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Isabel Olivas Podpisano: 02:53, 07/09/2020
Abel ViveroPodpisano: 19:26, 06/09/2020
Abel DngrPodpisano: 18:46, 06/09/2020
Dragana AndrićPodpisano: 06:13, 06/09/2020
"Napokon zdrav razum!"
sergio addamoPodpisano: 17:05, 05/09/2020
Trisha Ellard triPodpisano: 15:43, 04/09/2020
Lili BeePodpisano: 13:40, 04/09/2020
"FREE YOUR MIND, FREE THIS WONDERFULL WORLD! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US Libère ton esprit, libère ce monde magnifique! Que la Force soit avec nous"
Lisa SpagnuoloPodpisano: 05:36, 04/09/2020
Sunnie LeiPodpisano: 19:28, 03/09/2020
Olivier BeaudryPodpisano: 14:38, 03/09/2020
Viridiana BandalaPodpisano: 13:30, 03/09/2020
Alejandro GarciaPodpisano: 10:36, 03/09/2020
Gina ChoquePodpisano: 10:29, 03/09/2020
Wenyun ChengPodpisano: 06:15, 03/09/2020
Marius UlozasPodpisano: 00:57, 03/09/2020
Ali ChinPodpisano: 15:39, 02/09/2020
Francesca SpinelliPodpisano: 17:20, 31/08/2020
phillip notridgePodpisano: 07:45, 31/08/2020
由江 樋渡Podpisano: 04:43, 31/08/2020
Breno Gomes de Oliveira BrenoPodpisano: 22:23, 30/08/2020
"Quero fazer parte dessa idéia e ajudar a libertar cada vez mais as pessoas dessa Matrix em que vivem"
Isabella Mc GuinnessPodpisano: 11:31, 30/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiPodpisano: 12:11, 29/08/2020
Virginie GimenezPodpisano: 15:04, 28/08/2020
Claire Patouillard Podpisano: 01:24, 28/08/2020
Daiana Nunes VieiraPodpisano: 17:47, 27/08/2020
"Iniciativa fantástica"
Graeme HudsonPodpisano: 05:51, 27/08/2020
"All societies are created from human minds, we can choose to create a different future. "
Laurette PortailPodpisano: 01:52, 27/08/2020
Thomas RollandPodpisano: 21:17, 26/08/2020
Véronique MEUNIERPodpisano: 05:05, 26/08/2020
Guilhem PSAILA Podpisano: 04:21, 26/08/2020
"Posons dès aujourd’hui les bases du nouveau monde. Merci pour l’initiative "
Fransje BikPodpisano: 02:07, 25/08/2020
"I know some little villages in Altai, Siberia. They live almost free by sharing their works communal. There is a group thst make hay for the cows and horses there are the hunters for the meat, the carpenters for building, the woolmakers, the group who takes daily care of all cows of the villagers, the group with the sheep does the same, 3 weeks high in the mountains and a new group comes to take it over. There is a group who are picking the berries in the forest, everybody has a vegetable and flower garden, fruittrees etc. etc. They make butter and cheese and in the summer many horsemen take tourists into the mountains to visit Belucha. There is a coöperation and the old people are also involved in the communal (means together) works. "
Nichole LivingstonPodpisano: 16:22, 24/08/2020
José Enrique ChirinosPodpisano: 08:20, 23/08/2020
Helen Almeida de SouzaPodpisano: 11:03, 22/08/2020
Dai DuortiPodpisano: 22:20, 21/08/2020
Martine GinistyPodpisano: 00:59, 21/08/2020
LARYSSA CUNHA ASSUMPCAOPodpisano: 15:14, 20/08/2020
Adam SoulPodpisano: 23:52, 18/08/2020
"I have the perception that money is a poison. Poison explains why we've destroyed our own world. Being under the influence of a poison also removes the blame."
Jonas WolfartPodpisano: 16:50, 18/08/2020
Karen Jeffers-TracyPodpisano: 16:00, 16/08/2020
"I'm a climate educator and librarian. This is a necessary step, and there are many thinkers working on this. Here's another one:"
Carlo ClazzerPodpisano: 10:09, 16/08/2020
Isabele BarchikPodpisano: 13:43, 15/08/2020
"Por um mundo melhor!"
Jamie EwartPodpisano: 12:07, 15/08/2020
Donna MaddoxPodpisano: 11:20, 15/08/2020
Pedro Vitor DIasPodpisano: 17:02, 14/08/2020
Jonathan QuattrinPodpisano: 09:26, 12/08/2020
"We are in the midst of the next big system evolution, towards a resource based economy. We are seeing the first steps, with global communication connecting everyone together, allowing collaboration on a never before seen scale. It is imperative we work together to not allow entrenched powers to hold back progress for profit. And it all starts with awareness and knowledge. "
Amanda Vivan AmandaPodpisano: 20:34, 11/08/2020
עוז שטיינמץPodpisano: 15:19, 10/08/2020
Maria VieiraPodpisano: 12:47, 09/08/2020

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