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"Uczyńmy wszystko darmowym i wolnym"

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Liz DaviesPodpisano: 20:14, 18/06/2018
michael smithPodpisano: 22:24, 12/06/2018
Anthony TrillPodpisano: 18:49, 11/06/2018
Davy KingPodpisano: 19:41, 01/06/2018
Jeff HylandPodpisano: 23:25, 29/05/2018
"Ethical earth loving organic whole-foods plant-based socialist vegan chef at Moon on the Water, Clee North Prom. love to cook fantastically tasty healthy food, dance like crazy and be social...:)"
Martin RaeburnPodpisano: 23:14, 29/05/2018
"The future of the world and humanity is built on compassion and love for one another and equality in all things "
Nigel MatthewsPodpisano: 16:04, 26/05/2018
Jonathan SquirePodpisano: 16:42, 25/05/2018
"I'm in. Will we get here? We have to try."
Leroy DyerPodpisano: 16:01, 25/05/2018
"currently looking for a place to dwell in peace ; Farm/ Hunt ... Enjoy nature; Also would love to have a partner who likes the same "
Brendan BegleyPodpisano: 22:09, 24/05/2018
David HaydonPodpisano: 22:03, 24/05/2018
"Came across the charter via zeitgeist. Keep up the good work."
Esme LeePodpisano: 17:17, 13/05/2018
Deana AbbottPodpisano: 13:57, 13/05/2018
Agostinho TavaresPodpisano: 13:58, 30/04/2018
Luke HoggPodpisano: 19:37, 23/04/2018
Farhiya Dirir Podpisano: 13:20, 22/04/2018
"We can do this! Let our goodness have a voice. And love to everyone that signed this!"
John JarvisPodpisano: 11:11, 19/04/2018
Michael SaundersPodpisano: 04:07, 13/04/2018
Vikki KoshoniPodpisano: 10:14, 10/04/2018
Ann FleetwoodPodpisano: 18:58, 31/03/2018
Henrik DahlePodpisano: 11:23, 16/03/2018
David BattersbyPodpisano: 22:36, 15/03/2018
Jaya JuthakanitPodpisano: 16:14, 11/03/2018
john welwoodPodpisano: 22:24, 06/03/2018
"I DO HOPE this group prospers and we all learn to share and help one an other i am a member of the armadale shed "
Rob ChatwinPodpisano: 17:41, 05/03/2018
Curtis BennettPodpisano: 02:00, 05/03/2018
Peter caklosPodpisano: 11:22, 04/03/2018
Mike WestacottPodpisano: 12:23, 28/02/2018
"I have had many doubts as to the future of our planet but you have now given me hope that there is another way that will preserve mankind"
Pissed OffPodpisano: 08:47, 23/02/2018
"With regard to this I would use the phrase "forward to recovery". I don't live in Scotland!!"
Iain ClarkPodpisano: 07:20, 23/02/2018
Aled Gwyn JobPodpisano: 12:28, 16/02/2018
Matthew MisiakPodpisano: 10:00, 16/02/2018
David FisherPodpisano: 09:47, 10/02/2018
Patrick AndrewPodpisano: 12:51, 09/02/2018
"Fantastic reading but Mmmmmm"
Joe BetroPodpisano: 19:40, 02/02/2018
"I am commited to this! ☀️ "
Michael FitzpatrickPodpisano: 13:15, 02/02/2018
"A brilliant idea for a planet of people who choose to become enlightened and visualise who we truly are, beings of light on a human journey so let’s change the world to make our human experience on this planet one which values all human beings as one. "
Rebecca BartonPodpisano: 14:01, 01/02/2018
"I truly hope that one day the people see that the existing model is outdated. With this new approach the world could be beautiful again"
neil molesworthPodpisano: 01:42, 30/01/2018
"no positive change in this system,we have to change the whole system."
Lyra Sevencats Podpisano: 07:02, 29/01/2018
Terri Lee-ShieldPodpisano: 22:30, 28/01/2018
Henryk DelongPodpisano: 11:20, 28/01/2018
Lianna MckenziePodpisano: 18:14, 26/01/2018
Emeka KanuPodpisano: 15:51, 19/01/2018
Josa PepperPodpisano: 20:54, 14/01/2018
simon jeanpierrePodpisano: 18:37, 10/01/2018
Martin FryPodpisano: 15:27, 06/01/2018
Andrew MiddletonPodpisano: 19:31, 28/12/2017
Monica BrooksPodpisano: 16:58, 28/12/2017
". . . this too shall pass"
Ayesha RobinsonPodpisano: 10:34, 22/12/2017
"As intelligent, capable beings we have a responsibility, not only to the continuation of the future of our species but to all other species and the home we all live on. A clean planet so we can continue to evolve, grow and thrive is critical. A form of governance which is transparent, free of corruption and focuses less on personal greed but promotes, protects and nurtures every human, plant and animal without destruction is key. Education and personal responsibility in my opinion is key to making this dream a reality."
Wee PalPodpisano: 17:53, 21/12/2017
"Do not publish this. Contact me by email. It is encrypted."

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