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Richard BartonFirmato: 22:41, 08/02/2019
Sherry SchmidtFirmato: 13:43, 06/02/2019
Cerelle BarnesFirmato: 23:05, 04/02/2019
Lillian PictorFirmato: 02:42, 03/02/2019
"Imagine and awaken!"
Christine Louis-EmileFirmato: 06:22, 01/02/2019
"This plan is as close to perfection as can be. Let's do it!! "
Karl GaryFirmato: 19:16, 29/01/2019
"If we do not move to a moneyless world, we will destroy the planet through money. Money is only a concept - a phony concept of unreal numbers in our computer banking systems."
Cordell OrsburnFirmato: 19:17, 28/01/2019
Jodi FilerFirmato: 20:56, 23/01/2019
"Less selfishness, more selflessness! End the Fed-let's start over, smarter!"
Theodore James Kerg IV TheoFirmato: 21:52, 19/01/2019
"Economics should be the numerical value placed on what we render from Earth hence ecology or ecosystem. Econonomics has become a sociological blasphemy that deals with aspects that don't relate to the symbolism pronounced in the initial narrative in which the very word "economy" should forshadow. "
Travis GrantFirmato: 15:46, 16/01/2019
James RoeFirmato: 18:12, 15/01/2019
Jill SpannFirmato: 18:54, 14/01/2019
Daniel DeelyFirmato: 00:05, 10/01/2019
Nathan Mullins Firmato: 14:59, 09/01/2019
Scott MullinsFirmato: 04:33, 09/01/2019
"We NEED to create a "Global Peace Initiative". The "PEN" has always been and always will be mightier than the "SWORD". Make a bill, create a law, and make it a reality for ALL."
Donald AndersonFirmato: 17:58, 08/01/2019
"If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll keep getting what we've always gotten. "
Nicola AngeloFirmato: 03:08, 08/01/2019
Doug Dederich Firmato: 04:56, 04/01/2019
bruce tormeyFirmato: 16:53, 03/01/2019
Anabela RoseFirmato: 10:15, 03/01/2019
"Would love to help in any way I can. :) Peace n Love"
James RossFirmato: 21:19, 02/01/2019
Rachel KingFirmato: 22:28, 01/01/2019
Kirsten CooleyFirmato: 15:49, 01/01/2019
"This world has become so chaotic and distressing because of money. Things need to change to better society and make it so everyone has an opportunity to prosper and grow. The inequality is horrific to see and hear about. Enough is enough and time for a difference."
Splib LoverFirmato: 12:30, 31/12/2018
"keep feeding this seed"
Amatista RoseFirmato: 09:51, 28/12/2018
"Bilingual Musician Singer Spanish Metaphysician"
Kim Flodin Firmato: 23:46, 26/12/2018
John HudsonFirmato: 23:19, 25/12/2018
"I love the idea it's something I've always thought about since a young age. "
m pFirmato: 21:34, 25/12/2018
William CumminsFirmato: 04:51, 22/12/2018
Keegan MeadeFirmato: 01:07, 21/12/2018
"White electric mirror galactic signature Water monkey Chinese zodiac Aries Sun, Libra Moon and Rising "
Nicole Mrakava Firmato: 21:23, 18/12/2018
Blake EmsickFirmato: 07:17, 17/12/2018
"I want to help in any way I can. I believe in this wholeheartedly and when I saw the YouTube video I was so happy someone else thinks the same way I do. This is the way God wants us to live. "
Terry Earthwind NicholsFirmato: 10:47, 16/12/2018
"My name is Earthwind. I am native to America and northern Europe by blood. I created Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™, a question and answer tool to stop PTSD, suicide ideation, and other repetitive behaviors, not disorders. My spiritual journey is to gather the 4 nations of the world back together again as one people. One World. One Love. One People. One Peace..."
Kyle StolkFirmato: 19:43, 14/12/2018
Super NaturalFirmato: 04:18, 14/12/2018
Donald SimonFirmato: 03:58, 11/12/2018
"I have thought this way for a long time,but ive never heard anything about this charter. If greed wasnt so strong in peoples minds we could finally live in peace. Truly our species will parrish if we dont evolve past the hate for one another we have right now."
Luke GiulianoFirmato: 01:54, 10/12/2018
John RohmanFirmato: 05:06, 07/12/2018
"Well, I think it would be great to live in an Eco Village and live with no money!"
Brigitte KayserFirmato: 01:21, 07/12/2018
"Hopefully some day we'll be able to meet and have a chat ("
Shawnda ClawsonFirmato: 21:06, 03/12/2018
"Onward Through the Fog to the Next Grandest Version of Humanity."
Kim DFirmato: 13:19, 03/12/2018
Clark BurroughsFirmato: 00:50, 01/12/2018
"Where do we start? I.e. how to buy food without cash? what are the bridging steps to a money free system?"
Santino CarafelliFirmato: 20:17, 30/11/2018
Christopher olenderFirmato: 04:50, 30/11/2018
Adam WiseFirmato: 05:04, 29/11/2018
"Life is what u make it!!"
Cindy EllimanFirmato: 13:29, 25/11/2018
"Sadly your 10 principles are lacking detail and substance. has, in detail, how humanity not only can but WILL move into a free world through the understanding of the plasma fields, and with so many other groups out there that explain more in detail how humanity can lift itself out of our current situation, I'm not sure how freeworld can work. Check out I wish this group well."
Wesley MaFirmato: 22:57, 15/11/2018
"Love Life and Love all"
John 'JJ' JenkinsFirmato: 13:05, 11/11/2018
Nikki GoomdaFirmato: 16:35, 05/11/2018
Bruce SchumanFirmato: 17:41, 03/11/2018
"Project and author look fascinating. On this theme of "charter" -- cool! I made a project that seems to be related -- Let's talk about "charters" when we get a minute"

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