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uriana campbellSigned: 09:51, 08/10/2016
Allena FaalavaauSigned: 05:48, 04/10/2016
peace pixieSigned: 21:22, 29/09/2016
"let yourself silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love, it will not lead you astray - rumi "
Abhi SamudralaSigned: 17:32, 15/09/2016
Kate HlavacSigned: 19:58, 14/09/2016
"We need this transformation before we perish due to our own ignorance and stupidity"
Helena-Grace TreadwellSigned: 14:18, 28/08/2016
Leonardus RamakersSigned: 22:33, 22/08/2016
"The changes for the better are upon us because they are called by us. The age of illusion is finished. I call in the Golden Age "
Mark WoodgateSigned: 22:08, 06/07/2016
Simon PollardSigned: 10:09, 03/07/2016
Lesley RimesSigned: 13:57, 18/06/2016
Hadleigh SaxonSigned: 17:35, 12/06/2016
Otis Williams Signed: 20:28, 07/06/2016
Reade RintoulSigned: 08:53, 01/06/2016
Ordina De Raad Signed: 09:34, 21/05/2016
Chae BruceSigned: 04:51, 21/05/2016
Helen FergussonSigned: 22:23, 11/05/2016
Friedhelm EurichSigned: 23:26, 06/05/2016
"For many years I do have the same view about this. One day it will happen, but unfortunately it will take one or two more world wars before people wake up and do realize what and who is responsible for this current situation. It needs a lot of eye opening to see that we need to change to have a free world."
Cushela RobsonSigned: 05:43, 22/04/2016
"Where can I get large copies of the charter ?"
Tom LinSigned: 09:40, 17/04/2016
Dawid JozwiakSigned: 00:31, 01/04/2016
Zorica SimpsonSigned: 03:16, 25/03/2016
David PateSigned: 22:58, 02/03/2016
clare elliottSigned: 08:23, 24/02/2016
jonathan daviesSigned: 11:21, 19/02/2016
Terry AshfordSigned: 00:03, 17/02/2016
"Thanks for starting this charter. I understand this will be very tough for many people to transition to this type of society. I hope enough of us can "live the change we want to see" to make this, or something close to it, a possibility."
Andrew LewisSigned: 22:06, 16/01/2016
Glynn RobertsonSigned: 02:12, 17/12/2015
Peter SpencerSigned: 07:05, 01/12/2015
"Interesting; hadn't heard of it before. I'd like to contribute a few ideas to help build the new society."
Tyrone PenningSigned: 01:40, 22/11/2015
sonja cartwrightSigned: 23:31, 13/11/2015
Peter ArnoldSigned: 10:33, 13/11/2015
logan searleSigned: 07:51, 13/11/2015
Phil WilkieSigned: 23:11, 08/11/2015
Janine CrichtonSigned: 09:22, 01/11/2015
Moko. Peni. PateneSigned: 00:38, 26/10/2015
"Seeing the changes in the community over 59 years I can say with out a doubt all ten of these principles have been to embrace the economic system of profit before everything Where once was our playgrounds is now industrial dead lands For the future sake let there be light "
Dan GreenmanSigned: 20:40, 18/10/2015
Rob WardSigned: 23:15, 10/10/2015
Cameron QuickfallSigned: 00:54, 30/09/2015
"This would be an amazing turn of events to see the world rid of money and free to be enjoyed by all who inhabit the Earth. We are tired of slaving away to a system that does not serve us all equally. We are ready for change. The time is now."
Cris FultonSigned: 09:07, 26/09/2015
"End hunger and extreme poverty, a fairer world for all, NOW"
Joshua CapleSigned: 02:08, 14/09/2015
Michael TufferySigned: 23:35, 12/09/2015
"I totally agree! And I had thought about exactly the same vision of life, nature and fairness To be honest... This pure, natural, true and fair way of life has been the most purest way I have been hoping for, from deep down inside my soul for all of our world, our species, our societies, our humanity and our love, in a pure naturalizing way of honesty, nature and humanity There is no other truer or greener direction to go, than this one! This is the purest, naturalist, truest, greenest and fairest direction from deep down, that all of us as a whole, can combine to agree and make happen in life for a truer, better, fair, natural and more real life for everyone, all species, creatures, animals, with all natures, plants, existences, climate conditions, weathers, natural gases, water, minerals and resources to all survive, live, exist, experience, explore, go, drift, cruise and travel free abroad as life and existence is meant to be I totally agree 100%! :-)"
Paul GemmellSigned: 10:51, 08/09/2015
"Good to see people are awakening, & learning that what they thought was real, was just a wall created to dumb us down, & suppress our minds. I fully support what you stand for, & believe it is time we evolved beyond this stupidity. Power to the good at heart!!"
Christopher NicholSigned: 05:02, 01/09/2015
Martine BouillirSigned: 13:42, 24/08/2015
Morgan Redfern-HardistySigned: 10:53, 22/08/2015
"Hello Free world Charter. Extremely big supporter of a RBE. i love what you are putting forward, and working towards. Your overall goal is the ultimate future that the whole world is shifting towards, the people are awakening as the current system is not serving them. We are on the verge of a new age, One based on Peace, Joy, Love. We are one. You know i'l be voting for the money free party. All good things. Morgan"
Marina WaterhouseSigned: 22:28, 17/08/2015
Tracy KikuchiSigned: 10:59, 12/08/2015
Martha VuiSigned: 03:57, 10/08/2015
Nikki MilliganSigned: 01:34, 10/08/2015
Roderick MacKinnonSigned: 12:14, 12/07/2015
"The earth is our mother. She bore us sustains us and receives our bodies when we die. What is the implication of this?"

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