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Kabir PaithanakarPodepsáno: 09:56, 24/08/2021
Narendranath NPodepsáno: 23:26, 13/06/2021
Gayathri NairPodepsáno: 21:34, 13/06/2021
"Need of the Hour."
Sain InfiniPodepsáno: 13:20, 13/06/2021
Jagmohan SinghPodepsáno: 15:22, 05/12/2020
Isar Ahmed Khan Parihar Podepsáno: 18:34, 09/09/2020
Sujith RevanasiddappaPodepsáno: 04:10, 21/07/2020
Omkar PardeshiPodepsáno: 04:57, 15/07/2020
"I completely support the IDEA of a Free World. Where money is not a necessity. Where we all work towards the progress of not only mankind but all the living species of the Earth. "
RAJASEKARAN Kesavamoorthy Podepsáno: 08:09, 12/06/2020
Kavita ByrdPodepsáno: 07:34, 11/06/2020
Aman VermaPodepsáno: 02:38, 10/06/2020
"I agree with your vision money creates inequality in our society but we need to build a system that provides how to distribute things in our society."
Rakesh M RaveendraiahPodepsáno: 03:57, 19/05/2020
Subash KrishPodepsáno: 12:49, 03/05/2020
Tony CardosoPodepsáno: 02:00, 13/04/2020
"Much needed in today's world if not everything vl b destroyed by Humans"
Olivier BarotPodepsáno: 13:38, 31/01/2020
Sheetal PasadPodepsáno: 13:28, 20/01/2020
"I am a penniless or shoe string budget traveller, and In my travel I try to explore this kind of communities and people.. If I get chance.. Or wherever i stay i offer mt art, skills or workshop and any help in exchange of accommodation and food. "
Olivier BarotPodepsáno: 14:28, 12/12/2019
Ravi SheepariPodepsáno: 13:22, 17/11/2019
"Awesome job. Please make it happen. "
Kristopher DoleyPodepsáno: 12:27, 11/11/2019
Narayan DuttPodepsáno: 13:56, 29/10/2019
"Hi, I too had the same thought. And I don't think it's easy to make the present world free from money, why can't we build a community of our own and show the world it's possible to have one. "
Saharsh JhunjhunwalaPodepsáno: 17:16, 23/10/2019
Gokul BalagopalPodepsáno: 13:33, 28/09/2019
"I wish a world would exist in which money is not an issue and everyone will be free to follow their passion without worrying"
Joy FlahertyPodepsáno: 08:26, 16/09/2019
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mukul sharmaPodepsáno: 10:26, 02/09/2019
Rishi PatelPodepsáno: 18:44, 27/08/2019
Anvesh kumarPodepsáno: 11:43, 25/08/2019
"Free world is a concept i have been dreaming from my teenage. I am happy that our world can move towards this with the combining effort of people all over the world."
Mohan RavichandranPodepsáno: 11:08, 13/08/2019
"This is exactly what I was thinking from my childhood I knew something always wrong with the society why there is so much gap between rich and poor? why nobody cares about nature? why one person trying to control everything? and taking control of everything? how can people own property here? who are u to say this place is mine that place is mine. Same people providing food which causes decease and same people providing medicine for the decease caused by their food. Reason for 98% problem in earth is money."
Yogesh SureshPodepsáno: 06:39, 11/07/2019
"Free love will save the world, this is just the beginning!"
Suchetha Vinod kumarPodepsáno: 01:21, 16/06/2019
"I like and respect this principle. "
Aditya PratapPodepsáno: 01:46, 26/04/2019
"Yesterday I saw your idea in my mind.and I see there are so many like me. ❤"
Drashti ShahPodepsáno: 11:28, 15/04/2019
Bopanna KotramadaPodepsáno: 17:41, 25/02/2019
"Capitalism has gotten out of hand. Those who can get money by hook or crook are considered to be successful and powerful, on the other hand, those who are emphatic and loving are considered weak and taken granted for- How worse could it get!! Being happy is a hypothetical situation with regards to how much one makes money.In the process of making money a lot of genuinely good people loose their originality and surrender to this Chaos.I really do not want to be one of them, that too even after knowing this. I know there are a very few with this perception of changing the world. Let join hands,Please anything can be done. Love and peace."
Zaid SiddiquiPodepsáno: 02:45, 25/02/2019
Kopinjol BaishyaPodepsáno: 09:03, 24/02/2019
"The Idea is relevant and actually may be even our only option. It's logical, humane and created out of love for all species. We don't have the right to destroy others living in this planet. We have to live with them. Eradicating money is clever. For it takes care of all economics pf the planet."
S VenkateshPodepsáno: 02:59, 07/02/2019
Kavita ByrdPodepsáno: 09:24, 21/01/2019
Arkoprovo GhoshPodepsáno: 15:18, 02/01/2019
Kavita ByrdPodepsáno: 16:19, 31/08/2018
Rohan Mathai ThomasPodepsáno: 06:36, 30/08/2018
Rejeesh MohanPodepsáno: 13:40, 20/08/2018
Ram RathangPodepsáno: 22:55, 10/08/2018
RIAZ KHANPodepsáno: 17:50, 10/08/2018
Vignesh AvasaralaPodepsáno: 23:00, 16/07/2018
"Looking forward to the times when the free world charter will be a living reality. Guided from within to work towards this end, which will be the dawn of a new golden age upon Mother Earth. Lots of love, Vignesh Avasarala"
Sajan BajajPodepsáno: 13:42, 10/07/2018
"Myself sajan from India n keen interested to join the project for humanity with part n parcel Pls advise how to become part of community to +919417217993"
Shaik HussainPodepsáno: 13:34, 03/07/2018
"This is what i was thinking about for quiet some time now. I am currently doing my graduation in Computer Science Engineering and this is what i wanna do with the power of Artificial Intelligence, create a society with no money, class, divisions and castes. A world where all of us are free."
Janardhan bPodepsáno: 11:30, 17/06/2018
Rafeek ShakkiraPodepsáno: 08:20, 15/06/2018
"As you said nature is common for all it should be shared . Holding it for cost is a sin and clarity should be taught to people who love to live a life without money ( i.e Not beliveing only money itself, life has needs some money in present situation, but life not about only money). When community form with idea of self sustainable money will one day it will be thrown away for sure.Its not so far."
Shrinidhi basavarajPodepsáno: 07:59, 18/04/2018
Karnika PopliPodepsáno: 06:46, 18/04/2018
Shivaz SharmaPodepsáno: 06:45, 18/04/2018

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