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Sarah O'ReganPodpisano: 15:13, 11/03/2012
"It's about time that we sorted out the world. Everyday I get more disheartened thinking where we, as a civilisation, went wrong. Every day children are being denied education, health care and their basic human rights. Every human being should be able to pursue their own happiness"
Thomas ShannonPodpisano: 03:20, 11/03/2012
"Tell everyone you know about this site.Knowledge will set people free and ingnorance will enslave us all."
clare lynchPodpisano: 20:45, 08/03/2012
Adam ForsythPodpisano: 15:41, 08/03/2012
Martin ColwellPodpisano: 08:23, 08/03/2012
"It is long past time for us on this little planet to do these things, perfectly common sense, and I've believed in this world wide community co-operating to make this place a paradise for all life here, for several decades. Thank you for putting these points together and proposing them to our world, the sooner we all wake up put an immediate stop to the madness of wars, hunger, poverty, privilege and of course money the better we will immediately be. Bring it on :-))"
stuart gracePodpisano: 19:23, 07/03/2012
Lewy BluePodpisano: 10:18, 07/03/2012
M MOOREPodpisano: 19:21, 06/03/2012
Caroline Mc MullenPodpisano: 15:11, 06/03/2012
"Yes to all of this!!!"
Barry SmullenPodpisano: 13:25, 04/03/2012
"Without Money we have everything we need, we are not individuals although we are each unique, we are all part of a species called humans. Unfortunately today humanity is 7 billion people standing on each others shoulders trying to get above one another. When we could all be living a true dream, instead of this horrible nightmare we call existence? News flash ‘Information has just come in of reports of craft that are hovering over all major cities, they are made of what seems like a Cephalopod Mollusc material: they have just made contact on all networks at the same time, this is the information they have sent… Thank you for your cooperation this mining operation is now complete.. We have come to collect our fissionable material, to think you people were going to blow yourselves up with it.. Now you can all go back to slinging shit at each other in the trees… "
Daniel O'NeillPodpisano: 00:35, 28/02/2012
Ciara QuinnPodpisano: 20:20, 27/02/2012
Conor MongeyPodpisano: 20:16, 27/02/2012
Gary WiltonPodpisano: 17:29, 27/02/2012
Daniel SheehyPodpisano: 10:35, 27/02/2012
" From Oliver Goldsmith's "The Deserted Village" circa 1880 "Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, where wealth accumulates men decay""
Bridget Barrett-MacEvillyPodpisano: 11:16, 26/02/2012
Mary TynanPodpisano: 08:59, 26/02/2012
Biddy O' ConnellPodpisano: 07:26, 26/02/2012
"Thank you whoever you are for coming up with this New World Society. It makes a whole lot of sense to me and I hope and pray that we can create it in our beautiful world."
Kathrin MarxPodpisano: 23:17, 25/02/2012
Niworowska DorotaPodpisano: 12:16, 24/02/2012
wendy eadiePodpisano: 12:16, 23/02/2012
szuperman iulianPodpisano: 10:39, 23/02/2012
Ian clintonPodpisano: 17:46, 20/02/2012
Joe FoxPodpisano: 17:38, 20/02/2012
DAVID O'BRIENPodpisano: 18:51, 19/02/2012
Phyllis LaganPodpisano: 11:41, 18/02/2012
"This is why we need zero point energy..."
Jimmy MalonePodpisano: 01:17, 16/02/2012
Alberto HoganPodpisano: 20:06, 14/02/2012
"Sweet and simple. Very nice!"
Austin ByrnePodpisano: 10:18, 14/02/2012
"The Truth Will Prevail"
martin smithPodpisano: 23:59, 13/02/2012
Leo McLoughlinPodpisano: 19:24, 13/02/2012
Tulio GuimaraesPodpisano: 20:22, 09/02/2012
Aurelian DimitriuPodpisano: 10:36, 07/02/2012
Lucas GonzalezPodpisano: 00:41, 06/02/2012
Georgia TheresaPodpisano: 15:33, 05/02/2012
"Amazing!!! I 100% agree with everything. You are reading my mind!!! I really wish that would be all possible. The world would be much better and Hopefully people instead of THE EVIL inside caused by Power, money, envy, hate etc would finally grow TE GOOD side of them Equality, Respect, Humbleness, Care, Love. And Animals and Plants would finally be equal too!!! I really Love this IDEAS!!! thanks for that. Georgia ;o)"
Jack RockPodpisano: 00:34, 01/02/2012
"Hopefully it happens in my lifetime....."
Jolanta MoorePodpisano: 15:16, 30/01/2012
"We should finally do something for the nature and humanity!!!"
Karol MalkowiczPodpisano: 12:00, 30/01/2012
"Any world government will not accept that idea. They would loose their position and power. We have to take it! Good job with that webside. You have an immediate suport of me and my kind, always. "
Dylan GullyPodpisano: 11:47, 27/01/2012
Susy CremersPodpisano: 15:30, 22/01/2012
"YES YES YES i believe in this!"
stephen broekhuizenPodpisano: 11:54, 22/01/2012
"i hope we can alllive in a world free ofviolence, with no boundriesand all looking after one another"
Deirdre MagraPodpisano: 10:38, 22/01/2012
"Wonderfull charter for a just compassionate world.I can aggree fully.The question is HOW do we apply this to our lives now?I for one will be aware of these within my daily life and work within my community to bring them to fruition. Metta dee"
Fiona HannonPodpisano: 21:41, 16/01/2012
Clint TallonPodpisano: 12:53, 15/01/2012
Caoimhe HannonPodpisano: 14:46, 14/01/2012
Matthew WardPodpisano: 14:13, 08/01/2012
"Where ever there are injustices in the world there will always be people to fight it. There is no such thing as part freedom, Time to free ourselfs"
gavin curtisPodpisano: 22:58, 07/01/2012
Thomas DalyPodpisano: 08:41, 05/01/2012
"An interesting dream :)"
Jackie CarrPodpisano: 12:59, 02/01/2012
Brian StephensonPodpisano: 02:17, 25/12/2011
"The light gets in if we let it !"

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