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Joachim Dr.SchmittnerSigned: 13:34, 25/08/2013
jesus martos martinezSigned: 15:50, 24/08/2013
"Por una economia basada en recursos, fuera la servidumbre, arriba la autosuficiencia, por un mundo libre arriba la honestidad, solidaridad y respeto, abajo el competitivismo, amor propio o agresividad. Los gobiernos no quieren lo mehor mejor para el pueblo, solo lo mejor para uno mismo y sus queridos, los cuales conforman el pueblo."
Ignacio Fernández RuizSigned: 17:02, 16/08/2013
"It only will take a few years to become a permanent situation here. We have the right to create the best world we can make for ourselves. But there's something that doesn't let us. I want to believe in aliens, but I'm afraid it's gonna be politics."
Nicola BertinSigned: 16:48, 16/08/2013
abraham sanchez blancoSigned: 18:26, 13/08/2013
R. J. N.Signed: 01:26, 07/08/2013
Carlos AnguloSigned: 23:04, 01/08/2013
isabel heylenSigned: 21:52, 01/08/2013
Fulgencio lopezSigned: 22:30, 29/07/2013
"Ojala todos estos sueños se cumplieran algún día, porque seriamos todos más felices de lo que ahora somos. Pero nunca es tarde para comenzar, con esta semilla que tenemos todos que sembrar por el bien de la humanidad. superful "
Alberto HernándezSigned: 22:01, 28/07/2013
"Nothing has ever in my whole life stimulated me more than the practical philosophy of changing everyone's life for better promoted by this movement. My lack of personal initiative made me think for most of my life that something like this could only be a utopia. Now, after connecting to this movement, I'm aware that it's not just possible but also that the world is being unremittingly led to accepting it as the best way of global survival and happiness. The most beautiful movement ever created. "
Nuria Viúdez GarcíaSigned: 20:00, 25/07/2013
sergi gensana lorcaSigned: 20:05, 24/07/2013
Ricardo PlatanoSigned: 17:28, 24/07/2013
"Mundo libre sin dinero en grupos auto suficientes es nuestra nueva forma de vivir. ♥ ♥ ♥ Freie Welt ohne Geld in autarken selbst sorgenden Gruppen ist unsere neue Lebensform. ♥ ♥ ♥ Free World without money in selfsufficient groups is our new lifestyle. ♥ ♥ ♥"
Lola IbáñezSigned: 16:40, 21/07/2013
alberto lopezSigned: 11:23, 21/07/2013
Carolina OñateSigned: 22:56, 20/07/2013
susana del amoSigned: 18:52, 20/07/2013
Montserrat RuizSigned: 11:12, 10/07/2013
Noelle CroninSigned: 15:01, 09/07/2013
Albert TretzeSigned: 12:00, 09/07/2013
Veronica LeandrezSigned: 23:58, 06/07/2013
Catalin ClimSigned: 14:20, 06/07/2013
"Mi forma de pensar es muy parecida a lo expresado en esta carta, tanto me ha impresionado ver que no estoy loco, que hay mas gente que entiende sobre la materia, ver que pensamos igual, que incluso he llorado. Al firmar esta carta no solo me comprometo a aceptar lo expresado en ella, si no en intentar realizar lo que sostiene y defiende, ya sea ahora o en un futuro, mediante mis acciones o los hechos que estas puedan desarrollar."
Dag DaramSigned: 15:35, 22/06/2013
raquel de lucas san gregorioSigned: 08:37, 19/06/2013
"estoy de acuerdo con lo publicado"
Pepe AmadoSigned: 08:06, 18/06/2013
Armando Sevilleja SuarezSigned: 04:55, 18/06/2013
"Ojala vea esto realizado en vida... Añadiría al articulo nº 10 ,no solo tratar de dejar un mundo mejor a nuestras generaciones venideras , si no también mejores generaciones futuras para nuestro mundo."
Rosa María Almansa PérezSigned: 12:00, 17/06/2013
Cristina TejederasSigned: 10:48, 17/06/2013
Isaac BarredoSigned: 09:58, 17/06/2013
Paulino AparicioSigned: 06:40, 17/06/2013
Jaume FalcóSigned: 21:50, 16/06/2013
José Manuel Abad JoverSigned: 21:24, 16/06/2013
"Preciosa alternativa al sistema 'hiperpolicial' que interá imponer la élite de los privilegiados (Club Bilderbeg)para proteger los privilegios de todos los privilegiados que no quieren renunciar a seguir escalando y a conseguir mas privilegios que sus vecinos ..."
JESUS ABELLEIRA BARROSSigned: 00:28, 12/06/2013
Miguel Angel Gutierrez AnguloSigned: 20:30, 11/06/2013
carmen popescuSigned: 21:25, 09/06/2013
Dionisio FernándezSigned: 20:15, 09/06/2013
bea thanadaSigned: 12:25, 06/06/2013
Sandra VukovicSigned: 08:54, 29/05/2013
"Really great that people are engaging in this! I have a lot of hope for the future, and I believe if we put our minds together we can help making a better, healthier and more sane world happen rather sooner than later!"
Jose Manuel IbargüenSigned: 10:04, 28/05/2013
"Amazing idea. A charter about how to develop a step-by-step strategy (as realistic as possible) to evolve towards a society like this would be also great. Regards"
Marta María Costas Otero Signed: 18:05, 27/05/2013
Ivo IvanovSigned: 17:17, 27/05/2013
Diego MayorSigned: 15:09, 27/05/2013
Maribel MontesinosSigned: 13:05, 25/05/2013
Marcos Núñez GarcíaSigned: 11:49, 20/05/2013
"It is important to provide the people with food and products of the surrounding in which they live. One of the worst impacts of which this planet has to suffer is the monetary system between nations that encourage world trade and as a consecuence innecessary long chains of polluting transports (Trucks, Planes, Ships). It is therefore important to "Think globally and act locally". Dont believe that the qualities of goods and workmancraft is somewhere else better. The potential for rising and optimize skills are hiden everywhere, it takes some good leaders without monetarian motivation to reveal this hiden "local oportunities" and this way obtain local sufficiency and independence from far away global trade."
Alejandro AlonsoSigned: 02:02, 20/05/2013
Alba LópezSigned: 20:47, 19/05/2013
Steve LocseSigned: 10:50, 17/05/2013
"I am working on this project here in Spain, together with a goup of people. I believe soon we'll apply the new free system without money in our community. Thanks for your job."
Jaime Infante JimenezSigned: 09:18, 17/05/2013
Maria -antonia HerreraSigned: 23:37, 16/05/2013
Mª FRANCISCA ARES SOTOSigned: 18:46, 16/05/2013

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