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Hélder MartinsFirmato: 19:28, 05/10/2012
Rui José Henriques dos Sanr SantosFirmato: 08:31, 05/10/2012
"Totalmente de acordo,embora vivendo numa sociedade hipócrita. Na prática nada disto acontece..."
Nuno ZarroFirmato: 05:25, 05/10/2012
Raul CaldeiraFirmato: 04:58, 05/10/2012
Jaime AlvesFirmato: 03:21, 05/10/2012
JCarapeto JCFirmato: 02:29, 05/10/2012
"amei me foi enviado por um amigo que eu tenho muita estima e ainda bem que ele me enviou estas palavras de sabedoria ! obrigado joão Formigo"
João Carlos Valente FormigaFirmato: 01:23, 05/10/2012
Joana Penha LopesFirmato: 16:37, 04/10/2012
António DiasFirmato: 00:32, 30/09/2012
Cristina GuimarãesFirmato: 21:18, 21/09/2012
Jose MoraisFirmato: 20:05, 19/09/2012
Pedro Espírito SantoFirmato: 02:12, 11/09/2012
Vitor SilvaFirmato: 23:36, 25/08/2012
felismina peraltaFirmato: 21:25, 25/08/2012
Sérgio GraçaFirmato: 14:16, 25/08/2012
Helder MoreiraFirmato: 10:32, 25/08/2012
nelson nascimentoFirmato: 23:49, 18/08/2012
"Free World! Free rights to everyone. End of corruption, desiases and famine. Cheers to everyone!"
Alexandra CardosoFirmato: 16:37, 15/08/2012
Teresa PintoFirmato: 15:22, 15/08/2012
José CostaFirmato: 14:30, 15/08/2012
"The solution to our future."
José CostaFirmato: 14:30, 15/08/2012
"The solution to our future."
Carlo BragaFirmato: 11:18, 10/08/2012
"Since I'm a little boy that I defend the idea of a free world with everything to everyone, but I always heard a condescending "you're a lyricist". Thanks for spreading the idea!!"
Sílvia AlvesFirmato: 19:37, 06/08/2012
"Let's go for it! :)"
Antonio JoseFirmato: 18:57, 06/08/2012
Bruno Daniel da Silva VasconcelosFirmato: 19:12, 31/07/2012
Bernardo CostaFirmato: 16:38, 24/07/2012
"Believe it and it will come TRUE"
José Manuel Ramos RodriguesFirmato: 23:46, 23/07/2012
Eduardo PedrosoFirmato: 22:32, 22/07/2012
fernando rodriguesFirmato: 22:10, 22/07/2012
Ovelha ManifestusFirmato: 12:41, 19/07/2012
Miguel MendesFirmato: 17:59, 15/07/2012
"my self im a anarchist, and all this points makes all sense with my philosophy of life! freedom is there and it´s up to us to choose it!"
Rita TalinaFirmato: 14:20, 15/07/2012
tinka mageeFirmato: 18:03, 13/07/2012
"I have a reservation about agreeing to no8.Because it precludes traditional wisdom including aboriginal and also spiritual solutions in the realm of human consciousness rather than what appears to be a materially based and essentially technocratic solution to problems. The world is as much a mind made realm as a physical made one, and true human culture evolves only with this understanding. Many thanks xxx"
Millo MagnocavalloFirmato: 16:49, 12/07/2012
"Quinta das Moitas, Permaculture Regeneration Project"
Tiago GuimaraesFirmato: 15:21, 11/07/2012
Joanna BlaschekFirmato: 17:26, 10/07/2012
"Change is inevitable. We are all responsible for this amazing planet, therefore any form of dialogue that acknowledges this as the basic fact has my full support!"
Albano CravosFirmato: 08:25, 09/07/2012
Jorge TavaresFirmato: 02:04, 09/07/2012
"These are very good principals to a basis of understanding on building a new society. I strongly agree with them and personaly I make them my own moral principles in life. I fear however that education on this subject may yet bring a lot of quarrel and resistence from established lobby institutions and current order. I sincerely hope that these guidelines flourish in every mind and soul possible, and may they embrace them, creating that own new reality trough the old and obsolet remaining one. Wishing the best."
Pedro LucasFirmato: 23:44, 08/07/2012
Luís RodriguesFirmato: 16:29, 03/07/2012
"If you wish change, let us change ourselves and change the world, we are bigger than the 1%."
daniel luis pereira justoFirmato: 20:17, 02/07/2012
João Jacques Madeira Senusson ValenteFirmato: 21:49, 01/07/2012
"Taking this as a simple middle point, far from where we are now today, in a journey that will last for as long as we live, I do think that we shall, progressively, start the journey as soon as we can. We just have to."
Kurt ArrudaFirmato: 12:17, 28/06/2012
"A perfect place to try and start up this charter is in a island, Come take a look at the Azores if interested"
Miguel SantosFirmato: 01:59, 27/06/2012
Filipe CunhaFirmato: 21:40, 26/06/2012
Ana Sofia Marques MachadoFirmato: 17:16, 26/06/2012
andré abreuFirmato: 00:50, 26/06/2012
"resource based economy is a must sonner or later!"
João DiasFirmato: 00:12, 26/06/2012
Jorge FerrinhoFirmato: 12:56, 25/06/2012

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