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derek jenkinsonPodpisano: 00:31, 12/04/2011
Paul GranaghanPodpisano: 22:24, 08/04/2011
Ellen FoxPodpisano: 15:41, 08/04/2011
"I choose love over fear"
maria leahyPodpisano: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Przemyslaw DeptaPodpisano: 18:12, 05/04/2011
Tim DalyPodpisano: 09:32, 03/04/2011
"For most of my six decades of life I've advocated what I call a "Gene Roddenberry future" free of racism, money and war. Now, with corporate CEOs and others amongst the obscenely wealthy grabbing yet more for themselves as everyone else suffers, I'm happy the find a movement that mirrors what I have always held to be true"
margaret shanleyPodpisano: 13:56, 02/04/2011
Daria MichalskaPodpisano: 12:52, 17/05/2011
oliver cabeyPodpisano: 20:33, 30/03/2011
antoinette cronoguePodpisano: 22:36, 29/03/2011
"i love the idea of barter of trade, we are all one and crete our reality with our mind and we are all equal, thanks for your lovely contribution to the world xx"
Patrick McCabePodpisano: 20:04, 28/03/2011
"Very well put, concise and to the point. To anyone who finds any of these principals unpaletable I ask you, why would you choose to remain in a world of suffering, division, racism, greed, war, environmental destruction and hopelessness when you can solve all these so simply. Are all your personal possesions and your sense of "ownership" so important to you"
Cormac MontaguePodpisano: 15:22, 28/03/2011
Stephen MullallyPodpisano: 01:14, 28/03/2011
Marie-Valerie JeantelotPodpisano: 06:05, 27/03/2011
"Let's do this thing"
Gavin James BradyPodpisano: 04:46, 27/03/2011
"Peace and Harmony <3"
Beth WallacePodpisano: 19:49, 26/03/2011
Dave MorrisseyPodpisano: 19:25, 26/03/2011
"Do no harm, but take no shit"
David LewisPodpisano: 16:53, 26/03/2011
Carol MarjaraPodpisano: 16:38, 26/03/2011
niall o'brienPodpisano: 10:22, 26/03/2011
Jyoti Sharyn CunneenPodpisano: 21:20, 25/03/2011
"This concept is based in love and freedom. I consent to love and freedom for myself and all people of the earth. Thank you"
Luke ByrnePodpisano: 21:08, 25/03/2011
niall johanssonPodpisano: 19:53, 25/03/2011
aidan killianPodpisano: 19:34, 25/03/2011
Erik JohanssonPodpisano: 17:14, 25/03/2011
Andrzej FilipińskiPodpisano: 15:22, 25/03/2011
Niall O'NeillPodpisano: 23:36, 24/03/2011
Michael O'FlynnPodpisano: 23:17, 24/03/2011
"I've long held to the notion that our lifestyle of endless toil just couldn't be right, especially when we have the means to avoid it"
James LoneyPodpisano: 20:42, 24/03/2011
India RogerPodpisano: 19:29, 24/03/2011
"I hope I live to see the day where humanity will be free of the chains of money, and will care for one another without boundaries"
Matthew FaderPodpisano: 18:49, 24/03/2011
"Finally something positive we can do about this world that only seems to be falling apart around us. "Come on humanity WE CAN DO IT"
Ivan NagibPodpisano: 17:38, 24/03/2011
"It's a simple and a totally viable alternative, if we think with both our heads AND hearts, it can be done! And we're finally starting to use our hearts also to collectively yeah, we can do this"
Peter McCartneyPodpisano: 17:14, 24/03/2011
Brian TwomeyPodpisano: 16:00, 24/03/2011
Diarmuid RussellPodpisano: 14:45, 24/03/2011
"Brilliant, now to deal with all the greedy B******s"
Sean DoylePodpisano: 13:07, 24/03/2011
Magdalena ParajkovaPodpisano: 12:42, 24/03/2011
Ken TynanPodpisano: 11:37, 24/03/2011
lavie tuohyPodpisano: 11:08, 24/03/2011
Karen McCarthyPodpisano: 15:36, 23/03/2011
John RonaynePodpisano: 22:53, 21/03/2011
Ian CoxPodpisano: 22:19, 20/03/2011
Dany EhrenbrinkPodpisano: 21:14, 20/03/2011
Ciaran CallaghanPodpisano: 12:59, 20/03/2011
"I will share this with all my family and friends as well as anyone I know in the hope that they will also see the need to end the monetary system"
Rory O'ConnorPodpisano: 12:36, 20/03/2011
Jimmy KempsonPodpisano: 19:09, 19/03/2011
"The basic principal here is just like an old saying I remember so well. "Money is the root of all evil". Principals make total sense. I just worry that even without money there will always be a group of people who want MORE of whatever there is to have at the expense of everyone else. Greed doesn't just have to relate to money alone"
Dan MulliganPodpisano: 10:49, 19/03/2011
"I hope this goes far"
Connor FaddenPodpisano: 15:49, 18/03/2011
ken; OfTheFamily; sluddsPodpisano: 16:11, 16/03/2011
"Finally, the people are waking up"

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