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Ciarán NevillePodpisano: 14:47, 08/06/2016
"I personally feel trapped by today's society. It feels like there is a constant battle between people, fairness and greed and the self-justification of individuals greed. I think this is the fundamental flaw in current politics. I like to think of it from a management position, where the manager comes to his employees and says " sorry everyone I know you are struggling to feed your family but I had to get the new BMW” or the politician who says “I worked hard to get here I deserve the perks it’s your choice not to work as hard as me” even when he is supposed to be representing the people not himself. I believe in a future with 7 Billion politicians together making changes and doing what is best for everyone with no monetary system to enslave us."
Stephen MurphyPodpisano: 19:12, 06/06/2016
"It's only a matter of time. Viva le free world charter. "
peter peter mcconvillePodpisano: 14:56, 24/05/2016
Mark Fitzmaurice Podpisano: 13:20, 24/05/2016
Niall DonohoePodpisano: 11:18, 16/05/2016
Aleksandra MichalikPodpisano: 21:36, 13/05/2016
Marika O'ConnorPodpisano: 14:48, 28/04/2016
"It is hard to disagree with these principles BUT I would still need to understand how we uncouple ourselves from the capitalist system. This has clearly boxed itself into an unsustainable corner."
Regan HeaveyPodpisano: 15:36, 27/04/2016
Bernadette SmartPodpisano: 15:09, 25/04/2016
Daniel DonovanPodpisano: 13:59, 11/04/2016
Ana JurjevicPodpisano: 12:11, 03/03/2016
Garry O'ReillyPodpisano: 21:03, 02/03/2016
David QuinnPodpisano: 10:18, 18/02/2016
Elke JestädtPodpisano: 10:11, 29/01/2016
Samantha HayesPodpisano: 14:34, 18/01/2016
"Free your mind to the idea of a free world"
Gavin Mc CabePodpisano: 10:22, 04/01/2016
ANTHONY WHELANPodpisano: 00:00, 03/01/2016
Denis O BrienPodpisano: 18:36, 26/12/2015
Stephen O'MahonyPodpisano: 12:55, 09/12/2015
marie petrakPodpisano: 12:40, 13/11/2015
Leo Mc LoughlinPodpisano: 13:59, 22/08/2015
Marjan WoudaPodpisano: 08:05, 28/07/2015
Deborah ConnollyPodpisano: 19:59, 12/07/2015
Fintáin MolloyPodpisano: 08:59, 11/07/2015
Barbara StachonPodpisano: 22:40, 10/07/2015
Kern McCarthyPodpisano: 20:48, 26/06/2015
Burt BassitPodpisano: 23:11, 15/06/2015
Geoff BrennanPodpisano: 21:52, 26/05/2015
Malachy McCormackPodpisano: 20:46, 20/05/2015
"An inevitable step in order for humanity to survive, let alone flourish. The sooner we make the transition the better."
Francis DalyPodpisano: 17:58, 12/05/2015
Ashley Boland Podpisano: 14:06, 27/04/2015
Stephen Brady Podpisano: 08:29, 09/03/2015
Peter BehanPodpisano: 20:50, 28/02/2015
"I dream of a world where unity for all out weighs the unity of the few, where power and greed are no longer a need and everyone shares and helps cause they can, where the earth is our home and land is to stand no flag or boarders to keep us divided, a true and free society where knowledge and science banish ignorance and superstition, where we can all live in peace with enough for all to eat, this and much more is my simple little dream."
Bertalan CsizmasPodpisano: 19:48, 25/02/2015
Sali MafoPodpisano: 01:11, 10/02/2015
"A wonderful charter. For many years now I have been thinking this way,it's time to say that European civilization has destroyed humanity?"
Derek ClabbyPodpisano: 00:54, 10/02/2015
"There is no mountain high enough that we cannot climb, we'll keep on trying. "
lisa eganPodpisano: 21:43, 09/02/2015
Gerald O'ConnorPodpisano: 19:21, 09/02/2015
"What a beautiful world this is "
Sara CookePodpisano: 20:10, 01/02/2015
Jennifer ConnollyPodpisano: 01:00, 26/01/2015
Laura KeogjPodpisano: 00:16, 16/01/2015
Ciarán ConnollyPodpisano: 18:37, 03/01/2015
greg kanePodpisano: 16:58, 03/01/2015
Marcelo ButzkePodpisano: 12:50, 19/12/2014
Cormac McKayPodpisano: 18:50, 29/11/2014
margaret leddyPodpisano: 21:29, 16/11/2014
paul cowzerPodpisano: 18:12, 06/11/2014
anthony quinnPodpisano: 17:19, 06/11/2014
"makes a lot of sense "
Kevin CampbellPodpisano: 16:19, 06/11/2014
john mc NicholasPodpisano: 01:34, 06/11/2014

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