe smithPodepsáno: 21:48, 02/08/2020
"may freedom and the communal harmony of all humans , and all life on planet earth , prevail ! may all be freely available to every human on planet earth ! "
Ellen MorganPodepsáno: 06:59, 22/07/2020
Mike VickPodepsáno: 21:00, 19/07/2020
"I am a libertarian socialist and a theologically conservative evangelical Christian. These ideas are quite appealing to me. Thank you for sharing them. I will do the same."
DANIEL TWEDTPodepsáno: 07:43, 19/07/2020
"Connecting our Permaculture Projects with a Humane Rights Greenway Trail interconnection Corridor is the mission of PermaTrail.org"
Dawn WillsonPodepsáno: 08:08, 12/07/2020
Thomas TownsendPodepsáno: 03:54, 12/07/2020
Karey Ann MarkovichPodepsáno: 16:50, 11/07/2020
Eric MacapagalPodepsáno: 13:41, 11/07/2020
K8lyn WattlePodepsáno: 20:19, 09/07/2020
"YouAreLove. LoveisFree. YouAreFree."
Seth ChandreaPodepsáno: 14:53, 09/07/2020
"Mahalo. Peace is a fire. Spark. Spark."
Nicholas KrezekPodepsáno: 09:03, 09/07/2020
Joshua JeromePodepsáno: 10:33, 07/07/2020
Thomas TownsendPodepsáno: 03:42, 07/07/2020
"Copiosis may be a system to facilitate the world of our imagining."
Catherine MichelsPodepsáno: 13:53, 01/07/2020
john ashleyPodepsáno: 19:33, 30/06/2020
Yvonne GordonPodepsáno: 17:49, 30/06/2020
"I am just interested to understand this more, but I am too old to participate other than helping to promote this information:"
Joshua EwenPodepsáno: 08:14, 28/06/2020
Chris ScottPodepsáno: 04:42, 26/06/2020
Day WaterburyPodepsáno: 17:29, 25/06/2020
Matt OffolterPodepsáno: 21:39, 23/06/2020
Trinity ReaganPodepsáno: 18:29, 22/06/2020
Tim SchreckhisePodepsáno: 11:23, 22/06/2020
Bobby HavensPodepsáno: 23:54, 21/06/2020
Seth ClasbyPodepsáno: 05:51, 11/06/2020
Chris StevensPodepsáno: 11:21, 05/06/2020
Teneka WilliamsPodepsáno: 15:42, 01/06/2020
Breanna SeithPodepsáno: 20:26, 28/05/2020
Bruce SchumanPodepsáno: 15:03, 28/05/2020
"Beautiful -- let's develop ways to collaborate!"
Carole PhilippePodepsáno: 18:28, 27/05/2020
Amina Rodriguez Podepsáno: 07:28, 20/05/2020
Caleb ThornePodepsáno: 01:44, 19/05/2020
Anastasia RozdayPodepsáno: 07:26, 17/05/2020
Frances McGeePodepsáno: 16:14, 15/05/2020
Drew RobsonPodepsáno: 22:16, 13/05/2020
"A society grows great when old man plant trees who's shade they know they never shall sit in."
PAUL MENDOZAPodepsáno: 20:09, 02/05/2020
Athena n'ha LeePodepsáno: 15:25, 27/04/2020

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