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Rosanna Stubbs Podpisano: 09:08, 24/04/2016
Martins MiezisPodpisano: 12:51, 23/04/2016
Dean RosePodpisano: 15:04, 22/04/2016
"The world should be one great commune where everybody helps each other, every benefits and everyone strives. Not to be confused with the idea of communism."
Graham FletcherPodpisano: 23:24, 21/04/2016
Kevin HolmesPodpisano: 16:45, 21/04/2016
Des WilsonPodpisano: 16:16, 20/04/2016
Carolyn DoranPodpisano: 12:56, 17/04/2016
Monique Klang-VovesPodpisano: 09:18, 17/04/2016
"About time to raise the consciousness and a new beginning "
dean SmithPodpisano: 17:44, 12/04/2016
"Utopia and freedom which is a reality in our time "
Francesca TaborPodpisano: 23:27, 11/04/2016
steve smithPodpisano: 22:11, 11/04/2016
Barry RobinsonPodpisano: 20:46, 11/04/2016
Thomas FoggPodpisano: 19:39, 10/04/2016
"Money is the root to all evel It's what's coursing pain and suffering Around the world Take out privet banking and corporations and unlawful laws Give us back are God given right to freedom with out control"
Izabela BiegalaPodpisano: 21:45, 09/04/2016
Daniel SandfordPodpisano: 23:20, 08/04/2016
Della LangmeadPodpisano: 17:40, 08/04/2016
Daniel HillPodpisano: 17:24, 08/04/2016
Michael WoodPodpisano: 10:55, 08/04/2016
Damian KleczajPodpisano: 00:52, 04/04/2016
Gabriela PodgorskaPodpisano: 09:34, 02/04/2016
Jeevandip SinghPodpisano: 19:11, 01/04/2016
"I look forward to creating a new world together in this new community."
Tony BennettPodpisano: 18:54, 01/04/2016
"I am angry I am mad I am sad I am despondent at the inequality of this human race I am angry at the waste of food I am angry at the governments around the world that out business first before its own people I am heatedly sick of the slavery in all its forms I am sad to see that trillions are spent on wars I am angry that many people are sent to battles needlessly I am angry that business make their money from those wars that bring sorrow to millions I am angry and sad that the media is controlled and feed couch potatoes and zombies with lies, part truths and negative words that bring divisions between humanity I am sad that the 1% have control of all governments and I am angry enough to shout out but sick it falls on deaf ears because the masses have been kicked and sold a system that is enslaving them into a debt future of control I am saddened to know that hidden from us all is technology that could wipe out every hunger pain and house every human and its done with every humans money"
Magdalena KobieluszPodpisano: 17:35, 01/04/2016
Norma McquillanPodpisano: 21:29, 31/03/2016
"....visualisation is a powerful tool"
Jon CovellPodpisano: 13:56, 30/03/2016
"It appears to me that the monetary system causes an unfair distribution of earth's resources. It also impacts the opportunities life could offer. The more money you have, the more avenues are open to explore. The less money you have, the more restrictive your choices. This can also leave you open (and frequently does) to exploitation. I also believe that the monetary system is slowing down human progress and development. Resources are costly and limit a companies ability to expand and improve. The cost of education reduces an individual's ability to expand their knowledge. It affects the government's ability to help those who need it most. It makes health difficult to administer. It puts profit before people and ethics. We all have something to contribute to humanity and to the earth we all share. If the money factor was removed then all boundaries would be ended and the human race would advance and prosper and be more compassionate than ever before."
Neil GutteridgePodpisano: 18:11, 29/03/2016
Josephine Corden Podpisano: 19:58, 28/03/2016
Nikole CampbellPodpisano: 19:18, 27/03/2016
George JusticePodpisano: 18:16, 27/03/2016
Fraser McFarlanePodpisano: 18:10, 26/03/2016
Elaine CharlesPodpisano: 14:42, 23/03/2016
"Stop the greed and corruption, stop destroying our planet, which please the greedy coporations. Stop breeding fear in your endeavour to gain control and power. Stop illegally invading countries and murdering innocent men,women and children. Stop feeding the greedy corrupted bankers and selling and purchasing weapons which make the warmongers richer. Stop killing the masses using evil weapons like harp/cern, spraying poisons in the air and on the food we eat."
John EvansPodpisano: 17:41, 22/03/2016
"Sounds like a wonderful way of life"
Karla BeecroftPodpisano: 18:47, 20/03/2016
Richard Scott Podpisano: 18:28, 20/03/2016
Sandie PerrinsPodpisano: 09:28, 20/03/2016
Edward HammondPodpisano: 21:19, 19/03/2016
Jamie ReevesPodpisano: 15:44, 18/03/2016
Rudi AffolterPodpisano: 10:10, 15/03/2016
"Unless we adopt this charter the world will be finished by the middle of this century."
Peter FrenchPodpisano: 16:58, 14/03/2016
Vivienne MyrotiPodpisano: 14:36, 14/03/2016
David BurgessPodpisano: 23:13, 13/03/2016
Brian OlleyPodpisano: 17:47, 12/03/2016
Elliot BrittonPodpisano: 12:50, 12/03/2016
lloyd brittonPodpisano: 11:12, 12/03/2016
Glenda DolmanPodpisano: 10:13, 12/03/2016
"I agree with the principal, but no2 concerns me. The food chain and life is food comment. You cannot exercise the rights of all species to live equally on the planet if some are still used as slaves in the meat and dairy industry. Maybe you are trying to encourage veganism without actually saying it, but it is a bit confusing when you read point 2 in comparison with the other points."
Leigh DalgarnoPodpisano: 07:47, 12/03/2016
Tim SandersonPodpisano: 19:15, 11/03/2016
Stuart WelbournPodpisano: 17:18, 11/03/2016
"Fide Tibi Et Semper Pete Veritatem"
Adam DitheridgePodpisano: 17:05, 11/03/2016
georgina mironPodpisano: 01:14, 10/03/2016

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