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Statut Wolnego Świata

"Uczyńmy wszystko darmowym i wolnym"

Sheila KeeganPodpisano: 13:50, 30/10/2011
"I am delighted to add my name to the ideals presented here, I have always been distressed by the level of unfairness and inequality in the current paradigm. It is surely time for a complete overhaul of all of our ideas of what it means to be a human being, it is time for a more balanced society where all people benefit and flourish and not just the rich!! It is time to believe in ourselves and our ability to create the society we wish to live in, it is time to recognize that we are an integral part of this planet and not apart from it, what we do directly affects our earth and our fellow human is indeed time for a change and is good to see people all over the world standing up and directly taking part in this change :) There is a better way and we can all pave the way to bring this into our experience. 'BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN OUR WORLD' Ghandi"

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