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Anagha Prashant ParadkarFirmato: 12:45, 13/06/2012
"i would appreciate only relevant mails. do not flood me with mails. DO NOT SHARE my email id"
Snehal TrivediFirmato: 08:40, 09/06/2012
Saint AFirmato: 06:09, 08/06/2012
Aneesh GangadharFirmato: 11:36, 07/06/2012
"Society definitely needs to change for the greater good..."
Vishal MourFirmato: 05:28, 05/06/2012
sunny sandhuFirmato: 17:05, 03/06/2012
"Organic food has to be grown , and it needs lot of humans to be involved , and hard labour is not such a bad things , its good its a spiritual practice . "
Kate LukisFirmato: 09:44, 02/06/2012
hemant somanFirmato: 04:37, 30/05/2012
"I really hope human beings awaken from their slumber and stop the minority that has been raping this planet for their own vested interests. " When you are fighting a just cause,people simply seem to pop up"- Gandhi"
Anahata MenonFirmato: 11:35, 28/05/2012
Shiv HastawalaFirmato: 13:26, 27/05/2012
Atul KaleFirmato: 17:38, 26/05/2012
rayees aminFirmato: 09:26, 24/05/2012
"This is absolutely wonderful. It is really hard to be achieve but we shall strive for this. Lets make this world a better place to live."
Umashankar GoudFirmato: 07:17, 23/05/2012
GAUTAM SAXENAFirmato: 17:53, 18/05/2012
Jayachandran NarayananFirmato: 13:37, 15/05/2012
MINNAKANTI SRINIVASARAOFirmato: 17:37, 14/05/2012
GAURAV SAPRAFirmato: 12:44, 14/05/2012
Venkatesh PrabhuFirmato: 09:20, 13/05/2012
rohit prasadFirmato: 07:37, 12/05/2012
"it is most beautiful commandments to do... love you guys... and count me in"
Karthik UppaladhadiamFirmato: 04:52, 02/05/2012
"No one could have come up with a better remedy to cure the ills our world currently faces. If this Charter is enforced across the world in my lifetime, I'd be the happiest person alive. I'll do my best to pass this on to as many people as I can."
Anand SinghFirmato: 14:37, 30/04/2012
"The whole world is a single family. "
Raja KumarFirmato: 03:30, 15/04/2012
"It makes logical sense for us to all love each other as equals, to live in peace and harmony with nature and with each other, and it is physically possible to accomplish all of this right now. There are no longer any logical reasons for us to delay the creation of such a world."
Anoop ChandranFirmato: 12:41, 05/04/2012
qazsert tresqFirmato: 14:26, 27/03/2012
Atu JamirFirmato: 17:10, 26/03/2012
Varun KambojFirmato: 09:10, 26/03/2012
Sandee DeepFirmato: 08:42, 26/03/2012
subrato deyFirmato: 08:29, 26/03/2012
"the world is so beautiful..... and monetary system is slowly taking away its beauty..... i signed this charter as soon as i learned about it .. please help our world not loose its beauty .... take of the monetary system ...... "
Ashish PatilFirmato: 22:34, 25/03/2012
"The essence of life is in living it naturally. Imposing unnecessary/outdated rules/restrictions is illogical & unnatural. The Venus Project is a beautiful rational approach towards an optimistic future."
Monika MakuFirmato: 16:20, 14/03/2012
puneeta birringFirmato: 04:47, 11/03/2012
"Am into alternative healing in Rishikesh"
Mevin MathukuttyFirmato: 15:10, 05/03/2012
Amit TiwariFirmato: 04:48, 05/03/2012
Roshan LaljiFirmato: 02:10, 27/02/2012
"Science will safe us, lets start with free energy which is the most approachable way of implementing the first steps. And completely elminate our governments"
Sudhakar D sudhaFirmato: 12:13, 26/02/2012
mohan shresthaFirmato: 23:12, 25/02/2012
ziah zouFirmato: 21:47, 22/02/2012
Mrinal DasFirmato: 17:43, 20/02/2012
"its a wonderful concept. highly idealistic though. practicality is questionable. but if humanity has to prosper and not perish, it has to adhere to these principles of sustainability, regardless of mutual differences. Consensus is the first big challenge. "
Palani kumar MurugasanFirmato: 14:01, 19/02/2012
"I understand and agreed so I would like to do some thing for the cause"
Vineet JohnFirmato: 02:10, 12/02/2012
Himangshu SaikiaFirmato: 00:26, 12/02/2012
raghavendran raoFirmato: 14:00, 11/02/2012
"i want evrything free especially health care services of doctors any thing man made and Ishall render equally free service based on my competancy and strength"
Rachana MehraFirmato: 20:10, 09/02/2012
Kaizad HansotiaFirmato: 09:10, 09/02/2012
"I want to make world a better place... and everyone deserves to get everything without a price tag."
Murtaza BootwalaFirmato: 05:33, 09/02/2012
"My Vision: Catalyzing the co creation of a thriving, just and a sustainable world. Thank you so much for creating the free world charter"
Pradeep KumarFirmato: 17:02, 07/02/2012
Harsha AtmakuriFirmato: 06:00, 06/02/2012
Dhawan MFirmato: 17:10, 27/01/2012
"I agree with the fact that these principles are really simple and make more sense than the legal terms and conditions on any software. It frees your mind and makes you want to think about what more can be done to make things better. Hope some country/state volunteers to this charter and shows the whole world it can be done! But with the global trade unions imposing restrictions it would be really difficult. But as they say, there is a silver lining behind every cloud...hope it shows up soon! God Speed."
Vivek NairFirmato: 07:05, 26/01/2012
"While our ideals are where they should be, what method of transition has been devised to make it a reality? I have discussed these same principles with my peers but fall short when i need to give them a realistic movement towards our ideals. I have come to a realization that we would have to wait for the economy to fall flat (as its already falling) before society will embrace such (in their eyes) a risky endeavor, as it completely evolves ones goals, as the only thing driving society today is 'competition', & not 'purpose'. Necessity is no longer the mother of invention, it is competition. So to actually manifest such ideals in our society we have two choices as far as I can see, 1. catalyse the economic downfall (we see the ditch in the road only after we fall in) 2. or a global awakening of sorts that release society from its fear and illusive dependency on money (competition). "
Udit SehgalFirmato: 16:43, 25/01/2012
"Good work, Free world Ftw! :)"

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