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Alexander WilkinsonSigned: 02:26, 26/02/2012
"Humanity will need to adopt these sorts of values if it wants to survive through the 21st century and beyond."
Mervyn TaylorSigned: 02:43, 24/02/2012
Robert GarrettSigned: 10:05, 23/02/2012
Wiremu WinitanaSigned: 07:35, 23/02/2012
"We are all one community. Every living thing on this biosphere is connected and humanity, unlike any other life-form on this planet, has a very unique chance to help maintain and protect it. Using the latest knowledge, attained through the scientific method, and the latest technology this is possible. Let's just get it sorted."
Benjamin BrosnanSigned: 12:27, 20/02/2012
"Great charter, I agree wholeheartedly. We can be free if we chose to discard the system that enslaves us."
shelley gibbsSigned: 01:02, 19/02/2012
Mickey MicroSigned: 22:49, 14/02/2012
"I want to be free"
shaun waiarikiSigned: 07:50, 14/02/2012
"The revolution is coming..."
Michelle BroadSigned: 21:49, 11/02/2012
Nicky GuySigned: 03:47, 06/02/2012
Beau MooreSigned: 07:30, 05/02/2012
Brad LivingstonSigned: 06:07, 04/02/2012
"With these principals in mind, a true Utopia on this troubled planet of ours is a real probability."
Benji BerghanSigned: 02:11, 04/02/2012
"It's great to see these ideas are gaining more and more influence in the world today, these are the changes we need and we need them now, lest we find ourselves wishing we had done something different while society collapses (further)."
David Paul Wharewera ParkerSigned: 07:19, 01/02/2012
Dianna McleodSigned: 06:05, 01/02/2012
TOM VIGOR-BROWNSigned: 15:13, 29/01/2012
Devon PhippsSigned: 03:05, 29/01/2012
Faye KildaySigned: 22:58, 28/01/2012
Daniel BurgessSigned: 10:11, 28/01/2012
Monique SonntagSigned: 09:26, 28/01/2012
Gabi DickgiesserSigned: 06:48, 28/01/2012
Manfred DickgiesserSigned: 05:18, 28/01/2012
"A society that no longer recognizes that nature and human life have a sacred dimension, an Intrinsic value beyond monetary value, commits collective suicide. Such societies cannibalize themselves until they die. A system with is in competition with itself, is inherently an unsustainable system and cannot survive. Be the change, you like to see in the world"
peter keeganSigned: 22:30, 27/01/2012
"I do enjoy the growing number of people waking up to the signs of going backwards development.What I also see is the lack of spiritual awakening,not everything has to or should be understood or explained in a scientific way. What was first the chicken or the egg? I don´t need to know we where given both..... "
Glen TimmsSigned: 22:19, 27/01/2012
Laurence O'BrienSigned: 04:51, 24/01/2012
Sholto LeeSigned: 02:11, 23/01/2012
"how can you disagree with any of these things!"
David McQuillanSigned: 04:34, 15/01/2012
Christopher NoaroSigned: 23:58, 14/01/2012
Carl ScottSigned: 19:42, 14/01/2012
Brett FallenSigned: 06:56, 14/01/2012
"I hope it comes soon so we can all do and learn as we please."
Mark CookeSigned: 03:10, 14/01/2012
Jonathan MontenatSigned: 21:38, 13/01/2012
"This is the dream of many people, it would actually trigger a better world, you gave us hope, all the best in making that a reality. God Bless You"
Nathan RushtonSigned: 12:46, 10/01/2012
"Sounds good to me."
Lee RapiraSigned: 08:09, 03/01/2012
"I am not surprised that there is only 1o guidelines that can help us live together peacefully on this planet. It is probably the same amount of guidelines that we have for our under fives when they attend Preschool - one of the first things they learn is how to share and get along with one another. They are also taught that each person is special and unique. I am an advocate for living in harmony with our Earth and love every living thing on it so this concept works for me. Well done. "
Amir PatelSigned: 10:12, 22/12/2011
Royal WakefieldSigned: 01:10, 22/12/2011
"This needs to be done, period."
Dianne MooreSigned: 09:14, 13/12/2011
Jason MiddlemissSigned: 16:30, 12/12/2011
Arthur SavageSigned: 04:50, 18/11/2011
"The US FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and its agents - cohorts fraudulant - fiction value - Fiat - Legal - Tender Monetary - Currancy Systems must go. Their own recent and continuing world wide as yet unpunished - unaccountable Banking -Wall Street crisis. The result of all too human unashamed fraud - greed and criminal conduct have surely disqualified their very existence now and into any future."
Matthew JenkinsSigned: 07:40, 16/11/2011
"Beautiful. Keep the vision in focus."
sheldon curtisSigned: 11:32, 11/11/2011
"A world like this would be an exciting place no limitations no boundries both individually and as a community."
Rod HarnettSigned: 02:57, 07/11/2011
Daniel ClarkSigned: 00:14, 07/11/2011
"ZM coordinator in support. "
Micky LoganSigned: 19:32, 03/11/2011
Chrisitina HansenSigned: 04:29, 03/11/2011
"Anything I can do to help let me know. I have many skills I can offer I just dont have money. "
Pierrie SchoemanSigned: 19:31, 02/11/2011
"This whould be a wish / dream come true , if humanity would only wake up and see the real big picture then this world will be heaven on earth "
Kamahl ManiSigned: 12:24, 31/10/2011
B. WareRabbitSigned: 06:40, 31/10/2011
"Im glad you have put this together yours a citizen of the Earth"
chris pringuerSigned: 10:57, 30/10/2011
Trish SeatonSigned: 11:07, 25/10/2011

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