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Cathy HarrisPodepsáno: 12:06, 12/07/2017
Dianne DupuisPodepsáno: 11:28, 08/07/2017
"Love One Another ❤️??"
Wenona BellmorePodepsáno: 00:13, 08/07/2017
Tim HillPodepsáno: 23:43, 06/07/2017
"Wanting to connect and make some new friends and share some experiences together. I live in Old Southwest of Roanoke City Virginia. "
Ma-Li StonePodepsáno: 19:47, 06/07/2017
"Evolving consciousness. "
Stephanie GriffawPodepsáno: 11:06, 06/07/2017
Tavis PatrickPodepsáno: 03:31, 06/07/2017
Erykah SundancePodepsáno: 18:05, 03/07/2017
"Out beyond ideas of wrong doings and right doings there is a field... I'll meet you there. "
Miles StirewaltPodepsáno: 17:14, 27/06/2017
David ZujkowskiPodepsáno: 18:50, 26/06/2017
Bret WarshawskyPodepsáno: 23:31, 25/06/2017
"Do what you love to do, what you're good at and little else. "
Carol Taylor Podepsáno: 05:47, 22/06/2017
Richard BurleyPodepsáno: 22:11, 21/06/2017
Isaiah ColemanPodepsáno: 14:41, 20/06/2017
Jeremy AndersonPodepsáno: 19:58, 19/06/2017
"Let's keep bringing in the light as this world shifts into bliss!"
John SentersPodepsáno: 00:23, 15/06/2017
"Hey I'm 20 years old and I believe this so much I try to tell my friends that the only thing that is stopping us from a utopian society is the concept of money and that we don't have to live like this. I'd like to say that I got this idea from you or something else but the truth is that I've been thinking about this idea for a few years now and I know it can happen. I don't know who you are or what you think is going to happen but it's nice to know that there are some people that don't think I'm crazy. "
Harrison DalePodepsáno: 11:16, 14/06/2017
Jacob RobiePodepsáno: 20:06, 13/06/2017
"I look forward to connecting with some of the best people on earth! I sincerely wish you positivity and success! Make today Great!"
Logan BohochikPodepsáno: 21:10, 12/06/2017
"As for progress by applying only knowledge and logic could be dangerous considering those things got us into this mess in the first place. We need more insight and inner engineering into our own technology that we are made of because knowledge is only what we've gathered from the past and logic is basically our intellect, those two things are just scratching the surface of the technology that we are. So it my suggestion to all people that we not be so dependant on the technologies WE have created not matter how promising they may seem. We should learn more how to use the technology that WE are already made of for WE HUMANS seem to be the most highly advanced technology that we have found so far, yet we do t know how to work ourselves so we're scrambling to fix all these problems outside ourselves and wanting to learn everything except for ourselves when the problems we're tryin to fix are not something outside of us, the problem IS US! "
Jonika McNeilPodepsáno: 13:49, 12/06/2017
"I am glad I found this site because I was looking for a way to help people that can't come to America without some paper work or some illegal way. We need to treat ourselves and the world better. I never understood why folks would say god bless America instead of saying GOD BLESS THE WORLD because we sure do need it."
McKinley WilliamsPodepsáno: 03:36, 12/06/2017
Andrea CobbPodepsáno: 03:06, 09/06/2017
Lisa Sandoval Podepsáno: 04:21, 06/06/2017
alfred blanksPodepsáno: 21:26, 05/06/2017
Victoria ChandlerPodepsáno: 00:30, 05/06/2017
Patricia JohnsonPodepsáno: 17:13, 02/06/2017
"Love the vision of free humans.free living.free life.free mother earth.people caring for each other and planet earth."
melissa jenneweinPodepsáno: 12:40, 28/05/2017
""It is when you leave all that is familiar and venture into the unfamiliar. This is when you find your truth""
Jamie FranksPodepsáno: 17:19, 27/05/2017
Alfa DuartePodepsáno: 06:51, 27/05/2017
"Invest in yourself. Meditate, read, eat healthy,drink water, move your body, spend time in nature, rest, you are worthy. tinybuddha "
Ernest TogniettiPodepsáno: 05:05, 26/05/2017
"Let's make the world great!"
Kyle Twitch BowlesPodepsáno: 07:41, 23/05/2017
Joshua HalePodepsáno: 04:22, 23/05/2017
"Our goal is to regenerate community through skill building workshops, mutual aid groups, and local volunteer opportunities."
Tori HoffmannPodepsáno: 04:17, 23/05/2017
"More and more people are taking action to live in harmony with the planet and free themselves from the money system. Permaculture is a beautiful expression of these values in the form of regenerative gardening/farming. My life is peaceful and joyful as I align my actions with my values."
Benjamin MillironPodepsáno: 20:26, 20/05/2017
"Pay your debt, Sell your stuff, and contribute to change our world."
Aida SorensonPodepsáno: 02:41, 14/05/2017
"I think that eventually we will. be able to produce our own natural resources through the zero-point field with an unlimited supply. We will then need to change some if these charter principles."
Jon-Luc McDonoughPodepsáno: 03:54, 13/05/2017
"This concept deserves as much publicity as possible! If only people worldwide implemented these principles, we could create something close to a utopian Paradise!"
Tyekwon NealPodepsáno: 18:39, 10/05/2017
"This is what the world needs. I can't live in a world like this anymore. So much injustice and inequality."
Maria HorvathPodepsáno: 04:45, 08/05/2017
"My heart chooses what and my brain how."
George GuevaraPodepsáno: 10:41, 05/05/2017
Matthew JonesPodepsáno: 23:08, 04/05/2017
Alexandra GalloPodepsáno: 03:31, 02/05/2017
Julia AndersonPodepsáno: 02:31, 02/05/2017
Alina Petrik Podepsáno: 01:58, 02/05/2017
Patrick SniffPodepsáno: 22:39, 01/05/2017
Eugene MillerPodepsáno: 22:28, 01/05/2017
Steel ThomasPodepsáno: 22:20, 01/05/2017
"This has always been a thought of mine. It always seems when I bring this topic up people usually cant seem to live without government."
Saul ZimmermanPodepsáno: 22:19, 01/05/2017
Nikki BrunoPodepsáno: 22:09, 01/05/2017
Ben WolfleyPodepsáno: 22:07, 01/05/2017
Benedict DonofrioPodepsáno: 21:40, 01/05/2017

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