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Dakotah QuainterPodepsáno: 21:18, 01/05/2017
Jeanmarie PolvinoPodepsáno: 16:00, 01/05/2017
llll sssPodepsáno: 16:22, 30/04/2017
Michael Smith Podepsáno: 08:46, 30/04/2017
Olivia FranzenPodepsáno: 08:18, 30/04/2017
Joseph GrimaldiPodepsáno: 06:21, 30/04/2017
Brandon McNairPodepsáno: 02:00, 30/04/2017
Nourish FreiPodepsáno: 00:28, 30/04/2017
Amanda McNeilPodepsáno: 20:16, 29/04/2017
EMILY OTSTOTTPodepsáno: 17:49, 29/04/2017
Jimmy RobinsonPodepsáno: 05:06, 29/04/2017
"I am as free as free can be, and hope to see the world right along with Me. :)"
Trevor MorsePodepsáno: 15:44, 28/04/2017
"Hoping to meet like-minded individuals during my trips to new places."
Steven BaileyPodepsáno: 23:01, 25/04/2017
"Would like info on how to start a chapter in Daytona beach Fl. Usa."
Shannon Hopson Podepsáno: 16:09, 25/04/2017
Darryle Lloyd Podepsáno: 15:57, 24/04/2017
Joy SwineyPodepsáno: 06:11, 23/04/2017
Noah McKee Podepsáno: 06:37, 22/04/2017
"I believe that we can achieve more on a free society as money is our only restraint of curing disease, creating a healthier world, ending the need for war. The coming of money brings a need for war and makes humans think and do things that they normally wouldn't really do if money didn't existed. If money didn't exist, do you think that America would poison their citizens with fluoride or put bromide in their medications, for what? The answer is money, a child could be so selfish. It wasn't till money was created, homeless people existed, crime flourished, madness broke. Madness is the outcome of money as fear is the left over aftermath. The note of a dollar makes people do things that are immoral and unacceptable as it puts the illusion of being is the meaning of life and that we need money to be successful. They would kill off this world, for what? They would kill off this world to make a fortune and rot inside of this world, for a couple billion dollars. We are one, and not two. "
Samuel ReppertPodepsáno: 13:51, 18/04/2017
"Would this society initially be separate from other countries and nationalities, or would we try to change a government somehow? "
Hope Golden Podepsáno: 00:32, 18/04/2017
Dennis McLaughlinPodepsáno: 18:00, 17/04/2017
Shiny IndigoPodepsáno: 16:09, 17/04/2017
"May we all be better able to understand our commonalities, and better able to celebrate our differences. May we pour out Love and Light to all, so that all may live in peace. May we all be surrounded and embraced by kindness, respect and love, and may we actively express that everyday to those around us."
Nancy SwansonPodepsáno: 18:47, 16/04/2017
"Have been thinking for a while about my ideal world. The Free World Charter comes very close. We should NOT have to enslave ourselves to exist!!"
john morrisseyPodepsáno: 19:44, 15/04/2017
"We are all one love"
William Laughlin Podepsáno: 19:21, 15/04/2017
"I've wondered, if the goal of the so called "elite"is to reduce population in such a significant and cruel way. Is there a list somewhere? If you believe your in that club, how can you be so sure?"
MARVIN HECKERTPodepsáno: 13:44, 15/04/2017
"LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL BEINGS !!! CoCreator at treevonnanirvana.com HT3 site located in Suwannee County Florida, USA"
Matt MurphyPodepsáno: 18:39, 13/04/2017
Cindi HalkolaPodepsáno: 14:55, 13/04/2017
"Only the rich get richer, and that's the problem. Maybe we should just focus more on our other riches. "
Ryan BurrillPodepsáno: 09:20, 12/04/2017
"Peace and infinite love!"
Jennifer HaagPodepsáno: 01:54, 12/04/2017
Kris CahillPodepsáno: 15:56, 11/04/2017
Pamela LegoPodepsáno: 15:36, 11/04/2017
"Let's share our talents!"
John G. WolfPodepsáno: 06:19, 11/04/2017
"Robert David Steele's "The Open Source Everything Manifesto, Truth, Trust & Transparence" explains the whole concept from another point of view. Basicly, we all live like millionaires! With the planet going into the long supressed golden age! A new holographic program where everyone wins, no one loses. All in, no one out. Here! Here! ❤ "
Robert BrightonPodepsáno: 20:45, 10/04/2017
"“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”― Henry Ford"
Rudolph VillalazPodepsáno: 19:34, 10/04/2017
Miguel Laboy Podepsáno: 04:48, 10/04/2017
Judy UtahPodepsáno: 01:49, 10/04/2017
"Specialize in helping you create your best stories."
Joseph Gabriel Thomas SalagraePodepsáno: 20:43, 09/04/2017
"We will rise or fall together, mediocrity is all we will accomplished alone"
Deborah Rudnicki Podepsáno: 20:42, 09/04/2017
Robert WilliamsPodepsáno: 20:23, 09/04/2017
Holly GomezPodepsáno: 20:10, 09/04/2017
Leslee Mack Podepsáno: 18:29, 09/04/2017
"I've often wondered why we are the only living species that has to pay to live... This Charter is a fantastic idea! "
Linda Witt-KingPodepsáno: 18:25, 09/04/2017
Aaron SPodepsáno: 17:16, 09/04/2017
"This is the kind of world I've always envisioned. Anything else is almost certainly going to have immoral implications. It becomes even more feasible with every technological advancement we make. "
Jennifer JarkowPodepsáno: 14:41, 07/04/2017
"Overflowing with Appreciation and Amazement, I feel deeply. Love deeply. Live fully. Beyond what I thought was possible, beyond what I expect, my life is delightfully filled with magical surprises! Jenni"
Shahab MoradiPodepsáno: 13:55, 07/04/2017
Deyanira Mendoza Podepsáno: 01:38, 04/04/2017
"What the world need is love and compassion!!"
Leif RileyPodepsáno: 22:21, 03/04/2017
"A follower of Jacques fresco the zeitgeist movement and the Venus project. Once society falls apart and the people are mass incarcerated and the people fight back maybe then we can see this visionthrough. It needs to be more widespread and on the tips of everyone's younger so when we are ready for change we know what direction to move to."
Mason NewellPodepsáno: 21:12, 01/04/2017
"I am a free thinking individual who wants to help others and make the world a nicer place."
Mason NewellPodepsáno: 21:00, 01/04/2017
Thomas MondellPodepsáno: 13:07, 31/03/2017
"I believe the world as it is today is basically corrupt. I also believe humanity has allowed this to occur. Our present financial system is a reflection of this corruption. It needs to change. It needs restarted as do all the other institutions man has created down through the ages. Man's intellect is imperfect, therefore, everything man creates has a shelf-life. It is time to evolve our entire way of living before we totally destroy this beautiful creation. We have allowed what has happened, so now we must allow it to change. Money is a man made concept. Value and appreciation, on the other hand, are what we can offer our fellow man. Everything we create in this world can still be done without the concept of money. It is not needed. Houses can continue to be built, computers can continue to be developed, minerals can still be mined, doctors can still help heal, teachers can still teach, etc. Money is not a factor but appreciation is. It does not cost anything to breathe yet you could "

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