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Michael WalshFirmato: 02:23, 03/11/2018
"All of the millions of jobs dedicated to managing the money supply, greed, stock markets, debt collectors, cash machines, etc are a wasteful and useless practice in the world described above!"
Steve CottrellFirmato: 08:07, 28/10/2018
Tavorise JonesFirmato: 17:36, 23/10/2018
Samantha SheinkerFirmato: 04:45, 21/10/2018
"Money is just a heavy ball chain wrapped around your ankle. "
Lora WhiteFirmato: 04:56, 20/10/2018
alan gamageFirmato: 00:34, 19/10/2018
"making the world a better place starts from within"
Dyanne GavinFirmato: 18:19, 18/10/2018
Stacey NeubertFirmato: 14:21, 16/10/2018
"Let's unite to change our world for the betterment of all, not just a few."
Kevin WilsonFirmato: 22:38, 15/10/2018
"im me, who else shall I be ? I enjoy the outdoors. Anything from hiking & hunting to camping & metal-detecting. But i'm also introverted. So reading books, video games, online research & movies I enjoy. Smile it's contagious!!"
Kirk JonesFirmato: 02:08, 15/10/2018
Kirk JonesFirmato: 01:31, 15/10/2018
Laurie CyrFirmato: 13:38, 13/10/2018
"Money is a perversion threatening to destroy us. How we can rid ourselves of it is a mystery. Those in a position to aid in its destruction are also those who have most of the money. They have no incentive to do this! Ideas are needed."
April CarmanFirmato: 12:57, 13/10/2018
Francisco VeraFirmato: 15:39, 12/10/2018
stone petoskeyFirmato: 21:13, 11/10/2018
Wilfredo Santos jrFirmato: 19:10, 11/10/2018
"Also look up Venus Project"
Aurelia AethyrFirmato: 22:26, 10/10/2018
Green BackFirmato: 12:58, 05/10/2018
"Thank you that I find this website, I love the concept! I am becoming a money protest artist: "
Mike KeatingFirmato: 20:55, 03/10/2018
Jordon MinishFirmato: 03:25, 01/10/2018
Marites Grace ObergFirmato: 18:23, 30/09/2018
Steven Marquez Firmato: 15:00, 29/09/2018
Kenny PlymaleFirmato: 06:19, 28/09/2018
William ScottFirmato: 02:14, 27/09/2018
Brenton ButlerFirmato: 13:28, 24/09/2018
Carla BrazilFirmato: 03:55, 22/09/2018
Ira IvaFirmato: 05:32, 18/09/2018
Chris HarbarukFirmato: 05:26, 18/09/2018
"May we focus on our own advancement, not as individuals, but as a whole."
Yves GnamienFirmato: 02:13, 16/09/2018
"This is what I am writing about. Let's keep in touch to share ideas. I would like to know more about this organization."
Bernie WillowFirmato: 02:54, 15/09/2018
Gari HandooFirmato: 01:49, 15/09/2018
Hank worthy SellersFirmato: 01:45, 15/09/2018
Hosep SellersFirmato: 01:26, 15/09/2018
Yosef SullarsFirmato: 01:24, 15/09/2018
Joseph SellarsFirmato: 00:40, 15/09/2018
Wilfredo SantosFirmato: 21:48, 13/09/2018
"Yea for real freedom "
Marvin NotMineFirmato: 21:29, 12/09/2018
"Perfect! But people still haven't figured out how to understand each other(love). But it will mos def make it easier for us too focus on fixing each other after we come together to fix the world.i have a lot more in store(my mind).feel FREE to hit me up."
Salvador ArredondoFirmato: 00:06, 11/09/2018
Amy DFirmato: 00:22, 09/09/2018
Susan CoutuFirmato: 14:29, 07/09/2018
ANDREA GromFirmato: 02:42, 07/09/2018
Madeline Kett Firmato: 02:05, 03/09/2018
Joseph MaileFirmato: 06:15, 01/09/2018
Steeve StiverneFirmato: 20:56, 31/08/2018
"Black Belt In Bad Vibe/Mojo & Evil Energy Blocker."
Nancy RasoFirmato: 02:49, 31/08/2018
Jason BossFirmato: 14:59, 30/08/2018
Eric WilcoxFirmato: 03:16, 30/08/2018
"I believe in a free world! Our beautiful planet deserves it!Thank you all for all that you do! "
A TFirmato: 21:03, 29/08/2018
Mark WagnonFirmato: 16:18, 28/08/2018
"I'm looking forward to seeing all the growing relations between the Free World Charter and the millions of individuals and organizations that are moving swiftly in this direction. It's time to 'play' as if we actually 'live' here."

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