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Lydia CurioSigned: 13:25, 27/11/2014
susan seniorSigned: 19:59, 26/11/2014
"To wake up to a free and loving healthy world would be the best thing for this beautiful planet !!"
Ismael Luque MoralesSigned: 17:23, 19/11/2014
David Andres Aveiga ValenciaSigned: 17:59, 16/11/2014
Xavier Merono Signed: 04:52, 03/11/2014
"Nationality: Catalan "
Sophie MarinelliSigned: 17:54, 21/10/2014
Angelo AlvarezSigned: 14:44, 08/10/2014
Gheorghe Eugen ContaSigned: 15:32, 07/10/2014
Ivan VillacrecesSigned: 17:04, 05/10/2014
Miguel Angel Pèrez OrdàsSigned: 13:37, 28/09/2014
Francisco MoroteSigned: 12:50, 26/09/2014
Chema MartínSigned: 12:42, 26/09/2014
Joaquin Angel Gonzalez OrdoyoSigned: 15:03, 23/09/2014
"Quien mira fuera,sueña;quien mira adentro,Despierta."
vega Portela Signed: 23:13, 22/09/2014
Antonia GarciaSigned: 22:28, 22/09/2014
Peter WeberSigned: 21:06, 22/09/2014
jose luis reimundeSigned: 13:39, 22/09/2014
EZEQUIEL QUINTANARSigned: 20:21, 21/09/2014
"Tenemos la capacidad de conseguir un mundo mejor. Estoy muy contento de apoyar esta iniciativa tan positiva. El nuevo mundo que vendrá no será perfecto pero será mucho mejor que el actual. Ahí estaremos para buscar soluciones. No estoy de acuerdo con el punto 8 aunque lo haya aceptado por la importancia y necesidad de apoyar el resto de los puntos. No creo que la ciencia sea el único camino al conocimiento, y tampoco creo que los mayores desafíos que enfrentamos sean de carácter técnico. Espero que el nuevo mundo acepte, permita, promueva y defienda la diversidad de creencias e ideas. "
Francisco MontesSigned: 12:28, 21/09/2014
"Una buena iniciativa por un mundo mejor para la humanidad."
JOSEP MARIA GOUSigned: 14:06, 20/09/2014
narcisa moreiraSigned: 08:29, 20/09/2014
Juan María Mouliaá GarcíaSigned: 23:33, 19/09/2014
peter daisySigned: 21:38, 13/09/2014
Elena GutiérrezSigned: 16:01, 09/09/2014
nuria cranaSigned: 10:57, 08/09/2014
Jose OrtínSigned: 11:32, 07/09/2014
Pau GasullSigned: 11:16, 26/08/2014
Belén Abeal PérezSigned: 17:51, 12/08/2014
olaia martinezSigned: 16:28, 07/08/2014
Miguel SousaSigned: 15:09, 07/08/2014
"Please, needs to be and its possible! Nice petition! Good luck for all!"
Daniel PastorSigned: 09:10, 03/08/2014
Moises britoSigned: 23:13, 21/07/2014
ian blaneySigned: 13:26, 09/07/2014
"keep up the good work, I´ll forward the website on. thanks"
Marita RutkowskaSigned: 22:34, 26/06/2014
Adrian AndreattaSigned: 08:58, 23/06/2014
Mohammed HafezSigned: 21:03, 17/06/2014
"I think that we should strive more to spread this ideology among the circles of people, because in the absence of awareness and the madness that we driven to unconsciously we will eliminate everything we love and dreamed about one day, I am Syrian, and I want to planting this thoughts more in the Arab region."
lyudmil lyubenovSigned: 20:24, 08/06/2014
Sascha BeckerSigned: 14:14, 31/05/2014
Inmaculada Correas JiménezSigned: 15:40, 29/05/2014
Marcos Terrero CallesSigned: 14:33, 29/05/2014
Luciana Gariela Raimondo FreireSigned: 01:48, 26/05/2014
NATIVIDAD CHICOTESigned: 07:33, 24/05/2014
"por un planeta libre e igualitario!"
Carlos DíazSigned: 02:53, 24/05/2014
Ana Elvira González NovigilSigned: 23:13, 23/05/2014
"es necesario un cambio en la sociedad y hay que empezar ya. todo el sistema está corrupto o anticuado."
Rafael Ángel García AlonsoSigned: 16:37, 23/05/2014
"Gracias por la interesantísima iniciativa, espero que este mensaje llegue a mucha gente y cambie los patrones mentales, relacionales, cosa que creo que ya está sucediendo. Contad con toda mi capacidad de difusión en red ;)"
juan carlos miguel hurtadoSigned: 12:47, 23/05/2014
Cosmin Constantin CalinSigned: 22:18, 20/05/2014
hector blancoSigned: 14:16, 17/05/2014
Guillermo ValleSigned: 01:22, 28/04/2014
"A principle I like to follow "From each according to his wants, to each according to his wants, from the machines whatever else is needed" meaning that we should seize technology to free us. And then I complement that with the logical necessity of looking for a set of values that are harmonic, by which I mean that these values allow for they to be all accomplished and thus for everyone to live happily. These 10 principles offer to me a good example of a harmonic system of values."

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