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SEED SEEDPodpisano: 21:19, 27/05/2020
Satria KurniaPodpisano: 00:09, 16/05/2020
"This is what our world should be! "
olivier hermantPodpisano: 12:09, 07/08/2018
Rizky PuteraPodpisano: 13:48, 20/02/2018
"I think this charter purposes is similiar to The Zeitgeist Movement. That's a brilliant idea that I believe will bring the world to be a better place to live and love."
Sandy SaputraPodpisano: 01:38, 16/12/2017
Hari SanjayaPodpisano: 18:19, 13/10/2017
Dama DhiaPodpisano: 01:19, 31/07/2017
Jewi JapPodpisano: 05:42, 27/12/2016
A. Candra WirawanPodpisano: 21:07, 28/05/2016
"Heaven is place on earth made by human, 1 earth 1 humanity :)"
Lestyono Wisnu AnggoroPodpisano: 16:58, 18/03/2016
Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro S.K.Y.Podpisano: 05:29, 30/12/2015
"The world as we know it is being tortured by money. Everything is limited and everyone on Earth become obsess with their greediness and stupidity. Life has become worse and worse everyday. Money even created economical/financial gap. Grouping the people to social order and make the world a worse place to live and left psychological scars to the society. In my opinion, create sustainability, educate next generation, and innovate the future is the most important thing that should be done. On the other hand, money must not be an obligation for everyone to have, instead use it if needed. For example, we know that food, clothes, healthcare, education, and place to live is needed for everyone with additional to telecommunication devices, so it must be provided freely, and other things which is not an obligation may be regulated by monetary law or other regulation to provide it. So, I think we must create a right system without money as an obligation for anyone in it to create a better living"
Arjsto JagerPodpisano: 21:17, 28/10/2015
"But extreme importantly: We have to reduce the overpopulation from 8'500'000'000+ to 550'000'000, Saalome: and Thank you"
Andri HerdiyantoPodpisano: 23:29, 28/02/2015
maikel sPodpisano: 18:16, 26/02/2015
Clarissa SiegburgPodpisano: 09:41, 26/10/2014
Yusuf DaudPodpisano: 10:59, 03/09/2014
D KPodpisano: 11:03, 26/08/2014
Craig DeardoffPodpisano: 13:28, 31/07/2014
"I am a Canadian teacher in Indonesia."
Willy KurniawanPodpisano: 13:58, 11/05/2014
ahmad burhanudinPodpisano: 06:09, 12/02/2014
"waw this is great activity, i love environment so much, so i join to you"
Tanty IstiqaamahPodpisano: 08:58, 01/02/2014
"I've been so happy stumbled upon this site. Happy because there are still a bunch of people who care and concern about the environtment and human because as you can see the world now is full with rude people who do not care about what has been done: and still continue to abuse the nature. Hopefully good things here can be realized and useful for many people out there. :)"
bernadette bodenmuellerPodpisano: 17:33, 26/09/2013
mireille lefevrePodpisano: 10:11, 26/09/2013
Rick PursellPodpisano: 08:41, 26/09/2013
"This is vital for all species and our precious Earth. Together we can make a better world for ourselves and those who will follow us."
Risang Ganie-SalamPodpisano: 16:32, 02/06/2013
Bharat MurjaniPodpisano: 10:22, 27/03/2013
"first step get the masses to activate the pineal gland. "
Sandy SaputraPodpisano: 02:52, 27/03/2013
"Let's DO this! Finally! Anything beside sharing this (cause it's already done), just holler!"
Luca VilallongaPodpisano: 09:20, 14/02/2013
"Being a member of the The Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project, I approve this charter "
Ibrahim ChampionPodpisano: 03:36, 04/01/2013
"But we must have a means of exchange like LETS or similar if only so we can accumulate materials in one place to make things and to "pay" for non material services."
boro turaPodpisano: 20:37, 06/11/2012
"we live in this together"
Hariyanto AlwanPodpisano: 11:48, 15/10/2012
christine bolwellPodpisano: 10:17, 05/08/2012
"Truer words have not been spoken"
David DaviesPodpisano: 04:46, 05/08/2012
"The cynic in me says it won't make any difference. The optimist says it is another voice adding to the force of energy that will eventually become irresistible."
Rahmat SetiawanPodpisano: 01:14, 22/07/2012
Hudoyo HupudioPodpisano: 02:17, 24/06/2012
yoyo budimanPodpisano: 11:58, 22/05/2012
Markus Bulu BanimemaPodpisano: 05:11, 21/05/2012
"I agree with the above principles, every person have the right for his/her life sustainability and enjoy. Most political sicumtances it seem just for some rejim not for others eventhough in campaign most of LEADERS said or make some statement to make better life for all zitisen but in fact most of them "CORRUPTIONS", discrimation, intimidation, injustice. So many people/ zitisen suffering, it is very difficult to get some job for life sustainability; ect."
Anggit YuwonoPodpisano: 02:28, 27/02/2012
Star PhoenixPodpisano: 03:28, 21/02/2012
"It is time for us as human beings to wake up to the fact we share this beautiful planet which is home to all of us and we are one family. By taking an evolutionary leap and freeing ourselves from debt and slavery, control and censorship, we take a step together for a better present and a sustainable and beautiful world for our children to live in. Be brave and take this step yourself, waiting for a leader to move the masses is a thing of the past. Be free and take your cosmic place in life!"
hans vinegaPodpisano: 19:56, 02/11/2011
"all must strat as soon as possible as we can doo..with more spread this knowlage to all arround the world.. but i have a plan similar like this were the future i saw all will be free... there is no money anymore. but we still have a good environment,have natural and animal balance with peace among all the living kind .. and we still have all the thecnology support and living support stuft.. And that will happend at futere..There is no pure or abondance humal and animal again at arround the world.. "
Agus Dwi PurnomoPodpisano: 18:34, 18/10/2011
"we must free ourselves. we are one. one earth for home. one love for languange. one universe. unity as one. "
Chris DPodpisano: 08:16, 07/10/2011
"I hope this will happen soon."
Hardi TanubrataPodpisano: 05:46, 11/07/2011
"Let's bring the new world of love and compassion, where happiness dominates.."
Bobby Heykal EikenPodpisano: 05:28, 30/04/2011
Agung Bhakti UtamaPodpisano: 12:31, 24/03/2011
"I do agree, what can I do to support it"
Fredrik GaddPodpisano: 12:20, 24/03/2011

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