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Dave BlissSigned: 09:13, 13/03/2013
isabel martinezSigned: 16:41, 08/03/2013
J. A. basconSigned: 22:49, 25/02/2013
Rose-Marie Van DuyseSigned: 17:12, 25/02/2013
"Un monde sans argent ; pas de spéculants, banques, corruption, gouvernements, soyez indignado ! Comment changer le monde , évidemment avec de la responsabilité Quelques pistes pour nos besoins de vivre sur notre planéte, SANS ARGENT ! Nous ne sommes pas nés pour vivre endettés, puis non plus pour les générations suivantes ! Tout le monde a droit de vivre sous un toit, alimention, l'eau, vêtements, même sport et relaxation. De vivre avec de l'espace, c'est à dire contrôles de NAISSANCES ! Les employés fiscaux auront un autre job, d'une contrôle sociale, écologique, alimentation par personne, prend ce qu'il vous faut, mais pas tous les jours la fête (de temps en temps). Travailler pour nos besoins : Sauf les handicapés, les malades, les vieux.SANS ARGENT. Entre 20-30 ans : 4 jours par semaine + droits aux connaissances. Entre 30-40 ans 3 jours par semaine + droits aux études. Entre 40-50 ans "
ricardo martin Signed: 19:48, 24/02/2013
María MSigned: 11:44, 24/02/2013
Hilaria Muñoz ArceSigned: 10:59, 24/02/2013
"Lo sencillo que es .... pasar a la acción. "
Adrian Garcia FrancoSigned: 08:54, 24/02/2013
araceli ballesterSigned: 22:23, 23/02/2013
"Se puede y se debe."
Jose Angel Agenjo CámaraSigned: 21:43, 23/02/2013
"Estoy seguro que es la carta más importante que he firmado en vida."
Natallia ChyzhykSigned: 22:55, 21/02/2013
"It is important to live in peace with the nature, respect eco balance and chains between all the animals. Everyone should participate in the decisions made, when it comes to treating our nature: growing foods, using chemicals or not etc, contributing with the most knowledge and experience of each other with freedoms that all humans deserve. We are not on this planet for abusing it or each other, we are here to admire all its beauty, and to respect the comfort that it offers and to give our appreciation for the acceptance and giving us all a shelter and the opportunity of growth, especially spiritually, helping each other and being part of a whole, the Universe."
Francisco RodríguezSigned: 15:37, 14/02/2013
Andrea VillarSigned: 09:21, 14/02/2013
reyes anoSigned: 03:43, 14/02/2013
"We need to do something quick we cannot wait anymore ..we need to live in freedom. So we can all love And be happily ever after. ."
monica oteroSigned: 23:12, 13/02/2013
Raúl M. López TocciSigned: 21:17, 13/02/2013
jesus salgueiro rocheSigned: 11:04, 10/02/2013
Jose Romero Davila Signed: 23:47, 03/02/2013
Miguel Cervera LleonartSigned: 19:32, 03/02/2013
"Suscribo 100% todo lo expuesto. Este es un manifiesto sencillamente MARAVILLOSO!!!"
Steve LocseSigned: 16:49, 03/02/2013
"I am working to apply this in a small community here in Spain, and also supporting free energy technologies, and ecological solutions."
salvadora garcía lópezSigned: 10:33, 31/01/2013
Antonio NavarroSigned: 04:56, 31/01/2013
"Gracias, me parece una idea fenomenal. Estoy al 100% de acuerdo con esta propuesta. Ahora bien, sugeriría más información que permita ver una transparencia en las ayudas económicas como la compra de camisetas y la compra de anuncios. EBRazos!"
jesus perezSigned: 16:39, 30/01/2013
Jordi Castillo BoriSigned: 13:02, 29/01/2013
"We should not forget that we invited to the Earth."
Germano BossiSigned: 16:55, 28/01/2013
gabriele papaSigned: 15:18, 28/01/2013
Emmely FöhringSigned: 07:38, 28/01/2013
Flow OffroadSigned: 10:33, 24/01/2013
"!! Sharing is caring !!"
Mark HoldenSigned: 13:06, 19/01/2013
"This is a wonderful idea."
JOSE LUIS SALGUERO ANDUJARSigned: 09:46, 17/01/2013
matthias wohllebenSigned: 15:01, 16/01/2013
"wäre einfach genial - aber noch hat die geld die macht - aber für uns können wir es heute schon leben!!! es ist heir und jetzt"
Michael IbigSigned: 08:41, 16/01/2013
Ana BeteluSigned: 17:41, 14/01/2013
Antonio Jesús Vázquez CaroSigned: 16:15, 14/01/2013
Victor Ramos SolerSigned: 15:58, 14/01/2013
Leslie MatteraSigned: 14:52, 14/01/2013
Gabor KissSigned: 03:41, 14/01/2013
paula marta candeiraSigned: 19:10, 13/01/2013
anne edith bigouretSigned: 16:53, 13/01/2013
ISABEL NAVARRO MENASigned: 15:56, 13/01/2013
Sílvia Sol MarSigned: 20:29, 11/01/2013
"Todos necesitamos amor, paz, y union para estar en conexion. Somos una gran familia de luz. "
Edith KosaSigned: 15:20, 11/01/2013
"I want see this in my lifetime, here ,on Earth"
Rafael del RioSigned: 21:33, 08/01/2013
"Siempre entendí que la única guía que tiene el ser humano para poder resolver sus dudas, incertidumbres o inconvenientes se encuentra en la naturaleza incluyendo la suya propia, la inteligencia del ser humano no es tal si uno no consigue que le sirva para lo que el quiera y siempre en positivo como lo es la naturaleza, lo negativo pertenece a nuestra torpeza y eso nadie lo quiere, ni siquiera el torpe y yo tampoco. GRACIAS"
Jessica Di MaioSigned: 01:19, 06/01/2013
"Un nuevo capitulo quisiera para nuestro mundo. Lucho cada dìa para hacerlo realidad."
francisco jose alberoSigned: 23:04, 04/01/2013
Juan Ignacio Moya GarijoSigned: 18:56, 04/01/2013
Francesco FornasariSigned: 16:52, 29/12/2012
Amparo HyprathSigned: 18:47, 27/12/2012
J GillanSigned: 19:30, 26/12/2012
"As spiritual beings having a physical experience I agree a global society governed by money is detrimental to our growth and greater understanding as to our purpose and fulfillment in life."

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