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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Jennifer LindmarPodepsáno: 11:44, 30/08/2017
Jay SpencerPodepsáno: 20:54, 29/08/2017
Dwayne ButlerPodepsáno: 03:36, 29/08/2017
"I am tired of our obsession with the idea that we need an economy based on money to function. All my life people have preached to me about the evils of communism while I see all around me the evils of capitalism. Both of these ideas have and will always fail us, yet we are made to choose one or the other. There has to be a better way. I don't think this charter is the best way either, as I can see how easily some of these ideals could be used in a perverse manner. It is just human nature for individuals to find ways to "get ahead" in any system. But I do think this charter is an amazing beginning to abolishing money and greed and giving us a new foothold to evolve as a society."
Jay SpencerPodepsáno: 03:24, 29/08/2017
bill woodPodepsáno: 01:31, 29/08/2017
Seth RobinsonPodepsáno: 09:17, 27/08/2017
JOSE DasilvaPodepsáno: 02:56, 26/08/2017
Athbhreith AthbheochanPodepsáno: 20:26, 25/08/2017
Sam ReppertPodepsáno: 17:54, 25/08/2017
John BerkheimerPodepsáno: 20:58, 24/08/2017
Zenaida MohseninePodepsáno: 19:46, 24/08/2017
"Kabbalist, nurse, beach, movies, studying"
Marla LusterPodepsáno: 00:34, 24/08/2017
Mrudula ChakravarthyPodepsáno: 20:16, 23/08/2017
Kevin DyerPodepsáno: 09:04, 23/08/2017
"Apocaloptimist, radical solutionary, contrarian polemicist, aspiring autodidact. #wannabewordsmith"
Dannilee McNeelPodepsáno: 03:29, 23/08/2017
"Finally some common sense answers to the greed and waste that flourishes in today's world. We can't live without clean air, water & sustainable food. We have the power to unite for change that will improve all lives, not just the wealthy. I hope I live to see the day when we can all come together as a world and cherish the beautiful planet we have entrusted to us. Our future generations depend on it."
Mat BryanPodepsáno: 02:22, 23/08/2017
Love SpiritPodepsáno: 04:10, 22/08/2017
"Locate Free Housing, Free Food, Free Education, Free Healthcare, and off the grid cash jobs. I also need volunteers to help me house the homeless. Visit: GlobalFreeHousing.org | FreeHouseShare.com"
Mark DannemillerPodepsáno: 01:53, 22/08/2017
"This is a good action to the groups I have learned about such as The Venus Project, The Transition & People Do Everything. "
Queen PhoenixPodepsáno: 15:25, 21/08/2017
Kimon TsinterisPodepsáno: 06:55, 21/08/2017
Maha BrownPodepsáno: 03:37, 21/08/2017
Laurie BakerPodepsáno: 21:03, 20/08/2017
"Build connections, build community, build a peaceful world. "
Boston BBPodepsáno: 04:03, 20/08/2017
Joseph HuertaPodepsáno: 18:16, 19/08/2017
Zach HoonPodepsáno: 13:46, 19/08/2017
Mary VuPodepsáno: 03:41, 18/08/2017
Barbara Stuart Podepsáno: 13:18, 17/08/2017
Cheryl WranglePodepsáno: 01:20, 17/08/2017
Don BassPodepsáno: 23:42, 16/08/2017
John SmereskyPodepsáno: 19:51, 16/08/2017
"Everything is Love or a request for love. We are all creating our own reality. We are the only one who can change the world. "
sunny connollyPodepsáno: 06:40, 16/08/2017
Laura SchappertPodepsáno: 22:59, 15/08/2017
Janice DalyPodepsáno: 15:33, 15/08/2017
Timothy SpeckPodepsáno: 08:22, 15/08/2017
"I'm retired with no pension. I will help where ever I can. I'm friendly and understanding. Looking forward to a free world."
Joshua TewellPodepsáno: 10:48, 10/08/2017
"It's time to do what is needed to bring about a new world that works for everyone...including those who can't speak for themselves."
Amanda DobbinsPodepsáno: 03:44, 10/08/2017
Helen WeaverPodepsáno: 01:35, 10/08/2017
"As a family-centered caregiver from rural Kansas, I have listened and responded to many sad stories. Stress and all the ways that Americans are been sold a bill of goods for a very debt-based way to get the people to pay to destroy their own health and families with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and horridly addicting junk that is marketed as convenient "food" and "legal beverages" has most people with eyes open but unable to see the truth and ears that can hear advertisements and lures to get people to spent their "free time" on meaningless or even damaging activities that erode the quality of relationships. Healthy relationships and our birthright Healthy lifestyles in harmony with Mother Nature are the true Wealth. Wellness Weavers model WOMAN4W(H)EALTH4ALL seeks to create a global health and wellness and educational community whose members ask "Is this compassionate & right? Follow Wellness Weavers progress on FB. I want to put everything I have into service w others."
Priscilla RodriguezPodepsáno: 09:25, 09/08/2017
Jack ReedPodepsáno: 18:56, 08/08/2017
"The Mission of Community Planet is to create a world that works for everyone. Go to http://www.communityplanet.org"
Jordan McFaddenPodepsáno: 04:50, 08/08/2017
"Kinda hope this is real "
Kenneth Preston GoldmanPodepsáno: 02:37, 07/08/2017
Tori HoffmannPodepsáno: 02:57, 06/08/2017
"I'm striving for a simple life of freedom, health, and harmony. I am the Pod Leader of the Bakerview Skillshare, and a member of The Identity Movement. We are regenerating our community by building a network of mutual aid groups that share skills and resources."
annmarie grantPodepsáno: 17:04, 05/08/2017
"A Grandmother who loves everyone, everyone is part of the family."
Jonathan KienePodepsáno: 04:02, 05/08/2017
"All good for Humanity"
Christopher DooleyPodepsáno: 02:58, 04/08/2017
christine hinzePodepsáno: 04:57, 02/08/2017
jared salleePodepsáno: 15:56, 01/08/2017
michael baderPodepsáno: 23:11, 30/07/2017
"www.lansolutions.info KB8JHC"
Wyatt BottorffPodepsáno: 19:49, 30/07/2017
Dave WalkerPodepsáno: 03:09, 30/07/2017

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