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jaiveer singh sidhuFirmato: 08:26, 21/03/2013
"soverignity and private ownership is a right"
Sujit PhatakFirmato: 22:27, 11/03/2013
"Keep up the good work! With you and all the brothers and sisters in solidarity for the last human revolution. Love and peace. - Sujit"
Pravesh TamangFirmato: 07:07, 09/03/2013
Prabhakar KrishnamurthyFirmato: 13:44, 24/02/2013
"I wish everyone in the world adheres to this pledge and make this world a better place to live. "
naveen rsFirmato: 01:33, 24/02/2013
"tis wt the change i need fr .. "
Varinder SinghFirmato: 12:02, 14/02/2013
"Wondering when this sees the Light of Day!"
Tushar VermaFirmato: 07:53, 14/02/2013
munis ahmedFirmato: 15:29, 20/01/2013
"doin' this for my friend diego."
layla LightFirmato: 12:29, 16/01/2013
Ashley SmithFirmato: 08:16, 15/01/2013
Santhosh ThannikatFirmato: 06:20, 13/01/2013
"Free World! Alternative Economy is possible. "
dariya kuznikFirmato: 16:48, 05/01/2013
Sourav DebFirmato: 08:09, 05/01/2013
Debiprasad KunduFirmato: 18:06, 03/01/2013
"Yes lets make everything free that can help in common progressive growth of every human and living beings in mother planet Earth, Amen"
ASHOK SharmaFirmato: 14:22, 03/01/2013
"As a concerned Citizen of our Global Civil Society, I enVision that in Spirit of Love, Peace, Harmony and Spirited Co-operation we all come together to create Abundance for each one of us ! "
Japan PatelFirmato: 14:19, 28/12/2012
Mayur Nawal Firmato: 11:58, 27/12/2012
SRIVIDYA srinivasanFirmato: 06:33, 20/12/2012
jaya kiranFirmato: 17:36, 19/12/2012
"trying to make a change...want to get connected with like minded people."
aayush soniFirmato: 13:30, 16/12/2012
Clifton SequeiraFirmato: 06:34, 07/12/2012
"I would love to see this become a reality. The world has become greedy/selfish beyond recognition. If this initiative brings about a change I am all for it."
paul huFirmato: 20:20, 06/12/2012
Mohsin MukadamFirmato: 19:18, 06/12/2012
Niraj PanchalFirmato: 16:31, 06/12/2012
"It would be great if every person does work for each other, for example, instead of working as a Software professional each day for 8 hours, I could work 4 hours on the job, 2 hours to educate children, 2 more hours to help elder people with something, and this could be done thrice a week, so that I could also engage in social awareness the fourth day, help clean the environment the fifth day, help the old people the sixth day, and relax on the 7th day of the week. So, if the above mentioned system applies for each individual, then the employment can increase two-fold, as one person will work for 4 hours and another for next four, so each person will enjoy their share of contribution to their respective sectors (like Information Technology for me), and also engage in other social activities for the rest of the hours/days. The above system is an example, can be effectively modified."
Jose XavierFirmato: 15:08, 06/12/2012
Sharadwat MajumdarFirmato: 14:13, 06/12/2012
Harinath RaoFirmato: 13:59, 06/12/2012
Shantanu ChakravortyFirmato: 13:46, 06/12/2012
"I want to live in a free world! Absolutely behind this initiative!"
Karthikeyan IyengarFirmato: 13:34, 06/12/2012
Afaque AzadFirmato: 12:06, 06/12/2012
"Apun toh fukat public hai! You?"
Ajit AliveFirmato: 15:10, 29/11/2012
renu neogyFirmato: 08:27, 22/11/2012
"I think we/this organization should create a global citizen passport with the FreeWorldCharter published within. That way we can begin a real campaign for a new world and show our choice in our lives and to the officials when we travel. Please consider it. (Bring your original passport as well ... just in case ;-) ... )"
william sullivanFirmato: 05:22, 18/11/2012
"Finally, and Thank You"
Ganesh BadgudeFirmato: 02:51, 14/11/2012
Manish LakhaniFirmato: 19:41, 13/11/2012
"Idea is too idealistic; question is how we are going to achieve it?"
Bharat SuriFirmato: 20:39, 29/10/2012
Vaibhav TrivediFirmato: 16:33, 27/10/2012
Ronin MeshuggaFirmato: 17:45, 25/10/2012
"I know this will get through... if not in my time then soon... and just in time... Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her."
Srinivasa Rao PendyalaFirmato: 14:14, 25/10/2012
Ankush LaxmanFirmato: 12:35, 25/10/2012
Susmit Ray ChoudhuriFirmato: 11:29, 25/10/2012
Sanjay KulkarniFirmato: 19:11, 23/10/2012
knd prasadFirmato: 06:18, 23/10/2012
Sajoy JosephFirmato: 16:55, 18/10/2012
"I agree, and one other important thing for me is a world without boundaries."
Debraya MukhopadhyayFirmato: 11:13, 18/10/2012
Aniket SinghFirmato: 14:23, 12/10/2012
lobke brasseurFirmato: 13:05, 09/10/2012
Rajesh RanjitFirmato: 06:26, 08/10/2012
Assunta ChristyFirmato: 05:08, 08/10/2012
Ramesh VasudevaiahFirmato: 04:04, 08/10/2012

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