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James SandersPodpisano: 08:34, 17/11/2015
John MclarenPodpisano: 08:05, 15/11/2015
Catherine BarlemoorPodpisano: 12:58, 14/11/2015
"We have the power to make changes, all we have to do is work together with our people. Cut out the middle man which is the bankers and govt. Trade and barter, grow food, share, work with comminity not the government that enslaves us and our future generations!"
Melissa MacGowan Podpisano: 12:35, 14/11/2015
Aileen McKinnon Podpisano: 11:21, 14/11/2015
"The way nature intended!"
Bianca Madison-VuletaPodpisano: 10:47, 14/11/2015
Viktoria UnikPodpisano: 07:32, 14/11/2015
"Too sad and too bad that only disasters make people feel other people pain... "
Neharika GuptaPodpisano: 23:46, 13/11/2015
mark evansPodpisano: 22:45, 13/11/2015
Claire CoomberPodpisano: 21:08, 13/11/2015
Duncan EdwardsPodpisano: 14:49, 13/11/2015
"Is it possible to double agree on point 7? Thank you for the Charter. Duncan"
Claire MillsPodpisano: 13:27, 13/11/2015
Charya Hilton Podpisano: 10:17, 13/11/2015
Diane WebsterPodpisano: 09:50, 13/11/2015
Michael WestacottPodpisano: 09:11, 13/11/2015
"I wish to thank all those who have made this charter. it is time for this and I see it as a duty for me to help in anyway to bring this about. I begin by the signing and now to distribute the charter at every possible opportunity."
Lindsay De BoerPodpisano: 17:45, 12/11/2015
Salman AdamPodpisano: 16:21, 28/10/2015
paul paganuzziPodpisano: 10:42, 23/10/2015
David WestwoodPodpisano: 07:45, 23/10/2015
"It is our Divine right to compassionate too all people and treat people as you expect people to treat you. It's time to change the Ego with all it's greed with the Sale comes first the the human comes second. IT"S TIME TO CHANGE."
Roberto Dalle DonnePodpisano: 13:32, 16/10/2015
"Let's do it. All together. The time has come."
Bryon HughesPodpisano: 17:08, 13/10/2015
"I also wish to abolish the concept of money. People should contribute not for personal reward but for the common good."
Avigail AbarbanelPodpisano: 07:58, 12/10/2015
Ian Barnes Podpisano: 01:08, 12/10/2015
Donnie TemplePodpisano: 21:40, 11/10/2015
Jon ArloPodpisano: 21:04, 06/10/2015
Robert ChristopherPodpisano: 10:35, 06/10/2015
"The global economic system is clearly unsustainable and is the cause of much of our problems. An acknowledgement that we are all in this together and that we are the source of our own solutions, based on a new paradigm is essential for our future prosperity as a species. "
nathan parsonsPodpisano: 07:26, 06/10/2015
wayne kisbyPodpisano: 01:11, 05/10/2015
"I could say so much lets pray this works, good luck, you should get more traffic to this page.. its awesome.. "
Adam GreenPodpisano: 12:58, 04/10/2015
"This speaks to me so deeply it brings tears to my eyes"
Rick MillingtonPodpisano: 19:40, 03/10/2015
Melanie DavisonPodpisano: 06:59, 03/10/2015
"Perfect. This should be in schools.msave the world save the ppl .. Equality"
Mitchell SimmonsPodpisano: 21:00, 02/10/2015
preetam kusumaPodpisano: 17:56, 28/09/2015
"Let us together give it a shot and try to genuinely contribute to the world for free "
Justyna SzymanskaPodpisano: 16:33, 27/09/2015
Aidan CavendishPodpisano: 22:13, 26/09/2015
"Happy to asist in the distribution of information leaflets e.t.c to raise awareness in the affluent area of marbella, Malaga, Spain."
Claire Roberts Podpisano: 20:57, 23/09/2015
Ciaran BowersPodpisano: 16:17, 21/09/2015
Josh GrahamPodpisano: 22:15, 20/09/2015
Robert HolmesPodpisano: 17:01, 18/09/2015
"There is far too much needless suffering in the world, this New World Order needs to be recognised for its benefits to all humanity and needs to be promoted in all walks of life."
Colette ShawPodpisano: 13:51, 18/09/2015
" This looks like a creative and strongly ethical; format to be carried through with firm and ethical solutions, with the public being incorruptible: "The Untouchables". There never should have been justifications for wars, torturing humans and animals. Nothing justifies suffering. A thriving global community should be encouraged, with a strong infra structure for trading: a peoples bank with a new currency, a world wide swap shop, communities that encourage sustainable forms of living, new forms of energy etc ! Then finally stop voting for people whom are egotistically self centred , narcissistic power and status loving egos, destructive and cruel, malignant to social coherence and balance. They have an obsession with superiority and control, and are developmentally retarded. The mature person aims for social coherence , through positive creative demonstrative acts. Not bullying and control, and using fear based tatics: traumatising collective sense of wellbeing and health."
Jane RobertsonPodpisano: 07:55, 18/09/2015
Judy CarrollPodpisano: 04:00, 18/09/2015
"Stop the greed and pointless destruction in the name of what? MONEY DOES NOT FEED NOR LOOK AFTER THE PLANET! WAKE UP!! "
Jack littlefairPodpisano: 12:24, 17/09/2015
John HaskellPodpisano: 10:36, 17/09/2015
Rebecca WhitePodpisano: 22:01, 16/09/2015
Lennie BlakePodpisano: 08:25, 13/09/2015
"It's such a relief when I hear others speak the way I do! What a whole different fulfilling life it will be when this comes to pass. What a liberation! "
Hilary Land LemanPodpisano: 18:22, 12/09/2015
Gary FergusonPodpisano: 09:12, 12/09/2015
Ro GoodwinPodpisano: 23:44, 10/09/2015
Iain SimePodpisano: 13:07, 06/09/2015
"To change the world we all need to take actso."

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