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Joris MurraySigned: 10:45, 09/01/2012
Rosset SteveSigned: 08:44, 09/01/2012
"Un grand oui et un Grand merci"
Michel MARTINSigned: 07:05, 09/01/2012
Christine SingySigned: 22:18, 08/01/2012
Martine MoinatSigned: 20:05, 08/01/2012
Angeles AlarconSigned: 19:22, 08/01/2012
Roland René KüngSigned: 18:41, 08/01/2012
Laurent PirardSigned: 16:57, 08/01/2012
Giovanna LebetSigned: 14:56, 08/01/2012
sara mairosSigned: 14:09, 08/01/2012
Tamara RiosSigned: 12:09, 08/01/2012
François RochSigned: 07:24, 08/01/2012
Cyril SchonbachlerSigned: 14:35, 07/01/2012
Maxime Olivier CurchodSigned: 01:10, 07/01/2012
Martine DegoumoisSigned: 19:16, 06/01/2012
michelangelo pagnano Signed: 12:35, 06/01/2012
Pierre-Yves GadinaSigned: 12:21, 06/01/2012
"... Dreaming about a free world without Gates nor Windows :)"
Felix KernSigned: 18:49, 05/01/2012
"As I am signing this charter, I am already wondering: Where to start? How to make these simple principles as fundamental to society as the human rights are? Is it not feasible to implement the charter in seedling communities around the world? Surely, policy-makers will not be the ones to start moving! It is us who has to take the first steps. Let us take them, now!"
Nathalie MaimoneSigned: 18:38, 05/01/2012
Antoine AndréSigned: 18:01, 05/01/2012
"This is as simple as a choice!"
Annick StraussSigned: 14:35, 05/01/2012
Ulysse WidmerSigned: 23:34, 04/01/2012
Samuel SchneiderSigned: 21:22, 04/01/2012
"merci je prend note tous unis salutation de la suisse et merde au nouvel ordre mondial "
humain libreSigned: 19:51, 04/01/2012
Barbara TostiSigned: 19:46, 04/01/2012
Victoria GoldingSigned: 13:08, 04/01/2012
magali wichtSigned: 09:19, 04/01/2012
Manuel LehmannSigned: 08:49, 04/01/2012
Bernie ThaiSigned: 20:45, 03/01/2012
Anne-Lise LavilleSigned: 19:18, 03/01/2012
"Un merci éternel pour cette Charte! Ca fait longtemps que j'rêve d'un monde gratuit et libre, et j'espère profondément qu'il se réalisera. Merci encore..."
michael besiaSigned: 17:24, 03/01/2012
"vive la PAIX et la liberté ! Et vive la fin de ce système capitaliste dévastateur !!!"
Jonas WeberSigned: 16:24, 03/01/2012
Patrice NordmannSigned: 20:17, 28/12/2011
"Very good.. could we use it for our group in Switzerland? we were trying to make a Charte but who did it so nice! "
Marcos BatistaSigned: 11:04, 24/12/2011
Simon ZuttSigned: 04:16, 19/12/2011
"Love it, can't wait for this world"
Harry WeisSigned: 13:38, 14/12/2011
Ines GrossenbacherSigned: 11:16, 06/12/2011
Monika SimecekSigned: 17:52, 03/12/2011
Stuart MaySigned: 22:16, 02/12/2011
Manuel KlarmannSigned: 15:14, 02/12/2011
Tim GrossenbacherSigned: 05:11, 30/11/2011
"Genau danach hab ich gesucht, ich habe es in Gedanken bereits erFUNDEN: Auf dem Weg zu meiner SelbstFINDUNG, bin ich auf Probleme gestossen, die mir wichtiger erschienen als die eigentliche Mich-Selbst-FINDUNG. Vor diesen Problemen konnte ich nicht einfach resignieren, dennoch wusste ich sie lange Zeit nicht zu bewältigen. Ich bin Gedankenabläufe durch und durch gegangen, immer näher daran "den Verstand zu verlieren";). Dann habe ich für mich herausGEFUNDEN, was diesbezüglich das Wesentliche, ist: Nämlich die Menschen in meinem Umfeld, oder verbundener formuliert, meine Mitmenschen und somit alle Menschen dieser Erde zum Denken anzuregen - den Stein ins Rollen zu bringen! Nun hab ich hier ein äusserst Hilfreiches Mittel um die oben erwähnte Einsicht zu praktizieren geFUNDEN. DANKESCHÖN!:) Vor einiger Zeit habe ich etwas Ähnliches geFUNDEN diesbezüglich: - bitte anmelden! "
Jim MurdochSigned: 16:44, 23/11/2011
Cecilia DurieuxSigned: 13:51, 23/11/2011
"may this wonderful project be realized soon..."
katja telserSigned: 10:59, 05/11/2011
"please translate all in differetn languages"
jürg schiessSigned: 16:54, 02/11/2011
Myriam SarfatiSigned: 13:04, 02/11/2011
"We are all connected, the nature itself is forcing us to see it. We need to unite, care for the need of others, but ourselves, as the others will do for our own needs. Everyone must make an effort to stop using unuseless things, so all the needs will be fulfilled. I am not dreaming of such a word, I am the one responsible; I made the world how it is today, so I am the one who can change it!"
Simon FlütschSigned: 23:05, 24/10/2011
Rosmarie Meier RobatelSigned: 17:52, 23/10/2011
Paulo SantosSigned: 00:23, 19/10/2011
Frédéric FokanSigned: 01:29, 14/10/2011

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