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Tarun KumarPodepsáno: 04:49, 30/08/2014
smita rPodepsáno: 17:08, 27/08/2014
Krishnan SubramanianPodepsáno: 06:42, 27/08/2014
"Onward ho to sustainable equality for all, on all ..."
Avinash GargPodepsáno: 16:13, 26/08/2014
paritosh daurwal Podepsáno: 21:59, 25/08/2014
ASHISH PARAKHPodepsáno: 15:48, 25/08/2014
"Humans are the only species on earth which indulges in gang rape of its female form, does all sorts of atrocities on females and even kills it in the foetus and calls other species as Animals. No other organic specie shows so much disrespect to its female form like we Humans do. This is not evolution but something more than that. "
Praneel MeshramPodepsáno: 19:04, 11/08/2014
Murali dharanPodepsáno: 09:17, 29/07/2014
Krishendu OzaPodepsáno: 04:33, 27/07/2014
"So true on what is said and lets all take action on to make this a reality"
Vivek KalePodepsáno: 18:09, 11/07/2014
Jeevanandham AyyavuPodepsáno: 03:01, 08/07/2014
saadat hanifPodepsáno: 20:52, 03/07/2014
Naitik ShahPodepsáno: 11:53, 01/07/2014
Bharath GaneshPodepsáno: 11:14, 22/06/2014
"Now ,that's an ideal world"
Ilinka ZibretPodepsáno: 08:11, 16/06/2014
Lineant GeorgePodepsáno: 18:39, 11/06/2014
srinivas mPodepsáno: 22:40, 28/05/2014
"Being wild is being free"
Siddharth KhumanPodepsáno: 10:09, 11/05/2014
Dinesh SPodepsáno: 12:37, 10/05/2014
Malcolm AndradePodepsáno: 16:15, 09/05/2014
"If humanity is to evolve peaceably and beneficially, then this is definitely the next logical step toward its evolution in that direction. It is time we as individuals take it and not wait for anyone else to make it happen for us. NOW, is the time to do it. "
srinivasan k iyer m.a. m.phil.Podepsáno: 10:40, 20/04/2014
"Yes I full agree endorse all those important points mentioned over here which will ultimately bring Social Harmony....."
Goutham VenakteshPodepsáno: 21:10, 04/04/2014
abhishek singhPodepsáno: 12:17, 01/04/2014
Praneel MeshramPodepsáno: 07:08, 07/03/2014
"Thank you so much for taking, not just a step but plunging at the point, candidly and equivocally! I myself feel that immense pleasure when I shell out a part from my salary, which is Rs. 6000, and just give it away in the form of food or eatables, to the poor kids in my locality. I'm a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient and always having held humanity to the highest for me receiving timely help from people just so unknown who later on became my friends! Religion, caste, sect; I respect, but maybe I'm blind to the differences in these! I once want to stay at a poor man's/lady's home and witness him/her push through another day of his/her just-so-tiring "life". I guess I have felt enough pain through MS, but looking at kids, my age, living in circumstances "like-that"; that's a guess gone way-wrong I feel! Signing this charter is one of the most beautiful moments of my life! I've just realized that I'm not alone or the only one! I do have people with the similar kind of thinking and aims!"
Mevin MathukuttyPodepsáno: 23:13, 06/03/2014
Shailesh WaingankarPodepsáno: 18:41, 24/02/2014
Utsav LallPodepsáno: 16:13, 22/02/2014
"I want to make a free portal in the internet where people share free photo's and use/distrubute it any times they want to."
Ammu SebastianPodepsáno: 17:13, 19/02/2014
tanuj guptaPodepsáno: 16:21, 19/02/2014
Zaheer AhmedPodepsáno: 07:10, 16/02/2014
"Our Economic (money) system has hindered scientific progress & passed on the opportunity to learn & to develop scientific methods, are restricted to handful of people with lot of money (& hence resources) that makes our collective progress to happen at a snails pace. We all have same needs & one Earth in common. Working together for collective is only way to maximise efficiency & eliminate waste. It is OUR responsibility to take of the Earth & Everyone on it."
Sriram RangaswamyPodepsáno: 06:48, 11/02/2014
Vishnu ReddyPodepsáno: 05:33, 05/02/2014
Gavin DhirPodepsáno: 04:08, 05/02/2014
"Live and Let Live. Earth is a speck of dust in this vast cosmos. The riches of this cosmos are beyond our limited imagination at present.Let us not be mean , selfish and small minded for sake of our future generations who are going to flourish in this vast cosmos the way we cannot even imagine now. The day we succeed with quantum computers and nuclear fusion we will be a different race.And that day is not very far off."
Nishanth NellutlaPodepsáno: 19:20, 04/02/2014
Ankur PatelPodepsáno: 05:20, 04/02/2014
Abdulhusain JambughodaPodepsáno: 04:49, 04/02/2014
Nirupa MohandasPodepsáno: 08:20, 30/01/2014
Gaurav GambhirPodepsáno: 00:57, 17/01/2014
"I hope one day all humans understand this concept. Sir Jacques Fresco, I have had the same ideology since I ever understood how the current systems work. You are the one who has taken those basic thoughts to the next level ans you are the one who can make our dreams into reality. thank you so much for your such smart and pure mind and making this unimaginable effort for us all. This planet will thank you one day from the core of their hearts and I hope that day comes very soon."
Syed HarisPodepsáno: 10:03, 16/01/2014
raghu chakravarthyPodepsáno: 09:36, 16/01/2014
":) no comments <3"
Vasanth RaghunathanPodepsáno: 07:44, 16/01/2014
Aditya SinghPodepsáno: 04:05, 16/01/2014
"Tired of being a slave"
Robin JosephPodepsáno: 11:29, 15/12/2013
Sivacharanasastry bulusuPodepsáno: 05:10, 20/11/2013
Chandrasekaran. GanesanPodepsáno: 13:46, 17/11/2013
"This is the time to realize and steps towards the future. Man is only part of the nature. The Evolution of the sixth sense of the Ego ..possess pollutes, dis-order the planet of the universal consciousness. "
Saurabh GuptaPodepsáno: 18:37, 09/11/2013
William ThupitorPodepsáno: 02:26, 06/11/2013
Kiran BRPodepsáno: 01:03, 02/11/2013
"Good initiative but the difficulty in implementing this will be enormous."
Parvej SaifiPodepsáno: 03:19, 13/10/2013
Piyush SalujaPodepsáno: 12:09, 11/10/2013
"I had the same vision before reading it..nd would be really happy if we all agree to this and do something for better tomorrow."

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