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"Acredito e apoio esta ideia e gostaria de auxiliar na divulgação." - Itamar Leskova day ago
solange kamgaa day ago
Josef Barlow-Farrara day ago
"Sehr schöne Leitsätze" - Thomas Holl3 days ago
Emily Burfoot5 days ago
Patrick Vasy5 days ago
Isabelle Lassort6 days ago
"Depuis 40 ans j'ai vu ce monde sans argent. Je sais que c'est ce monde le bonheur de l'Humanité. Et que nous l'avons vécu il y a des millenaires.C'est vivre la bienveillance, l'ouverture des cœurs. Si j'en parle on me traite de bisounours. J'ai toujours vu le monde avec l'argent comme une aberration, un esclavage, une torture, une mise sous contrôle. Ce monde pour fonctionner dans l'harmonie doit être dénué de sentiments attachés au profit, au rapport de force, de tous les sentiments de domination et d'exploitation de l'autre, de la Terre. Depuis que j'ai vu ce monde il y a ....années, je sais que j'appartiens à ce monde mais le vivrai je un jour ?Je suis plutôt au soir de ma vie. Je l'ai vécu au fond de moi, en m'y réfugiant parfois, en le rêvant réalité. " - Ghislaine Tara6 days ago
"Bientôt 44ans,perdu dans ce monde depuis ma jeunesse, aucun repaire dans ce monde qu'on nous impose. Beaucoup d'amis comme moi... on nous a fait oublié quel était le vrai but de notre passage sur cet ?. Besoins d'equitabilité pour tous est pas seulement pour une poignée..." - Benoît Roggyover a week ago
"Davno pratim sve u vezi slobodnih ljudi.Podrzavam sve ovo i zato podpisujem. " - Milan Pavlovićover a week ago
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bryan plymalePodepsáno: 22:14, 16/05/2011
"for the common good of all"
Ashish MathurPodepsáno: 19:22, 15/05/2011
"Very Refreshing, but almost impossible to acheive as it challanges what we call"HUMAN EVOLUTION"
MANU KAUSHIKPodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Arun HollaPodepsáno: 06:02, 05/05/2011
robin infant raj devadossPodepsáno: 09:23, 02/05/2011
Sonam LamaPodepsáno: 21:11, 30/04/2011
"I think that a unrecoverable damage has already done to natural evolution of the human beings and the way it was supposed to live on earth"
Abhinav GuptaPodepsáno: 15:58, 30/04/2011
prabhu duraiswamyPodepsáno: 12:26, 30/04/2011
"Let's make it FREE"
Arun Kumar Shunmuga SundaramPodepsáno: 11:47, 30/04/2011
"This may never come up in the history of mankind. Atleast not in the near generation. Money which was an tool of credit corrupted the society and the human soul to its core. Fear of not having enough is the driving force on earth. Its never enough and always want more and more. Everything is defined on the level of this paper credit. Hope one day mankind moves out of this wrath"
anjo johnPodepsáno: 10:17, 30/04/2011
Amit PanchalPodepsáno: 08:08, 30/04/2011
Prabha karanPodepsáno: 07:36, 30/04/2011
Shrey ChoudharyPodepsáno: 07:18, 30/04/2011
Dinesh SPodepsáno: 05:14, 30/04/2011
Pranav VaniawalaPodepsáno: 22:16, 29/04/2011
"on the moral grounds I would completely support the idea; having said that I would like to mention that the concept faces the challenge of sustainability. If everyone would be able to get everything for free; Who would want to work to produce the things ? I wonder how we would be able to impart the motivation in individuals to take up the task of manufacturing / maintenance of things / production and support of Information Services and infrastructure ... For sure there would be dedicated persons working in their field; who wouldn't need monitory motivations. but as a whole, I see a lot of persons contributing to the society just because they have to feed themselves/kids. given a chance to lay back without any worries there is quite a chance that one would simply turn into a consumer of goods without giving any contribution back. Competitiveness definitely brings in better/faster outcomes. Rather then creating alternative system it might be beneficial to cure the ills of current society"
shreela manoharPodepsáno: 22:01, 29/04/2011
"is there anything or anyone that doesn't deserve this"
Mit PujaraPodepsáno: 21:46, 29/04/2011
mahima bedi loboPodepsáno: 16:48, 26/04/2011
"3 things you can do right now for a better world: 1. join the zeitgeist movement 2. talk about a resource based economy 3. sign the free world charter"
Atreyee MukherjeePodepsáno: 13:02, 24/04/2011
"Its a beautiful concept ,expressed in a concise & well-formulated manner:-) I look forward to being a part of this world-changing movement & contribute my bit.Thank you & all the best"
Anurag R SPodepsáno: 14:40, 21/04/2011
Ranjit GopiPodepsáno: 21:03, 19/04/2011
Rituparna NeogPodepsáno: 11:39, 19/04/2011
"this is indeed a nice cause to b broueght frward..i hope it wll contribute towards the goodness of all"
NISHIT BALIGAPodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Rama KrishnaPodepsáno: 10:31, 18/04/2011
ankit kumpawatPodepsáno: 10:14, 17/04/2011
Arpan PaulPodepsáno: 19:07, 16/04/2011
"Let the world be free of all the evil deep-rooted in a system brought forth millennia back"
TOLSTOY BISWASPodepsáno: 01:21, 16/04/2011
"i totally agree to all the above points.. and would like the mankind to start proposing ideas that can be materialized effectively under the Combined Common Good concept"
Anant KalePodepsáno: 15:39, 15/04/2011
"May god remove the Money criteria from this world ...... corruption, scams will automatically be removed"
Saratchand PrasadPodepsáno: 07:56, 15/04/2011
"Is this related to the ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT and THE VENUS PROJECT designed by JACQUE FRESCO?? I see the FREE WORLD coming fast...and freedom in its real sense to the HUMAN RACE.. !!! Peace"
abhishek jainPodepsáno: 00:15, 12/04/2011
Amarjeet KumarPodepsáno: 17:54, 11/04/2011
"There is a very good ongoing awakening process, around the planet, in this regard. Just hope we see this part of "Human Evolution" in our life time"
mohd junaid siddiquiPodepsáno: 19:55, 07/04/2011
Shantanu SharmaPodepsáno: 08:48, 04/04/2011
kishore mohanPodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Meet ShahPodepsáno: 05:45, 30/03/2011
"You are not alone"
saumik chaudhuriPodepsáno: 17:23, 29/03/2011
"i think dis shld b encouragd and come in flow ASAP"
Abir KhalilPodepsáno: 20:08, 28/03/2011
vinod pillaiPodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Raj KansagaraPodepsáno: 09:00, 26/03/2011
"i still didn't understand clearly how we make system free and how its works and its fundaments"
sarat sinhaPodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Nachiket PusalkarPodepsáno: 07:38, 25/03/2011
"thank you is all i have to say"
Prateek MehariaPodepsáno: 19:04, 24/03/2011
"This is probably the only solution to all the social and economic issues the world is facing today"
Pranav KumarPodepsáno: 18:11, 24/03/2011
Omar KhalilPodepsáno: 15:45, 24/03/2011
Pranab KelkarPodepsáno: 15:10, 24/03/2011
Shahnaz KhalilPodepsáno: 14:32, 24/03/2011
"thats what the Zeitgeist Movement is all about !! Lets make it happen"
Amit SarkarPodepsáno: 12:45, 24/03/2011
Avinash PathakPodepsáno: 12:16, 24/03/2011
"The problem really does not seem to be in the world without money/religion etc. but rather in the transition, for nothing is more dangerous than that transition which fundamentally changes our way of looking at the planet and surviving. The ultimate reality of course is that everything that we do has consequences in real world, and those real world consequences of actions must be what should act as "currency" in any advanced civilization; making sure by scientific method that the actions are actually efficient to all the bio-spheric systems"
suresh kumarPodepsáno: 16:43, 22/03/2011
"Feels good to be a part of it"
Guneet NarulaPodepsáno: 18:19, 21/03/2011
"yes, the future ought to be realistic"

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