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Michele BuringPodepsáno: 22:09, 20/09/2019
"Thank you. This is an important message of compassion and hope. Had only the action of such a charter been able to start over 100 years ago... Certainly many individuals have tried all along, and entire cultures have lived this way... and then been overridden. Maybe this time the collective conscience has learnt better?"
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Skye StormPodepsáno: 03:51, 04/09/2019
Jamil MoslihPodepsáno: 09:45, 18/08/2019
Marek MrozkiewiczPodepsáno: 13:20, 22/07/2019
Daniel OrganPodepsáno: 06:26, 30/06/2019
edgar schallerPodepsáno: 11:54, 13/06/2019
Dakota PallierPodepsáno: 04:36, 03/06/2019
Carly StarkPodepsáno: 14:24, 17/05/2019
"Hi Freeworlders. I have studied psychology and plant based nutrition, been a youth worker and crisis counsellor. I have played national level basketball and dabble in playing guitar and drums. I am an avid reader and doco watcher on subjects relating to health, psychology, consciousness, the environment and society. Hopefully I can be of service, learn from you and help this community to grow and connect. In Lak’ech Ala K’in (I am another yourself)"
Alexander CunninghamPodepsáno: 03:56, 08/05/2019
Heidi SorbelloPodepsáno: 00:25, 03/05/2019
Ewelina Villaret Podepsáno: 10:51, 27/04/2019
Jared FranksPodepsáno: 22:07, 24/04/2019
"It's time for our world to evolve and move forward. I'm ready!"
Lorna StewartPodepsáno: 02:56, 14/04/2019
Leonie KapsaPodepsáno: 23:07, 12/04/2019
Alice Underwood-HodgePodepsáno: 01:28, 12/04/2019
Eli MawdsleyPodepsáno: 01:19, 06/04/2019
Jo RossPodepsáno: 02:30, 04/04/2019
Nora DuehringPodepsáno: 05:51, 03/04/2019
Jessica RaePodepsáno: 23:56, 01/04/2019
Hamish GrahamPodepsáno: 22:41, 17/03/2019
nataly BustamantePodepsáno: 02:20, 14/03/2019
Deirdre StantaPodepsáno: 03:35, 01/03/2019
Rachel DelanyPodepsáno: 01:17, 31/01/2019
"Compassion, collaboration, unity IN, money, power, control OUT"
Lee-Anne LewisPodepsáno: 15:01, 29/01/2019
Tina StormPodepsáno: 01:55, 24/11/2018
Darren PerryPodepsáno: 10:32, 27/09/2018
"The world needs more wisdom and common sense like this."
Alison OrrellPodepsáno: 10:10, 26/09/2018
Sammy The GoatPodepsáno: 09:10, 24/09/2018
"To the people of the world I am here ready to change the world for the greater good #Goldenchild #GiftfromGod"
Jillian UngerPodepsáno: 00:51, 01/09/2018
kiri theoPodepsáno: 23:26, 30/08/2018
Andrew HalupkaPodepsáno: 13:26, 15/08/2018
"The economy isn't working for 99% of us"
Claire WoodsPodepsáno: 13:11, 23/06/2018
pat kattiPodepsáno: 06:42, 01/06/2018
Shaun MacDougallPodepsáno: 05:45, 01/06/2018
Rime Earth-HealerPodepsáno: 23:41, 14/05/2018
"Heal the earth. Do it for the children. They deserve our best efforts and guidance. "
Karen Challinder Podepsáno: 23:20, 11/05/2018
"I’ve been a community volunteer for the past 15 years and have a love and respect for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants ???"
Goran SeletkovicPodepsáno: 03:29, 22/04/2018
Rimé Earth-HealerPodepsáno: 13:09, 17/04/2018
Helmut HarnischmacherPodepsáno: 22:40, 09/04/2018
"Isnt this a Pipe Dream, nevertheless dream, but dont make Dreams your Master! But we can always hope and create your Reality! "
John HallPodepsáno: 00:43, 08/04/2018
Kym HaythorpePodepsáno: 21:24, 06/04/2018
Kerri HealingPodepsáno: 07:31, 05/04/2018
JanCarol HillsPodepsáno: 16:19, 28/03/2018
Bindi LenardPodepsáno: 05:24, 26/03/2018
"This is so important. We are trashing the world and its inhabitants all for money and it is NOT sustainable. There needs to be a change, soon. "
Con MatzarisPodepsáno: 10:01, 23/03/2018
Sanal VadavathiPodepsáno: 01:14, 14/03/2018
me mePodepsáno: 22:58, 02/03/2018
Kaye HandleyPodepsáno: 03:06, 21/02/2018
"I agree, open to the idea and available to take part and would love to know how."
Alex Zivtins CocksPodepsáno: 06:26, 19/02/2018
"if anything in the world was free homeless people would not be a thing any more and then we would be able to make more stuff and tech would not be hard and paying for courses of anything in the world is dumb, Why would anyone want to pay money for a learning session And money is just paper and it is not safe because you can get paper cuts and if you're, not lucky enough then you might get cut in the eye but money is not safe why should it be a thing i don't know but one thing I do know is because it is stupid and Crime would not really be a thing anymore so money shall be vanished"

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