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Alexandr KonkolevskyyPodpisano: 00:18, 27/09/2012
Kevin McHalePodpisano: 20:26, 25/09/2012
"Through the flowering of human conciousness... This is possible."
Paul DalyPodpisano: 21:03, 14/09/2012
PAradise PAddyPodpisano: 17:21, 07/09/2012
"Great work folks. I see the future and its FREE! I am more than happy to spread the good news. Keep up the great work."
Rosemarie Mc NuttPodpisano: 23:16, 06/09/2012
Michelle RogersPodpisano: 19:58, 02/09/2012
"face it: it's not working! not one little bit. we're talking rock bottom here - from which good and radical change can come. the first step? Imagine."
Michael O'NeillPodpisano: 09:55, 02/09/2012
"If this turns out to be a form of Communism / Crony Capitalism under another name, both of which foster regimes where an unelected bureaucracy / a financial oligarchy ends up wielding undue influence and where criminals acquire power and influence way behind their due and ability (like our current world, I will pull it down. Otherwise, carry on and let's see what you have."
Ronan KellyPodpisano: 11:43, 17/08/2012
Liz O'ConnellPodpisano: 16:07, 06/08/2012
"WE all deserve a free world love <3"
Steven McWilliamPodpisano: 00:47, 05/08/2012
Paul VoicePodpisano: 12:55, 28/07/2012
"Yes, yes, yes ten times! Let's start treating the world as one organizm, our body and realize that we're simply hurting ourselves entertaining the stupid monetary system!"
Lee FleckPodpisano: 21:40, 25/07/2012
Jesse GeaneyPodpisano: 00:42, 22/07/2012
"At least the venus project seems to have reached Ireland"
Edward DurandPodpisano: 11:02, 19/07/2012
Rory O' DeaPodpisano: 02:24, 16/07/2012
stuart gracePodpisano: 20:22, 12/07/2012
mary keatingPodpisano: 19:08, 12/07/2012
ALISON FOLEYPodpisano: 09:50, 12/07/2012
Toirealach Mc GinleyPodpisano: 16:22, 11/07/2012
"I really hope I this happens in my lifetime :-)"
Jeanne SpillanePodpisano: 07:54, 10/07/2012
Jason MoranPodpisano: 16:53, 09/07/2012
Edel KingPodpisano: 13:25, 09/07/2012
Janette MooneyPodpisano: 12:41, 09/07/2012
"such a wonderful way of life with each and every one of us equal with a sole purpose to help one another, simply, peaceful and loving"
Michael SlatteryPodpisano: 14:19, 07/07/2012
"Finally the vanguard against ignorance is advancing. I feel privileged to put my name to this evolution of being."
Bobby DoranPodpisano: 22:42, 01/07/2012
Gary KealyPodpisano: 14:34, 30/06/2012
zoe phoenixPodpisano: 22:26, 29/06/2012
Eamonn DoylePodpisano: 20:09, 27/06/2012
shauna murrayPodpisano: 19:53, 27/06/2012
"definetely agree with this"
Lucy MurphyPodpisano: 00:16, 25/06/2012
Tracey CambridgePodpisano: 21:06, 23/06/2012
kieran crosseyPodpisano: 23:35, 22/06/2012
Eric FoleyPodpisano: 15:45, 22/06/2012
Eoin WardPodpisano: 19:47, 14/06/2012
"If we do not change our race will die out due to our own stupidity."
Aisling O ConnellPodpisano: 11:30, 09/06/2012
Albane LetombePodpisano: 14:25, 06/06/2012
estefania reyes pintoPodpisano: 22:37, 05/06/2012
"it is the best we can do for the best of everyone and everything in this planet....a wonderful idea a posible and near future for all beings ...thanks so much for sharing it and for the effort of explain it to the rest of us...wish it can be on very very soon and see the smile and the happines of all of us shine with the dawn. thanks so much!! Estefania Kind regards."
lucy mulleePodpisano: 23:36, 26/05/2012
Brigit EmerPodpisano: 16:28, 20/05/2012
ciprian cipoPodpisano: 06:11, 15/05/2012
philippe bastidePodpisano: 19:09, 11/05/2012
Dean CarpenterPodpisano: 17:33, 27/04/2012
Rod LargePodpisano: 16:10, 26/04/2012
Rodney ThorntonPodpisano: 15:18, 15/04/2012
estefania reyes pintoPodpisano: 18:18, 14/04/2012
Simon KennedyPodpisano: 19:38, 08/04/2012
Somaya MahmudPodpisano: 11:52, 02/04/2012
Dahi McDonaghPodpisano: 10:54, 26/03/2012
Alan DoylePodpisano: 23:38, 25/03/2012
Benny RonanPodpisano: 22:42, 25/03/2012

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