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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Mary VuPodepsáno: 19:13, 19/11/2019
Cruz HernándezPodepsáno: 03:10, 19/11/2019
"LOVE it's all that is ONE that's all we are"
Samantha AdamsPodepsáno: 14:26, 18/11/2019
"I been racking my brain on how to get people to see this for months now. It has driven me insane. Why are we working so hard for what is holding us back? Open your eyes and see our possibilities. We are creating our own madness with money. People should be free and able to take the path they’re life takes them. We could do so much good in this world if we stopped obsessing over the next big thing to buy in to. There is enough of everything for everyone. Why is someone more inclined than another based on paper? "
Samuel RichPodepsáno: 14:48, 14/11/2019
Michael DuncanPodepsáno: 12:21, 09/11/2019
"It won't happen in my lifetime, but someday."
salvador tafollaPodepsáno: 04:32, 07/11/2019
Gretru LatourPodepsáno: 19:51, 05/11/2019
JustLiving LifeReallyPodepsáno: 07:00, 03/11/2019
Carey RowanoakPodepsáno: 21:28, 29/10/2019
Marcus KendrotPodepsáno: 22:58, 28/10/2019
Jared YoderPodepsáno: 17:47, 27/10/2019
"Everything's free. "
Sean HagstromPodepsáno: 22:48, 24/10/2019
Ian Arthurs Podepsáno: 23:40, 22/10/2019
Sandra ParedesPodepsáno: 19:05, 11/10/2019
"I want to be free for money. "
Alan BatesPodepsáno: 03:09, 30/09/2019
Brian ZeePodepsáno: 21:07, 24/09/2019
"The notion of a free world is the most natural and beneficial state to which humanity can aspire. We are alienated from that state by the oppression of the money system. That system must be abolished."
Joseph CriggerPodepsáno: 23:32, 19/09/2019
Salvador TafollaPodepsáno: 00:25, 18/09/2019
Abel DangerPodepsáno: 20:05, 16/09/2019
Gary IbranyiPodepsáno: 05:34, 16/09/2019
"release technologies suppressed from us like free energy, replicators, and anti gravity"
Erika ヤマナカPodepsáno: 02:26, 15/09/2019
Lillian PictorPodepsáno: 17:33, 14/09/2019
"Money divides us in so many ways."
Carin HandsunPodepsáno: 15:35, 14/09/2019
Brennan HatfieldPodepsáno: 23:38, 13/09/2019
"I believe that money is the heart of evil"
Alice HennebergPodepsáno: 21:41, 12/09/2019
"If this happens in my lifetime, I'll die very happy!"
Maria HorvathPodepsáno: 15:09, 12/09/2019
Gregg ZedikerPodepsáno: 05:57, 06/09/2019
Douglas Morris Podepsáno: 01:13, 06/09/2019
Christine ClinePodepsáno: 05:49, 01/09/2019
Darren TayloePodepsáno: 07:16, 18/08/2019
Brenda WeeksPodepsáno: 03:00, 18/08/2019
"Love one another..."
elijah mendezPodepsáno: 03:28, 17/08/2019
Samuel McalpinPodepsáno: 01:47, 17/08/2019
Nora BaranPodepsáno: 17:39, 16/08/2019
gregory j anderson gregPodepsáno: 16:03, 12/08/2019
Darnel BradleyPodepsáno: 01:59, 09/08/2019
"I hope it comes soon"
Adai Saint-hilairePodepsáno: 09:48, 08/08/2019
Lunis WolfPodepsáno: 06:25, 08/08/2019
"I believe that we indeed can correct this obvious mistake, that is greed, and get rid of money, no more people on the streets and less reason for crime! PS: not my birth name, I'm hoping to change this in the future not because I hate my original name, but because I prefer Lunis just because PPS: I'm a furry, which may explain to you why I chose this name :3, good luck to this charter and may it be blessed by whom ever watches from above us."
Ricky BokemeyerPodepsáno: 11:55, 27/07/2019
angele landryPodepsáno: 06:59, 25/07/2019
Luis Angel RangelPodepsáno: 06:24, 16/07/2019
Vicente EsquedaPodepsáno: 02:23, 16/07/2019
Itancan WasakaPodepsáno: 20:16, 14/07/2019
"This is consistent with our tribe's 15 values and principles. The real issue is how to do this in a world dominantly opposed or at least apathetic to this. The challenge is not in the principles. It is in the implementation."
Jim NoordPodepsáno: 14:39, 14/07/2019
"I have truck,can load and pickup."
Amichai AxelrodPodepsáno: 06:32, 11/07/2019
Daniel ErlandsonPodepsáno: 21:13, 10/07/2019
HEATHER STEWARTPodepsáno: 18:15, 03/07/2019
Evgeny KolevPodepsáno: 00:24, 03/07/2019
Robert P. SciannaPodepsáno: 18:40, 23/06/2019
"This is a way of life I wished for all my life. I can't see any logical reason, because there is none at all, why any human with a healthy mind would not want this most humane way of life for them selves and others especially all children throughout humanity now and forever. "
Timothy CelenzaPodepsáno: 15:31, 19/06/2019

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