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Lelde NallamaSigned: 19:29, 08/02/2012
Hannes EgliSigned: 11:27, 01/02/2012
Dominique MathisSigned: 15:49, 31/01/2012
robin WaridelSigned: 14:36, 31/01/2012
Sylvia LanzSigned: 12:31, 31/01/2012
"Le fond de ce texte, est certainement inscrit dans l'âme de chacun. Si nous sommes honnêtes, nous saurons l'y retrouver, sans chipoter sur la forme qui saura sans nul doute être améliorée. Merci de participer ainsi à révéler l'humanité à elle-même."
Savoy ValérieSigned: 13:31, 30/01/2012
Angela SáezSigned: 22:23, 27/01/2012
Durand IsabelleSigned: 19:01, 24/01/2012
"Seems so a dream ! I just doubt that the machines will be able to do ALL tasks that humans won't do themselves and I also doubt that someone will agree to do painful tasks or make lots of things for other people... Human is human !"
Isabelle JordanSigned: 11:34, 24/01/2012
David LouroSigned: 18:59, 23/01/2012
Ludmila SpycherSigned: 15:43, 21/01/2012
Jehan PellegriniSigned: 20:43, 19/01/2012
"Super travail j suis partant à 100 % Allez hop !"
Baptiste AlvinoSigned: 18:27, 19/01/2012
Nastassja Erika BalquisseSigned: 16:06, 19/01/2012
Marco BöschSigned: 09:32, 18/01/2012
"We the People of this Planet will need a better understanding of nature's ways to do it. We the People of this Planet must not be selfish, but instead be thankfull to what we have and sharing it fair amongst one another. We the People shall not be greedy, because the greed of one Person is the Reason of another one's need. I and I, my body and our souls are connected to each other creature, wether it's a tree, animal or human beeing. It is necessary for our future generations that we, human beeings which live now, change our conciousness towards loving and sharing! It is up to me, him, her and (yes) it's up to you! Start to educate yourself about anything which is in your interest. Start taking care about your friends and family. Start lovig every day, becaus it does matter to all, what ever happens. There are no chosen People! There are people, animals and plants which are chosen to live now and then. Give wisdom and love to everybody you meet. We don't need money! "
Stéphane GexSigned: 16:11, 17/01/2012
Christina MarchandSigned: 21:41, 16/01/2012
"Am wichtigsten ist es, dass wir erkennen, dass wir in einem solchen System alle bescheiden sein müssten und nicht alle wie Könige leben können. Aber wir können alle gut leben und viele Sachen teilen und auch viel mehr in der Natur sein. z.B. wird es nicht möglich sein, dass wir alle ständig mit dem Flugzeug in den Urlaub fliegen, man muss sich also bewusst sein, dass wir nicht alle den gleichen Luxus weiter haben, wie bisher. Den meisten Menschen der Welt würde es aber besser gehen."
Jessy SudanoSigned: 12:58, 16/01/2012
Jérôme ZorikSigned: 12:34, 16/01/2012
"Oui, s'il-vous-plaît! :) "
Andrea BernardySigned: 20:20, 14/01/2012
"Hört sich sehr gut an :) , das benötigt aber auch einen Bewusstseinssprung und Umdenken bei den Menschen ... , aber es ist eine phantastische Idee :) "
sandy decoSigned: 18:09, 14/01/2012
Jean-Yves EpineySigned: 13:01, 14/01/2012
Søren OlesenSigned: 00:17, 14/01/2012
Eric DieumegardSigned: 20:11, 13/01/2012
"Merci Jacques Fresco."
François ScibozSigned: 13:21, 13/01/2012
Gay ValentineSigned: 10:55, 13/01/2012
Jerome ZauggSigned: 09:58, 11/01/2012
Walpen AgnèsSigned: 19:52, 10/01/2012
Sven SimonSigned: 17:19, 10/01/2012
Raphaël VermeilleSigned: 11:27, 10/01/2012
Salazar SebastianSigned: 04:06, 10/01/2012
Joachim RichardSigned: 03:50, 10/01/2012
"oui a la vrai liberté "
Nathigane VanelloSigned: 00:57, 10/01/2012
Tanja AebischerSigned: 00:43, 10/01/2012
Olivier LapaireSigned: 21:17, 09/01/2012
Alexandre RochSigned: 20:45, 09/01/2012
Didier PerrenoudSigned: 14:08, 09/01/2012
Tony-Lee FreemanSigned: 13:43, 09/01/2012
patrick mullerSigned: 10:48, 09/01/2012
Joris MurraySigned: 10:45, 09/01/2012
Rosset SteveSigned: 08:44, 09/01/2012
"Un grand oui et un Grand merci"
Michel MARTINSigned: 07:05, 09/01/2012
Christine SingySigned: 22:18, 08/01/2012
Martine MoinatSigned: 20:05, 08/01/2012
Angeles AlarconSigned: 19:22, 08/01/2012
Roland René KüngSigned: 18:41, 08/01/2012
Laurent PirardSigned: 16:57, 08/01/2012
Giovanna LebetSigned: 14:56, 08/01/2012
sara mairosSigned: 14:09, 08/01/2012

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