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Marco BöschSigned: 09:32, 18/01/2012
"We the People of this Planet will need a better understanding of nature's ways to do it. We the People of this Planet must not be selfish, but instead be thankfull to what we have and sharing it fair amongst one another. We the People shall not be greedy, because the greed of one Person is the Reason of another one's need. I and I, my body and our souls are connected to each other creature, wether it's a tree, animal or human beeing. It is necessary for our future generations that we, human beeings which live now, change our conciousness towards loving and sharing! It is up to me, him, her and (yes) it's up to you! Start to educate yourself about anything which is in your interest. Start taking care about your friends and family. Start lovig every day, becaus it does matter to all, what ever happens. There are no chosen People! There are people, animals and plants which are chosen to live now and then. Give wisdom and love to everybody you meet. We don't need money! "

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