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Kyra BowlesPodpisano: 18:53, 29/05/2015
Christopher BowlesPodpisano: 18:17, 29/05/2015
fai archerPodpisano: 14:27, 29/05/2015
Richard PaynePodpisano: 21:59, 28/05/2015
Daniel JohnsonPodpisano: 21:27, 28/05/2015
kieron walshPodpisano: 05:16, 28/05/2015
"A free world where no child goes hungry become cold unhappy. No childs questions left unanswered."
Karin Silenzi de StagniPodpisano: 02:03, 28/05/2015
Roberta BaranauskienePodpisano: 00:30, 28/05/2015
christina thomsonPodpisano: 03:44, 23/05/2015
Kieran SharpPodpisano: 10:15, 21/05/2015
"Discover and declare sovereignty. Donate land. Help build a community. Find out how you can be part of this change. A project focused on this goal for more than 15 years; New Earth Project find out more here; The Venus project, New Earth Project and the free world charter all have names and goals. However what we are all doing is essentially one thing, and one day we won't need to call it anything, it will just be the way it is.... Thank you for creating this outlet, and I hope this inspires many to be part of the greatest change our species will face. Be the change"
Elizabeth MillsPodpisano: 16:26, 18/05/2015
Tony AmendolaPodpisano: 20:50, 14/05/2015
Victor ElceanuPodpisano: 10:59, 14/05/2015
Mary BucklerPodpisano: 02:21, 13/05/2015
"I think it would be a good idea to promote how people get started eg. Do 3 hours a week of voluntary work you enjoy and spread the gospel. Also may be a good idea to inform people about living under common law. To live peacefully, claim back our human rights and stop paying tax. "
Therese BiscoePodpisano: 12:25, 12/05/2015
Mike FrancisPodpisano: 19:34, 10/05/2015
Jonathan FairPodpisano: 14:18, 10/05/2015
Shane GreenwoodPodpisano: 15:23, 09/05/2015
Alfie SteadmanPodpisano: 00:24, 09/05/2015
Jack BattersbyPodpisano: 21:59, 07/05/2015
marrianne howePodpisano: 09:21, 06/05/2015
"This is the way to live no more money no more gteed and corruption no more greedy goverments and leaders power to the people!!!"
Lynne SomerillePodpisano: 05:38, 05/05/2015
Courtney StokerPodpisano: 01:11, 04/05/2015
"The world should be FREE of money "
Jarrod Tatum-MorrisPodpisano: 11:46, 03/05/2015
dan parkerPodpisano: 13:20, 02/05/2015
Kevin ReardonPodpisano: 23:15, 01/05/2015
Gillian BennettPodpisano: 21:08, 30/04/2015
Elysia mcCaffreyPodpisano: 20:52, 29/04/2015
David BattersbyPodpisano: 20:28, 29/04/2015
Siggi FritschPodpisano: 09:10, 29/04/2015
"It time for change. We need a better fairer world for everybody on this planet humans and every other being not just for the 1%!"
Meggan StewartPodpisano: 22:41, 28/04/2015
Callum HurleyPodpisano: 19:53, 28/04/2015
Linda SilderePodpisano: 02:01, 28/04/2015
Adam MillingtonPodpisano: 23:00, 27/04/2015
Tim ClosePodpisano: 16:26, 27/04/2015
Gemma YoungsonPodpisano: 15:17, 27/04/2015
Daniel BoydPodpisano: 16:57, 26/04/2015
"If anybody is needed to help with volunteering being carried out please get in touch."
Jon LucasPodpisano: 15:30, 26/04/2015
klaudia zabekPodpisano: 09:55, 26/04/2015
dorothy kornelisPodpisano: 23:32, 25/04/2015
Nick SlaterPodpisano: 13:14, 25/04/2015
"How can it be implemented? or how do we topple the Capitalists pulling the strings, who wont give up control?"
Emma BrucePodpisano: 10:43, 22/04/2015
George CookPodpisano: 04:22, 22/04/2015
Lorelai HallsPodpisano: 00:17, 21/04/2015
Genni PavonePodpisano: 23:43, 20/04/2015
"Humanity and the world before profits!!!"
stephen pricePodpisano: 23:20, 20/04/2015
Callum BurgessPodpisano: 22:27, 20/04/2015
Anna RowlinsonPodpisano: 16:44, 20/04/2015
Natalie claytonPodpisano: 16:29, 20/04/2015
James RussellPodpisano: 05:55, 20/04/2015

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