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Filipe NogueiraFirmato: 22:51, 29/04/2011
André Pires PereiraFirmato: 22:38, 29/04/2011
"It may not be perfect, but it's a start"
Bruno Daniel da Silva VasconcelosFirmato: 22:26, 29/04/2011
"Self-empowerment is the key. Downsize human comunities to a sustainable level, one that allows all people to participate actively on every comunal decision"
Carlos EduardoFirmato: 22:17, 29/04/2011
"we must abolish the money system, so we can continue evolving eficiently as a specie"
Tiago JesusFirmato: 22:09, 29/04/2011
Joana RibeiroFirmato: 21:49, 29/04/2011
Ivo CostaFirmato: 21:47, 29/04/2011
Gonçalo SilvaFirmato: 06:48, 26/04/2011
Luis FerrazFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Joao FerroFirmato: 12:17, 22/04/2011
"Hello all, i believe that in further documents you should give more importance to alternative education, how to make the transition, inter-state relations, and how to deal with ignorance, violence, greed, etc. Best regards"
Jose Carlos Jose CarlosFirmato: 01:17, 21/04/2011
"Building heaven on earth . What better challenge 4 the Human Being and we got to a point where we have the tools to do it"
Vasco GasparFirmato: 12:59, 19/04/2011
Luis AnjosFirmato: 17:58, 17/04/2011
Helder CapeloFirmato: 14:37, 17/04/2011
joao lourencoFirmato: 22:48, 16/04/2011
"Let's free the world"
catherine ferrandFirmato: 20:32, 16/04/2011
Rui JorgeFirmato: 01:13, 16/04/2011
Nuno BoalhosaFirmato: 18:15, 15/04/2011
Ricardo RosaFirmato: 17:04, 15/04/2011
Ricardo DionísioFirmato: 13:08, 15/04/2011
"I live in Portugal and now the situation is very bad all because we live in a system with Money! Everyday people lost their jobs; some of them don’t have money to buy food, clothes for themselves and for the family. The prices just go up and the salaries are the same. The minimum salary in Portugal is 470 euros, try to imagine to pay all you need with that. House, electricity, water, fuel, food, clothes, etc… it’s kinda impossible! We have now the FMI here and like our Government what they do? Nothing, just care about money. It’s time to change"
Daniel MoreiraFirmato: 22:56, 14/04/2011
Jose CostaFirmato: 23:39, 13/04/2011
Rogério FilipeFirmato: 13:32, 13/04/2011
"Paz e amor = Justiça"
z luisFirmato: 22:40, 12/04/2011
"its only a choice between fear and love"
Pedro SilvaFirmato: 11:14, 12/04/2011
"Please support The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement"
Paula NevesFirmato: 18:06, 10/04/2011
Jorge SoaresFirmato: 12:42, 10/04/2011
Soraia MendesFirmato: 00:47, 10/04/2011
Francisco SerraFirmato: 22:34, 09/04/2011
"I agree with all these principles and, besides, I have them present at all times, in order to contribute to a better, more just and sustainable world"
Monica FernandesFirmato: 15:19, 09/04/2011
Miguel JudasFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
António RodriguesFirmato: 02:21, 06/04/2011
Luciano CostaFirmato: 01:26, 05/04/2011
"the true utopia is to live in these societies. and not fight for a better world (: money = no evolucion"
Pedro DavidFirmato: 22:01, 04/04/2011
Pedro MiguelFirmato: 17:58, 03/04/2011
"I yearn for that moment where we all live in peace and abundance of primary goods! Thanks"
Teresa BalesterosFirmato: 16:56, 03/04/2011
Filipe MirandaFirmato: 06:58, 03/04/2011
"Feel good for being alive at this moment of time. Do what you wanna do but do it consciously ,without invading other people's privacy, and never forget that you have the power to attract good things or bad things, so use it wisely and humbly"
Fernando MendesFirmato: 17:28, 02/04/2011
Paula RodriguesFirmato: 06:59, 31/03/2011
Pedro OliveiraFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement!!! xD "
Pedro MartinhoFirmato: 15:43, 28/03/2011
Susana PontesFirmato: 15:39, 28/03/2011
Isa Dora De Almeida Pena Ribeiro FerreiraFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
""Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." *~Abraham Lincoln link: "
luis fernando ferreiraFirmato: 18:18, 27/03/2011
Isabel MoraisFirmato: 21:13, 25/03/2011
vania slvaFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Ana CamachoFirmato: 15:30, 25/03/2011
Gonçalo Neves TeixeiraFirmato: 15:23, 25/03/2011
"Having experienced many cultures and observed many ways of life, I can say with certainty that there is a strict correlation between one's happiness and materialism - they are an inverse function. I believe that everyone needs to learn how to manage his or her resources and desires, for in order to have inner peace one must be in control of the self. And in order to have global peace, everyone must be at peace with the self and the world. Also, money creates no incentive to work, only blackmail. Every genius in history never used his or her work for money; some may have profitted, but that was always secondary to the creation of something new and exciting. I wish to help create a world where my children and grandchildren will be equal to everyone and be as free as this Earth allows them to"
Susana FonsecaFirmato: 15:13, 25/03/2011

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