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kevin crookSigned: 06:09, 12/07/2015
Karen PiperSigned: 14:20, 11/07/2015
Brent SteelSigned: 13:14, 11/07/2015
"Its a hell of a thought......would love to be alive for it."
Pat NandorSigned: 05:53, 07/07/2015
leisa hartSigned: 20:12, 05/07/2015
Davina MoffatSigned: 22:28, 10/06/2015
Craig HewlettSigned: 23:21, 06/06/2015
"Great Idea.... This system has been a long time coming, but now there are many versions of the system springing up around the World. Systems like Ubuntu, Zeitgeist, The Venus Project and many live off the grid and food is free ideas. It is the natural order in the universe that you shouldn't have to pay to live on the planet you were born on. Man is the only species on Earth that pays to live here and Wow do we pay. The Money Free System is the next normal step in our evolution. Well Done and God bless all that see the benefits of this system."
Dean WarnerSigned: 06:58, 29/05/2015
"I wish so much for a different planet, a planet of fairness, love and personal freedom...but unfortunately I can only see us racing towards doom a a species unless we have a total bloody revolution...but with physical cash deemed to be dead within 15 years and just E money then....that's the final link in our chains of slavery."
Vanessa GriffinSigned: 00:31, 29/05/2015
Alan WebsterSigned: 22:28, 26/05/2015
Cathie SorraghanSigned: 07:00, 25/05/2015
Janine BaileySigned: 06:00, 23/05/2015
Glen MorrisonSigned: 10:37, 04/05/2015
"Who will give up their money? Only those with the least. "
juliet kentSigned: 05:38, 27/04/2015
mark vandermadeSigned: 05:56, 13/04/2015
Thomas MakinsonSigned: 21:17, 20/03/2015
John McLeanSigned: 11:46, 20/03/2015
Robert BlairSigned: 02:58, 08/03/2015
Dan MarrowSigned: 23:25, 05/03/2015
Mark Tomai-coppellSigned: 12:35, 24/02/2015
Viktoria LencsesSigned: 05:53, 23/02/2015
Phillip SpearSigned: 00:50, 23/02/2015
John CarverSigned: 21:53, 22/02/2015
"This is the year to do this!"
Joshua FryerSigned: 06:14, 22/02/2015
Kenzi StierSigned: 08:45, 11/02/2015
"Human rights come before any religion, tradition or belief, we are a alive and breathing, so why question it, question our future not our past"
Carolyn MoirSigned: 05:39, 10/02/2015
"We need to have Collective Leadership no more voting. We need to do what is in everybody's best interest."
Don de GuzmanSigned: 21:46, 09/02/2015
Dyani ReynoldsSigned: 02:07, 08/02/2015
"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming other living beings, why wouldn't we?"
Jeanne FromontSigned: 00:25, 05/02/2015
Jan CarterSigned: 13:29, 17/01/2015
Mitchell BloomSigned: 08:13, 17/01/2015
Dr Tony Minervino, DCSigned: 07:00, 17/01/2015
"It's time to be FREE - IT'S TIME FOR EVERYBODY TO BE FREE!!! Love Ya, Tony Minervino"
robert illesSigned: 02:33, 13/01/2015
"The Miricle Plant Marijuana cures all disease, Cannabis Hemp makes everything of creation ,,,"
James MarjoramSigned: 02:21, 13/01/2015
"My main activities revolve around LGBTI advocacy and support. My website is "
Tom McAlpineSigned: 02:05, 13/01/2015
Te Kahurangi Patuwai-FindlaySigned: 09:30, 19/12/2014
scott JonesSigned: 05:12, 18/12/2014
"I am an empathy and can feel 'Gaia' and the pain mother earth has at the moment!. It is intense. We all need to wake up and feel what is 'Real!' Take off your shoes and let 'Gaia" know that YOU!!!!! care, even walk naked.?? The more we become comfortable with ourselves and Each other the better Mother earth will want us in her arms again.. "
dayle phelanSigned: 01:17, 18/12/2014
Lauren HastieSigned: 07:50, 03/12/2014
Susan BrennanSigned: 20:03, 26/11/2014
melanie janeSigned: 10:52, 26/11/2014
Dean WebberSigned: 00:40, 18/11/2014
"Peace love and unity for all. Down with the oppressive tyrannical regime :)"
Maureen FieldSigned: 18:43, 16/11/2014
Laura SmartSigned: 10:22, 23/10/2014
Rebecca LuntSigned: 07:23, 23/10/2014
tristan ramadhinSigned: 07:09, 23/10/2014
Briana IrelandSigned: 17:02, 21/10/2014
Isaac MullinSigned: 10:37, 18/10/2014

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