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Rinaldas MitkusPodpisano: 14:01, 19/03/2019
"I want better world for my daughter"
vincent marattyPodpisano: 18:04, 18/03/2019
"This is the only way to end capitalism"
Ian HartleyPodpisano: 10:12, 18/03/2019
Jan PonsfordPodpisano: 09:55, 18/03/2019
Terry PackPodpisano: 09:29, 18/03/2019
Pete WhitehurstPodpisano: 21:01, 17/03/2019
"I was literally talking about the worlds money problems a few hours ago and it gave me inspiration to write my thoughts and try to come up with some solutions The phone was obviously listening and a link to this appeared in my newsfeed, the first time this capability has ever proven useful! And the charter covers all of areas and more that were discussed. It’s good to know there are already people working to make this a reality although I fear the major stake holders involved and benefitting from the monetary system will not let it go without a brutal fight"
Glenn StanleyPodpisano: 08:34, 13/03/2019
"Is this being trialled anywhere in the world at the moment? UBI is another idea being proposed in Norway. A basic income wether you work or not no strings attached but I believe it should be attached to good social behaviour. I would love it if we woke up and thought, great im going out to help someone today without the pressing thought of needing to get paid for it.I agree with the concept completely but we need a volunteer small country to take this idea and trial it for the rest of the world to see how it develops. Love peace and kindness towards each other Amen "
Jon Goward Podpisano: 00:07, 04/03/2019
Nigel FilerPodpisano: 15:16, 02/03/2019
meg watsonPodpisano: 19:26, 24/02/2019
Stuart Stevens Podpisano: 09:27, 23/02/2019
David GourlayPodpisano: 13:55, 22/02/2019
colin preecePodpisano: 22:04, 20/02/2019
"I have been talking to my friends about the resource based economy for 8 years. This is the 1st time I have heard of the free world charter."
Charles OtusajoPodpisano: 15:59, 19/02/2019
ryzard loloPodpisano: 19:22, 16/02/2019
"I wish the world could be free with out any consequences"
Kelly PopePodpisano: 19:33, 10/02/2019
Casey Johnson Podpisano: 20:09, 08/02/2019
"Need help in business marketing I am here :) +Anything UBUNTU let me know "
Keith Heaven Podpisano: 19:40, 06/02/2019
Laura RichardsonPodpisano: 19:21, 06/02/2019
Giuseppe CappelliPodpisano: 23:50, 05/02/2019
"Great idea! Thank you"
Antony McGrathPodpisano: 19:04, 29/01/2019
"I want what's possible, not what's affordable. Today's era is modern day slavery."
Jonathan DaviesPodpisano: 20:36, 26/01/2019
Solal AnkaouaPodpisano: 15:20, 16/01/2019
oldogg flavaPodpisano: 15:53, 08/01/2019
andy shadePodpisano: 17:11, 07/01/2019
Elaine ShadePodpisano: 17:00, 07/01/2019
"No comments apart from, it cannot happen soon enough. The Earth needs saving and mankind needs to stop 'playing God', and go back to being natural beings. "
Nigel BurkittPodpisano: 13:10, 05/01/2019
Michal RozowPodpisano: 14:06, 04/01/2019
Nick LawsPodpisano: 07:40, 02/01/2019
Osian WintersPodpisano: 08:45, 12/12/2018
"Curious. Are there any real communities or societys out there that live and practice this today? If so where abouts"
Stephen DentPodpisano: 19:04, 10/12/2018
Lawrence TrowellPodpisano: 12:59, 07/12/2018
"I plan to build floating land from plastic waste for housing/farming/clean energy production and desalination as a humanitarian organisation to help the world become self sufficient and free from the artificial scarcity created by money"
Tanisha MaceyPodpisano: 23:49, 27/11/2018
Michael MurphyPodpisano: 11:40, 26/11/2018
Alex HobbsPodpisano: 23:23, 13/11/2018
"Alex 07719490290 I can come and collect anyday before 4pm"
David HandsPodpisano: 08:59, 29/10/2018
"money is a old outdated concept that must be shed is humanity is to take its next leap in evolution and truly become great "
S BPodpisano: 17:42, 27/10/2018
"Momeyless iscoming - no point in wasting time"
jane barlowPodpisano: 18:22, 17/10/2018
Duncan HamiltonPodpisano: 10:28, 30/09/2018
"Let's Dream a new dream of healing and abundance: For Gaia & all Earthlings."
Patrick AgostaroPodpisano: 13:03, 27/09/2018
Mike EdwardsPodpisano: 10:51, 27/09/2018
John HallPodpisano: 22:13, 19/09/2018
Dermot MurrayPodpisano: 12:33, 18/09/2018
mark smithPodpisano: 12:36, 16/09/2018
Kyle ForrestPodpisano: 07:34, 08/09/2018
"Absolutely astonishing. "
Hozan DaraPodpisano: 07:32, 08/09/2018
Karolina KazlauskaitePodpisano: 14:32, 29/08/2018
Hugo WarrenPodpisano: 07:35, 26/08/2018
"Best regards to everybody!"
Berni CullinanePodpisano: 09:44, 25/08/2018
Harry HarveyPodpisano: 21:54, 22/08/2018

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