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Fiona HannonPodpisano: 21:41, 16/01/2012
Clint TallonPodpisano: 12:53, 15/01/2012
Caoimhe HannonPodpisano: 14:46, 14/01/2012
Matthew WardPodpisano: 14:13, 08/01/2012
"Where ever there are injustices in the world there will always be people to fight it. There is no such thing as part freedom, Time to free ourselfs"
gavin curtisPodpisano: 22:58, 07/01/2012
Thomas DalyPodpisano: 08:41, 05/01/2012
"An interesting dream :)"
Jackie CarrPodpisano: 12:59, 02/01/2012
Brian StephensonPodpisano: 02:17, 25/12/2011
"The light gets in if we let it !"
James SmithPodpisano: 18:40, 22/12/2011
"Love, Peace, Equality!"
Kathyrn AdamsPodpisano: 17:11, 15/12/2011
Tania leechPodpisano: 09:52, 09/12/2011
" I feel trapped by global fraud and a dependence on the pharmaceutical giants , feel guilty for the things others have been denied , i dream of controlling my own destiny ."
eamonn crudgePodpisano: 13:26, 07/12/2011
Imelda CormicanPodpisano: 13:15, 07/12/2011
"Infinite growth on our beautiful but finite planet is absurd, everyone needs to be re-educated to gain a better understanding of how to use the resources of the world for the benefit of all"
Joshua SampsonPodpisano: 02:12, 07/12/2011
aidan rogersPodpisano: 23:37, 02/12/2011
"its time to enact some change for everyones sake. count me in."
Fernand Espitalier NoelPodpisano: 19:46, 27/11/2011
Gerry CluskeyPodpisano: 03:59, 12/11/2011
Denis CahillPodpisano: 16:28, 11/11/2011
Adi phelpsPodpisano: 20:30, 06/11/2011
melissa fallonPodpisano: 10:45, 06/11/2011
Silvia PackterPodpisano: 00:40, 06/11/2011
sean frielPodpisano: 21:15, 03/11/2011
lynne bolesPodpisano: 16:17, 02/11/2011
Sheila KeeganPodpisano: 13:50, 30/10/2011
"I am delighted to add my name to the ideals presented here, I have always been distressed by the level of unfairness and inequality in the current paradigm. It is surely time for a complete overhaul of all of our ideas of what it means to be a human being, it is time for a more balanced society where all people benefit and flourish and not just the rich!! It is time to believe in ourselves and our ability to create the society we wish to live in, it is time to recognize that we are an integral part of this planet and not apart from it, what we do directly affects our earth and our fellow human is indeed time for a change and is good to see people all over the world standing up and directly taking part in this change :) There is a better way and we can all pave the way to bring this into our experience. 'BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN OUR WORLD' Ghandi"
Damien CreganPodpisano: 17:41, 24/10/2011
"No Money, No Laws, No Governments Free Hemp, Free Humanity Peace & Love :)"
Debbie LevisPodpisano: 20:06, 19/10/2011
Pascal DevinePodpisano: 21:38, 18/10/2011
shane walshePodpisano: 11:18, 18/10/2011
"dont know what the second one means. should tell people to make this viral,internet is our most powerfull wepon.GET INVOLVED IN OCCUPY EVERYTHING NOW as i have the same ideas as the venus and zeitgeist projects,and you have the smae morals as the anonymous hacktavists.this needs to spread like a virus if we are to see it in our lifetime as i think it would only work globaly.the established 1 % of the worlds population that reep all the money will try anything to stop this and are the most formitable apponant humanity has ever faced"
Seán ThorpPodpisano: 18:19, 11/10/2011
phil BierneyPodpisano: 17:23, 11/10/2011
"It would be a great Step in the Right Direction. Having so many Skills myself But unable to help improve my / anyone's life due to lack of funds. 99% of us know all to well - how to (try) survive with-out the means of ready cash.. "
Simon DringPodpisano: 03:00, 08/10/2011
"Just what I've always thought"
John LawlorPodpisano: 23:05, 04/10/2011
Che DeanPodpisano: 19:19, 03/10/2011
Anni VPodpisano: 14:33, 03/10/2011
Paul FayPodpisano: 13:45, 03/10/2011
Eamon KellyPodpisano: 12:59, 03/10/2011
Joshua MillerPodpisano: 16:59, 02/10/2011
"I totally support your idea, which represents an end to the present tragedy and also farce that is capitalism. Good luck, I hope you gain lots more support!"
Ciaran Mc HalePodpisano: 15:54, 02/10/2011
Eileen LeahyPodpisano: 11:37, 29/09/2011
Basil MillerPodpisano: 16:48, 27/09/2011
"The video makes absolute sense. The problem of 'scarcity' in the technical economic sense has long been solved, but the money-based system of allocating wealth and resources means scarcity of means is imposed on those without money. The money system now acts as a barrier to the happiness and fulfilment of the human species, and is daily responsible for needless death, suffering and disease, together with war and other horrors. Fundamental change which destroys the primacy of money and the present financial system is the only solution."
Andrey HryashchevskiyPodpisano: 11:42, 07/09/2011
"Fully agreed No money, no problem be needfull to society"
Alex MurrayPodpisano: 18:16, 05/09/2011
Don CoughlanPodpisano: 13:37, 05/09/2011
Adam NolanPodpisano: 00:18, 30/08/2011
John MaraisPodpisano: 11:11, 28/08/2011
Keith GilliganPodpisano: 04:36, 28/08/2011
Sinead MorrisPodpisano: 21:12, 27/08/2011
"I love this idea, and hope to see it come to pass in my lifetime.. It makes perfect sense to raise all our standards of living and let technology advance to its highest potential."
heather bolandPodpisano: 08:33, 26/08/2011
Sean GillespiePodpisano: 21:39, 25/08/2011
Paul BatesPodpisano: 18:44, 25/08/2011
"I have been saying this for years !"

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