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Lo Statuto Del Mondo Libero

"Rendiamo tutto libero e gratuito"

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Cristina VerdeFirmato: 14:12, 25/03/2011
Carlos Rui RibeiroFirmato: 13:23, 25/03/2011
"Earthling, cinephile, arts, science and people lover, wants to see an open or resource based economy becoming a reality, and the end of hunger, scarcity, money, politics, governments, countries and religion."
Sérgio MotaFirmato: 10:02, 25/03/2011
Joana BaraoFirmato: 03:50, 25/03/2011
"For a better world"
Nuno ReinaldoFirmato: 23:51, 24/03/2011
"Today we live in an insane world where a piece of paper can be more valuable than thousands of people. And the best part of it is that all made up because there is no such a thing as a paper with enough value to be replaced for a bunch of other resources, the value that we see on that paper is just invented by ourselves. It's time to wake up from this bad dream"
Hugo AlvesFirmato: 23:46, 24/03/2011
"This way the possibility of helping is even higher"
João CarlosFirmato: 20:12, 24/03/2011
Ricardo LuisFirmato: 19:41, 24/03/2011
Nuno DominguesFirmato: 18:59, 24/03/2011
Joao BeloFirmato: 15:22, 24/03/2011
Larry ChangFirmato: 13:52, 24/03/2011
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller "
Edgar PinaFirmato: 13:06, 24/03/2011
Miguel CoutoFirmato: 12:49, 24/03/2011
"Thank you. Take care"
João CamachoFirmato: 11:48, 24/03/2011
"“You can motivate by fear. And you can motivate by reward. But both of these methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation.” - Homer Rice"
Filipe CardinalFirmato: 11:46, 24/03/2011
Bruno SilvaFirmato: 11:19, 24/03/2011
rita lemosFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
sergio alexFirmato: 23:13, 23/03/2011
Alfredo AugustoFirmato: 10:36, 20/03/2011
"This is the solution"
Ary PintoFirmato: 21:59, 19/03/2011
Natercia VarelaFirmato: 20:18, 19/03/2011
Ricardo DixoFirmato: 19:56, 19/03/2011
Miguel MoFirmato: 11:57, 19/03/2011
"Make an association with The Venus Project, by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, you're talking about the same thing"
Victor PintoFirmato: 01:00, 19/03/2011
"Stupendous initiative"
bruno reisFirmato: 22:32, 18/03/2011
marta fernandesFirmato: 14:18, 18/03/2011
José LopesFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Better world, simply "
Jorge MatosFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011

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