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Sébastien OulevaySigned: 11:26, 21/05/2013
Loric MaiullariSigned: 12:20, 20/05/2013
Allen HollandSigned: 11:08, 17/05/2013
Gilliard DominiqueSigned: 10:02, 17/05/2013
Andrea LängSigned: 11:45, 16/05/2013
Heidi AttingerSigned: 19:37, 14/05/2013
Claudio Da Silva NetoSigned: 18:06, 14/05/2013
hélène BonnaudSigned: 17:02, 14/05/2013
Helya Lukovic-SchmitzSigned: 00:18, 13/05/2013
"Thanx to the UNIVERSE! I've been waiting for this since 30 years. LUCK + WELL-BEING to All human beings on Earth. Lightful Time of Transformation + LOVE h* "
David BlumSigned: 12:02, 12/05/2013
Irina PastusacSigned: 13:03, 10/05/2013
lal-clop alexandraSigned: 17:24, 08/05/2013
"i wish i could live enough to see this wonderful world emerge"
Luca MoghiniSigned: 12:30, 27/04/2013
Eve BezençonSigned: 18:46, 26/04/2013
sandra rougemontSigned: 17:33, 26/04/2013
Francesco SpedicatoSigned: 11:28, 07/04/2013
Barbara FioriSigned: 18:16, 04/04/2013
vania arayaSigned: 12:07, 02/04/2013
francesca vitaliSigned: 12:03, 02/04/2013
Barbara FehriSigned: 21:18, 29/03/2013
Deirdre FosterSigned: 00:35, 27/03/2013
selma kuyasSigned: 22:46, 26/03/2013
Markus WirzSigned: 16:09, 24/03/2013
Pedro TorresSigned: 18:12, 23/03/2013
Buket PicakciSigned: 14:34, 23/03/2013
Silvia ZinggSigned: 15:56, 12/03/2013
Remo MartiSigned: 12:22, 10/03/2013
peter adlerSigned: 18:53, 09/03/2013
"This is really the only way to make lasting peace, end criminality, war, corruption, greed, and create a world that provides equal rights for all living beings."
Yvan FürbringerSigned: 18:36, 05/03/2013
"Fais plaisir de voir que les rêveries d enfant deviennent réalité projet d adultes. MERCI <3 "
Julien NostenSigned: 19:25, 04/03/2013
"lu et approuvé!"
César CroisierSigned: 17:23, 28/02/2013
Primoz SchusterSigned: 10:18, 22/02/2013
"Free the World will free our minds. Finally we will be free to do what we want to do and create a better world for us all. Thanks "
Karl BurtscherSigned: 16:10, 19/02/2013
"Die Zeit ist gekommen 100 Jahre Versteckspiel mit freien Energietechnologien sind genug. Es lebe Nikolai Tessla und andere grosse Männer und Frauen die Wahrheit entdeckten und Brutal unterdrückt wurden. Es lebe die Freiheit aller Weltenbürger. In Liebe Karl Ps. Esst keine gequälten Tiere mehr auch sie haben ein Anrecht auf ein würdiges Leben."
Josefina LobosSigned: 21:47, 16/02/2013
Marco RodriguesSigned: 17:53, 15/02/2013
Camille VillarsSigned: 17:23, 10/02/2013
Sergey SilvaSigned: 23:14, 08/02/2013
Igor MininiSigned: 11:45, 02/02/2013
mauro mauriceSigned: 00:04, 26/01/2013
sophie recordonSigned: 23:56, 25/01/2013
Manuel NeriSigned: 06:59, 25/01/2013
Thorsten KnichelSigned: 14:35, 10/01/2013
Laura CentenoSigned: 18:01, 09/01/2013
angelo vito piccioneSigned: 14:41, 05/01/2013
"io ho girato un po il mondo sono stato dove si muore letteralmente di fame dove si pensa di essere migliori, perche si riesce a non morire di fame, dove si vive veramente bene, e dove si spreca senza coscienza delle cose che si dispone, e dopo aver visto tutto cio mi rendo conto che questa e un modo di vivere che non puo` durare a lungo, pertanto sarei felice di poter collaborare perche un`altro modo di stare al mondo sia possibile e accettato con piacere da sempre piu esseri umani, affinche il mondo non finisca per la stupidita umana."
Joao SoaresSigned: 19:56, 04/01/2013
Sandra Vieira SoaresSigned: 19:50, 04/01/2013
Thomas MiliaSigned: 14:28, 28/12/2012
TOTO BARSigned: 22:54, 27/12/2012
Markus RöderSigned: 19:25, 26/12/2012
"Mein ganzes Interesse dreht sich um das Verändern des kollektiven Bewusstseins genau in diese Richtung! Wir sind alle eins, wir sind alle ein Organismus, und nur, wenn es jedem Teil dieses Organismus gut geht, geht es langfristig auch dem Einzelnen gut!"
Keyfiye PolatSigned: 21:50, 23/12/2012

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